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Kyuubi Ryujin
Last Activity:
May 27, 2015
Nov 29, 2008
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Kyuubi Ryujin


Kyuubi Ryujin was last seen:
May 27, 2015
    1. Ninigi Uchiha
      Ninigi Uchiha
      Gama Kichi's grown quite a bit, hasn't he?
    2. Ninigi Uchiha
      Ninigi Uchiha
      sup Kyuubi,
      you still into Naruto? Who's tobi?
    3. Ninigi Uchiha
      Ninigi Uchiha
      Hey Kyuubi,
      I'm on right now ;-) I'm definitely reading the manga again. I was busy with studies and my hobbies for a while but I have a lot more free time in the moment.

      I don't know what I think about this right now. But I'm on to the heritage-theme myself since the essence of yin yang chakra is simple enough. If you don't get it then read yasha's thread on it, I think he's got it right.

      As for the heritage, I think that there are the direct descendants of Rikudo which are Senju and Uchiha but there are also the Uzumaki which are relatives of Senju and obviously blood-related to Rikudo as you can see on this chart. Domain]/manga/Naruto/462/13 These clans carry all the abilities that are interesting for Naruto and Sasuke. "Modern Ninjutsu" carries normal chakra which is already yin-yang mixed. This kind of chakra is only able to mimic elements. Then there is philosophy. It's possible that the monks carry special abilities: Domain]/manga/Naruto/314/7 I don't think this should be ignored completely.

      Karin's an Uzumaki, Naruto might find this out soon enough. What do you want to bet that Haku was an Uzumaki?
    4. Ninigi Uchiha
      Ninigi Uchiha
      Hey Kyuubi,
      how're you doing? I hope you're still around?
      The training arc you predicted with Naruto and Killerbee is turning out alright, huh? I do wonder whether Naruto'll learn a sword technique though. Gai could teach Naruto to deal with high speeds.
      I think that Naruto has aquired the Sennin's body when he combines Sage Mode and Kyuubi Mode. Then he has the speed, the invulnerability and the taijutsu techniques with further range and possibly Kyuubi-arms.
      Hope you're well,
    5. chickmashine
      Fucking PMs, my mails are full, I'll decide which ones to delete later.
      You're right about the Waterfall-Tree comparison. Buddha actually meditated under a tree in the myth but when taken into modern versions of the myth it's always a waterfall that Buddha meditated under. Under that tree Buddha was tempted by demons.

      This meditation is what enlightened Buddha and made him a deity. Before this meditation Buddha passed the six realms of pain, experiencing all six of them.
      Naruto meditated before and experienced the six paths of pain (far to literally for my taste but god bless Kishi). Naruto is about to surpass the only evil left in his heart. You might interpret this as literal enlightenment and this training as absolute selfconsciousness. What will be left is a good person able to control (or change?) a demon. Sounds like a deity to me.

      Sadly your prediction is worthless because after this Buddha walked through the lands and preached the rest of his life. And my best guess is Naruto's death...
    6. Amatérasu’s Son
      Amatérasu’s Son
      Oh, thanks. It's nice to be appreciated.
    7. WraithX959
      Did you want to ask me something?
    8. WraithX959
      It not clear enough for me to say for sure, but I believe Kishimoto was just trying to give Naruto sparkly eyes to show his kawaii face. I'm guessing he was trying to return a little bit of Naruto's childlike innocence. THere may have been spirals in his eyes, but it's just not clear enough. If they were spirals, I don't think it would be one of Kishimoto's hints. Kishimoto tends to make his hints a little more obvious.
    9. Jinnobi

      This is the link to the picture. You need to crop it and maybe erase some font if you're going to have a clean picture. If this link doesn't work, just go to google images and type "sasuke and itachi" exactly.
    10. WraithX959
      Sorry man, I can't agree with your spy thoery. I've never been a fan of the Jiraiya spy theory in general. I know Jiraiya said he had his source, but I think if it's anyone, it'll be Itachi.
    11. Ninigi Uchiha
      Ninigi Uchiha
      Well, Naruto'll probably kill Orochimaru to sooth the fans but Sasuke'll defeat him. That isn't the important part of the fight anyway. Important is the message that he'll finally understand. Naruto's will to convert Sasuke... finally. That is the important win.
      Yeah the idea is from Wraith. I think it's pretty solid. I think that Sasuke'll use Izanagi in his fight with Naruto. That's the only way to strip Kakashi for parts.
      I don't think your Zetsu-theory's right. Sasuke is the dark good guy.
    12. Ninigi Uchiha
      Ninigi Uchiha
      Hahaha, you make a good point.

      You see, Naruto might put up a good fight but he'll lose to Sasuke. Naruto might astonish him and Naruto'll awaken KyuubiSageMode to some extent for the first time. I mean with tails but Naruto'll lose anyway, probably against Izanagi. Sasuke'll lose an eye that way, the same way Madara probably did. Naruto'll die because of this. Kakashi'll sacrifice himself to save Naruto and Sasuke will take Kakashi's eye. Kakashi's Kamui will replace Sasuke's weak genjutsu-eye.

