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La speranza
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Mar 5, 2019
Dec 10, 2012
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La speranza

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La speranza was last seen:
Mar 5, 2019
    1. ChaosTheory123
      If I get around to it at all, it'll only be after the film comes out on DVD for a more HD screen shot or 2.
    2. Vivi Ornitier
      Vivi Ornitier
      Technically this is a shared account, but yes I [Proto Dude] am using it at the moment. Who is this?
    3. ChaosTheory123
      Makes sense in regards to Terra, not sure how you could destroy another planet that's within another planet and all.

      And that they are.

      And... it's hard to think of how to do it. Like, its hard to tell with the shifting perspective how fast the planets are moving. I'll think of something anyway.
    4. ChaosTheory123
      Doesn't need to be calc related, that's just part of my interest in a series (the figuring out how impressive shit is).

      I am primarily concerned with characters, story, mythos and all though, so much appreciated dude :maybe
    5. ChaosTheory123
      Pretty sure that'd honestly be calc stacking dude :hmm

      Ask Modbat or Willy what they think though.
    6. ChaosTheory123
      That's fair enough. Just kind of disappointing they didn't bother trying to at least stick to a scale instead of coming out in what appears to be a fairly arbitrary assignment of numbers.

      And that's slightly better I suppose in regards to the south gate anyway.
    7. ChaosTheory123
      Actually ended up finding the official height charts on the FF wiki.

      Wouldn't have guessed Zidane's 1.82 meters tall measuring up to his hair as I have been :lmao

      Gotta say though, some of the other shit I found that they gave official sizes for failed spectacularly at keeping much of an internally consistent scale.

      I'll grant them this, in terms of ratio, this chart is likely accurate. Hell, it'd be pretty spot on had they only doubled the purported sizes they have on the chart itself. The interior of the Cargo Ship contradicts the hell out of them though with both how massive the windows (Their radius is as tall as Zidane) are, and how spacious the interior is (in comparison to Zidane, it'd appear the half of the ship they're in is 10 meters or so in height).

      The worst offender I have to say is this though. It's not even the fact they're saying the sun face portion of the doors is that size... they're saying, even by their own faulty measure of the cargo ship, that you could barely stack 2 on top of the other and have the fit through. They're claiming this could barely fit 2 cargo ships of their own measure... despite the fucking sun face utterly dwarfing the cargo ship, let alone the entire doorway. That image of the ship approaching the sun is one where the ship hasn't even gotten far enough out of the foreground to be an accurate measure yet either :geg

      Kind of disappointing to once more see the "authors" fail to have any sense of scale, but I suppose this is why we rarely take their official numbers outside character heights seriously anyway.
    8. ChaosTheory123

      Kind of been on a Kamen Rider kick is all.

      Wouldn't really call what I am charismatic, dude :lmao
    9. ChaosTheory123
      That is certainly another valid interpretation of how shit would have gone down.

      I was going to get around to it eventually regardless, just mentioning what occurred when I last mentioned it.
    10. ChaosTheory123
      I've brought it up before.

      I basically got a "What's the point? Doesn't he have better shit going for him?"

      But yeah, I'd more or less consider it well within the scope of Necron's power (that didn't necessarily need to happen canonically)
    11. Zaelapolopollo
      I would hope so. Chaos is a smart guy whom I respect. I figured they were just dicking around but I don't know sometimes.
    12. ChaosTheory123
      Oh yeah.

      I did :lmao

      Sorry, I guess I forgot to respond.
    13. ChaosTheory123
      I'm having trouble seeing it honestly.

      care to screen cap and circle it for me?
    14. Francesco.
      News for that?
    15. Francesco.
      Ok, thanks!
    16. Francesco.
      Any news from the calcs?
    17. Francesco.
      Read my last mp, thanks.
    18. Francesco.
      You tomorrow with more time linke them to you.
    19. Francesco.
      Also i have three feat from FT forgotten by OBD, you can calc that? Thanks.
    20. Francesco.
      Wait the Dragon arc of FT.
    21. Francesco.

      I replied, but I think it's important that you continue to replicate to protect them from the FT downplay, ah read the mp that I sent you.

      That, too, is important.
    22. Francesco.
      I do not know what to say ...
    23. Francesco.
      http://lounge.moviecodec.com/vs-forum/how-distructive-is-this-187138/ You can calc this? Thanks.
    24. Derpaholic
      er... , Don't know where that came from , It doesn't matter if the new movie gives DBZverse more power , What matters is if the movie is good or bad .
    25. Francesco.
      Stops at character too durable for him (so no one with Town level+ durability and above) and charcter with intangibility like Juvia or Mavis.

      Ovveral High, high tier.
    26. Francesco.
      I dont know...
    27. Francesco.
      Yes im that.
    28. Francesco.
      Lol at this thread.
    29. Francesco.
      Post-skip Luxus is Town/Small city for powerscaling

      For KHR anyone below Byakuran

      For HxH Ubogin or some chimera lacked of feats

      For OP a Pacifista?

      For Bleach Gimmjow/Nnoitra

      High tier in Naruto

      For D.g_m i dont know
    30. Francesco.
      Im not interested...
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