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Lady Hinata
Nov 3, 2012
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Mar 22, 1991 (Age: 28)
the garden
Verizon Care Rep.
    1. Louis-954
      Yo!! Haven’t seen you around in a minute. Lol
      1. Lady Hinata likes this.
      2. View previous comments...
      3. Louis-954
        Ah, the eternal struggle. :lmao You following any series since Naruto ended?
        Feb 9, 2020
      4. Lady Hinata
        Lady Hinata
        As far as anime, not really. I did watch to the end of Game of Thrones, and that was...disappointing. I've also caught up on Walking Dead. You watch either of those?
        Feb 10, 2020
      5. Louis-954
        The end of GoT... don't get me started, lol. I stopped watching TWD after season 7. I felt like there was too much plot rehashing and coupled with a few of my favorites being written off the show I lost interest. I'm looking forward to the return of Better Call Saul in a couple of weeks though. That's my sh!t!
        Feb 10, 2020
    2. Louis-954
    3. Animeblue
      Adorable set
    4. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage
      Were you dissapointed how the manga ended seeing that Hinata was very underdeveleed and never got involved with Kaguya story since her doijutsu and clan origins ties with Kaguya and her clan?
    5. Louis-954
      It's no biggie, I just felt like giving you a hard time. :evil

      I'm doing alright for myself, business is good. I was just wondering how things were going with your career in writing. Still waiting to purchase that book of yours!
    6. Louis-954
      Or ignore me, that's cool too I guess. :vegetant
    7. Louis-954
      How've you been, Lady Hinata? Haven't spoken to you in quite a while! :D
    8. LesExit
      When you bold my name I feel special (∪ ◡ ∪). Well she got lots of cuddles and treats so I hope so :D Looking back there are things I could've done better, but I can't beat myself up because of that. I did my best and will try to do better with future rats :iria
    9. LesExit
      The day I got her put down was very rough for me, but I'm doing fine now! Oatmeal was super adorable! Thanks for your sweet words :33
    10. Arinna
      I really like you posts around the forum by the way :) you're always so calm and reasonable.
    11. balboass
      Came here to say I be lurking your posts in the KL the ones defending Sakubabes! Wish I could be here to tell em to kick rocks but i'm section banned.

      Love how you're defending her!
    12. Undead
      Thanks for the rep. Michonne is queen. :<3

      Didn't know you were a fan of TWD. Who's your favorite character(s)? :cat
    13. Amanda
      Sorry, no, he's Sebastian Vettel! :sweat
    14. Roja
      Thanks! ^_^
    15. balboass
      no problem!!
      yaaass they look so courageous and lovely at the same time. what kind of slay! :catblush
    16. balboass
      great set again. :33
    17. Jon Moxley
      Jon Moxley
      be warned this SH is very hentai is :hurr

      if I offended you I apologize :quite
    18. balboass
      No problem and thanks, babygurl! :33
      I agree! :nod
    19. balboass
      Your set is love!
    20. Gogeta
      Hello, i just wanted to say thanks a lot for the gift. I am an Itachi fan so that's a bonus too. I will be wearing the set soon :^

      Happy holidays
    21. urca
      The gifs in your sig.. THE GIFS IN YOUR SIG, WHAT ARE THEY FROM? ;__________;
    22. Hαnnαh
      I want to join the hell out of your Chouchou FC and also request an alliance with my NextGen InoShikaCho FC, but I wasn't gonna post yet just in case you wanted to reserve some posts
    23. Eternity
      Omg, that would be simply awesome! :iria You're an angel. :heart
    24. Eternity
      Sure thing! Adding you now. :hurr
    25. Izaya
      DAT Set :datass

      It's totes cute :ohyou
    26. Eternity
      Yeah. :33
    27. Eternity
      I'd love to have you with me. :del

      If it gets accepted, just ask, and Ill add you as a Co-owner. :nod
    28. Lyanna
      Thanks for the rep! I honestly don't get it you know, why people are even having doubts about NH after this chap. Naruto basically killed NS in his statement by not bringing up anything about his "love" for Sakura, when the topic is clearly romance, and he has the guts to do it before for so long. Proving to me more that whatever feelings he harbors for Sakura is not anymore romantic, but only friends or sister. And the "but...er...eh, anyway!" just gives it to me that there's someone clouding his perspective about mom's advice, and who other than the girl who has romantic feelings for him and he's having a high boost of development with just recently? I mean, c'mon are they honestly expecting Naruto to be like "I love this girl named Hinata", when hours ago he just dumbly nodded to Sakura being his gf when asked by Minato? That would just make it look like Naruto's playing with the topic of love interest all along. There's gradual transition in Naruto's feelings here, and I can see it, which makes me more confident about NH.

      Even if I'm an NH shipper, I'm not delusional enough to think that Naruto is already madly in love with Hinata after all their interactions this war. It needs working because Kishi addressed this late in the game, and the firsthand experience Naruto has about romance is only his past crush for Sakura. He doesn't have that silly crush on Hinata, but the girl is clearly getting under his skin and is special to him. I'd rather have his feelings for Hinata as "getting there" than him being very vocal about it with empty words.

      It would be good if Minato's there when Naruto unwraps Hinata or meets Hinata after MT, but the girl is far away in a coccoon, and Kishi is in a rush to be done with all the goodbyes in one chapter.

      I guess people are just too impatient. can't blame them since this whole shipping wars has been going on for so long.
    29. Aries
      haha I ended up making a mistake and adding a extra role. Another spot opened up luckily so you can join. and Nice! thanks will add you to the list
    30. Aries
      hey not to bother you but would you like to join my teen titans animated mafia game? http://www.narutoforums.com/showthread.php?t=997327
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  • About

    Mar 22, 1991 (Age: 28)
    the garden
    Verizon Care Rep.
    Relationship Status:
    In a committed relationship with my 2d husbando
    Favorite Character(s):
    Hinata, Sakura, Naruto, Sasuke, Gaara, Neji, Lee, Killer-Bee, Jiraiya, Gaara, Rock Lee, Shikamaru, F
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    Favorite Episode(s): Chuunin Exams Arc, FoD Arc.

    Chapter(s): As of now, 615 & 633. <3
    I was born in California, but live in rainy Washington, bleh. Harry Potter is my childhood. <3

    designing pictures, singing, writing, drawing, browsing, reading, volleyball.
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