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Aug 29, 2016
Jul 22, 2008
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Mar 9, 1987 (Age: 30)

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Hi., 30, from UK

Ladd was last seen:
Aug 29, 2016
    1. MrCinos
      My current ava and sig are from Violinist of Hameln.
    2. Chai Tea
      Chai Tea
      Like Andrew Ladd :wtf
    3. HugeGuy
      So, I just finished Liar Game revival round. Things are good as always.

      But I totally didn't expect Fukunaga to have a crush on Akiyama. Man, that's crazier than any twist Akiyama or Yokoya have ever came up. :lmao
    4. Darth
      Oh cool. Thanks.
    5. ~riku~
      yep, i've already dl it and read it <3
    6. HugeGuy
      Ooh, good news indeed. Liar Game, here I come!

      ....after I find the chapter which I left off last time. :P
    7. Nuzzie
      it's a bit of a bummer the normal one shows up for a second before the custom one loads though, not that much of a problem though
    8. Nuzzie
      thank you so much :iria:
    9. Nuzzie
      this is my first time actually putting a script into greasemonkey, I've just used the ones that install automatically. Can't seem to work this properly so could you give me a bit of a step by step ? thanks
    10. HugeGuy
      It's kinda risky to post spoilers outside the Telegrams. Hopefully no one sees it.
    11. Jeαnne
      hey, if you dont have any party in the cafe, could you vote for the rubber chicken party please :B?

      ty <3333 :B
    12. HugeGuy
      Much better. :pleased
    13. HugeGuy
      Yo. Your sig is a bit too big. Max size for sig is 550x500 according to the rules. Resize it before the mod catch you.

      Btw, nice sig. Funny as hell. X3
    14. Hellspawn28
      thanks for the rep.
    15. ~riku~
      Thank you. <3333333333

      I think I've fallen in love with Shinichi. :love
    16. ~riku~
      What manga is that picture in your sig from?
    17. HugeGuy
      Oh yea, I forgot about that.

      I thought the author forgot it's still not enough because they previously gave 5 million to the tranny but I went back and Akiyama actually sold them for 95 million. Damn, the author is good with details. :laugh
    18. ShadowTeady
      Hehehe =p

      Well thank you for passing by then ^-^
    19. HugeGuy
      Sorry if I'm bothering you with all these questions. :sweatdrop
    20. HugeGuy
      Oh I see! They never showed Nao picking Joker with the face up during the actual game so I assumed as long as Nao got the Joker she wins.

      lol that was actually pretty obvious if you get the rules right. :P

      But about the votes Akiyama auctions off in the last minutes. He auctions them off to the 1st two guys at 70 million for 2 votes. Then when they came back, he charged them at 50 million for 1 vote. What the hell? I thought everyone only had 100 million worth of M-tickets. How did they come up with so much money?
    21. ShadowTeady
      Did you visit me again ? :sweat

      I am kinda confussed now ^^''
    22. HugeGuy
      1-on-1 game between Nao and Fukunaga.

      Something I don't understand. How come it's not 50-50? And what did Akiyama meant when he said the double-sided card has no face so it will never be returned to the bag? I thought both cards will be returned after Nao picked it so they can repeat the process?
    23. HugeGuy
      Yes. Great read. Mind twisting mangas like these are another of my favourite although I don't find alot of them around.
    24. ShadowTeady
      Thanks for passing by ^-^

      Hope you have great days ^-^
    25. HugeGuy
      It's actually quite fun to bitch on a series. Have you ever tried it before? :LOS
    26. HugeGuy
      It is. But Naruto had it worse. That literally turned half of Narutofan into anti-Narutofan and the hate still exist even today!
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    Mar 9, 1987 (Age: 30)
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