      That's my guess
    13. WraithX959
      Hey, nothing much really. That's pretty close to what I predicted. I predicted that Sasuke would be the sent to capture Naruto. However, I don't think that Sasuke himself will be directly responsible for Naruto's death. He'd be indirectly responsible though.

      Basically, Naruto will probably redeem Sasuke, however he'll be captured by Madara in the process, leading to a rescue Naruto Arc. Or Sasuke will capture Naruto but end up regretting his actions and being fully redeemed during the Kyuubi's sealing. Of course option number three would be a combination of 1 and 2. Naruto defeats Sasuke, but is captured by Madara. Sasuke is then redeemed during the sealing of the Kyuubi.
    14. Gottheim
      Hi there, pal. And a Happy New Year to you.
    15. WraithX959
      Happy New Year! Better late than never right? So, what's up, how you been?
    16. Bart
      Kyuubi! Ah, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you as well :)
    17. Ninigi Uchiha
      Ninigi Uchiha
      I'm on but I hardly am/will be, ever. I gave you my msn, just add me.
    18. chickmashine
      Hey, you still alive?
      What do you think of the Samurai betraying the ninja countries? As in the star wars metaphor, Darth Sideos gains control over the storm troopers?
    19. Kyuubi Ryujin
      Kyuubi Ryujin
      All the great people on this forum are leaving :(
    20. Awow
      Because people are jealous of me?
    21. Ninigi Uchiha
      Ninigi Uchiha
      Sounds cool,
      you do know that I'd just like to meet you in person though!
      I think this'll be easier to crearify on the phone though. Random numbers you feel like mentioning?
    22. chickmashine
      *Starts writing his newest theory to you*
    23. SHx19
      Yes Sasuke might get EMS, but it would be very conditional. Briefly:

      Two reasons why anyone gets EMS - more power or immortality.

      In this manga, immortality is inherently evil and 'good' characters cannot have it. Some interesting stuff here and some plot-nonsense I'll tell you later. So, if Sasuke gets EMS, he will die in the last fight of the manga OR he will undo the curse of the Bloodline and lose his EMS and immortality in the process. If this happens, he can also revive Uchiha, otherwise no.

      ^My conditions for EMS.

      But since Sasuke will not get EMS for immortality, retrospectively he would have got it for power. But Sasuke has a God summon now and some insane techniques. He doesn't need more power imo. Therefore, I think EMS is unlikely. Ofc, I could be wrong here...who knows how powerful Madara is? So Sasuke might need it. But the above conditions would then apply.

      Lol @ most obvious symbolism ever. EMS might be a symbol of 'light' but there's nothing 'good' about it. Ironically to get that light, you must actually go further into darkness than for MS (taking your brother's eyes assuming mutual transplant isn't possible, for MS killing friend/witnessing death is enough).

      Kakashi having EMS would create a host of problems, even contradictions. Kakashi is losing his light. When he meets Itachi in Part 2, he inquires about how bad Itachi's eyesight has gotten, and then Itachi realizes Kakashi has MS. Unless you're going to say that Kakashi was going blind, and in that moment with Deidara, Kakashi inexplicably awakened EMS...

      If that's true it also makes what Itachi said about 'Madara learning the final secret to EMS' a load of crap since Kakashi hasn't said anything about a big secret.

      But the bleeding could be due to the summoning nature of Amaterasu (flames from hell).
    24. Ninigi Uchiha
      Ninigi Uchiha
      Well, dude
      that's plain awesome. We should meet up for a coffee in Marburg! It's an hours ride away but that's fine. What do you think?
    25. SHx19
      Kakashi having EMS? How? I can't think of any way.

      Honestly, Sasuke won't get EMS either I think.

      Lol...the Naruto sword stuff you sent me I've still gotta read on. But I replied to some of your other PMs on OMF, check there.

      Btw, there's a technical problem with my new thread, and there's some confusion which is really my fault. Looking back at the refs, Raikage's Raiton armor does not require crazy chakra. It was his Raiger bomb (slam) for which he needed all the chakra, and Karin comments on his chakra then. Before that, he was in simple Raiton armor which sped up his reflexes.

      Sasuke can already run a full-body chidori or w/e. He's only a step away from introducing Raiton into his internal nervous system and synapses. Sasuke has talent and can copy this skill, so he'll likely get the reflexes. But the Shunshin jutsu/movement speed is something Sasuke already has...but perhaps he'll add more chakra after he's seen Raikage produce better results.
    26. Bart
      Well if you ever want it :laugh
    27. Bart
      Yeah, it's just that I normally don't give neg to people, but I'll give you positive rep back when I can :)
    28. Bart
      Sorry for giving you the neg rep, Kyuubi.
    29. SHx19
      Yeah might be too much but it is definitely possible. Otherwise, Sasuke is gonna need his Susano'o from the get-go vs Sage Naruto (if Naruto manages to enter quickly).

      We'll see though, but usually, seeing the technique once is enough for the Sharingan user. Next battle will tell.
    30. YoshiPower
      Hell No Im not XD
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