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Jun 2, 2013
Aug 24, 2009
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July 5
Home Page:
West Blue


L ≥ N + M, from West Blue

Laffite was last seen:
Jun 2, 2013
    1. root
      Yeah, I still have that episode. I reuploaded it for you, and posted a link in the thread you made. The episode is over here: http://rapidshare.com/files/74100114/Bleach%20-%20310-342%20(Edit).mp4
    2. Serenity
      Are you still around on here? Guess not looking at your activity.
    3. KAKASHI10
      your itachi signature is just :wtf
    4. Serenity
      I know about the saves website. Can't use them with 360 though I don't think. I'm going to play it on 360 without origin. Man though replaying will be annoying, I've already played ME1 and 2 like 10 times over. Fuck need another insanity run as well (done a infiltrator and soldier on insanity.)

      Did Zoro fodderise Base Hodi in the last few episodes? Or was there a fight. In the manga he beat non roided Hodi in like a single slash.

      Yeah I was disappointed with the weaker full bringers. The anime made their fight even more pathetic because they crammed 4 chapters instead of 2 into the episode. I did love when Toshiro just nudged Yukio onto the Ice though, looked hilarious. The episodes had great animation too.
    5. Serenity
      I knew about Konan obviously from the manga, but it still hit me a bit watching it all. Would have loved to see her kicking ass in the upcoming arc.

      I met the dude at a party, a friend of a friend. Not to worry though I told him he wasn't my type. He was alright with it.

      Origin is a online DRM service. Basically mean you need to connect to the internet to play PC ME3. Problem with it all though is it can and will track your PC's data. And in the contract clause you agree to to use it, it says they can sell your PC data to whoever they feel like.

      Anyway, I haven't been playing Mass Effect at all, because I need to play the first two damn games to get my character back up to what I want. It'll be 3-4 run throughs of all 3 games to get all the desired results. Haven't got the time with work and everything.

      Anyway, what happened in the new One Piece episode, I might check it out if they are up to anything good. I know all the manga plot btw.

      Also how was the last few Bleach. Give a new definition to fodders lol.
    6. Serenity
    7. Serenity
      Argh, had the date yesterday. Talk about a snoozefest. He just bitched about people I didn't know and he talked on and on about quite random topics. Lunch itself was fine but we sat in the restaurant for an hour. I'm not going to see him again.

      EDIT: Cancelled my Mass Effect 3 pre-order. I was going to get it on PC, but I refuse to install bloody Origin on my machine. I'm picking up a copy for 360 on Monday.
    8. Serenity
      I love Konan's voice as well. And I agree her paper Jutsu looks fantastic.

      The construction kit for Skyrim is a PC program that allows you to edit skyrim and create your own content. The Skyrim Nexus, and the various other game nexus' are hubs where content creators upload their mods of the game. Over the years there have been some incredible mods. Favorite one has to be Morroblivion which imports Morrowinds map, NPC and items into Oblivion as landmass you can travel to by boat.
    9. Serenity
      Argh fuck me, I didn't even know ME3 was going to be released on the 8th in Australia. Damnation!!!! Oh well all night playing will have to happen on the Thursday.
    10. Serenity
      I wouldn't worry much about arrival. It was about an hour long and added very very little to the game. Only one important event really, and you could be up to date with it within 2 minutes of reading.

      Are you playing Skyrim on console or PC? I've got it for PC and really want to try out the construction kit, but alas ME3 takes precedence :zaru

      Man being an anime only follower, going to be a couple of years until you see the utter madness and pure awesome that One Piece and Naruto are currently undergoing.

      How did you find the Minato and Kushina episodes? Also seen the newest? Dat Konan :yay

      I found the Gai vs Kisame one to be a bit disappointing compared to the manga though.
    11. Serenity
      What is with the :LOS face after the question lol?

      Anyway I've got a pre-order down for Mass Effect 3, praying there is a midnight release. Got to work sunday night till 10pm, monday morning at 8am and then attempt to pull an all nighter to play on monday midnight release. Going to be so exhausted come Wednesday morning work.

      Anyway in regards to life... well it depends if your stance on LGBT if you'll think less of me after this.
      I basically arranged going out on a date with an mutual friend. Won't go into the details. He is a really funny, witty and I guess you could say caring guy.

      Anywhoo, I'm looking at possibly being promoted to being Assistant manager at my work place, I'd be in charge of the Liquor section if so.

      Never really played a lot of survival horror. More of a RPG, RTS and Sandbox fan.

      Can I ask, you seem to watch the anime versions of series, do you read the mangas as well?
    12. Serenity
      Looks like you are back on the forum.

      4 1/2 days till Mass Effect 3 :argh

      Must resist demo.

      Also finished Deus Ex that I mentioned, twas a fantastic game. Endings sucked though :pek

      I watched Kaiji. Nice change from the usual series. Good OST. I love Itou Kaiji's incredible ability to read others so well, his way of thinking himself out of situations is fantastic. I like the fact that he shines the most when pressured in life or death situations. Art style was certainly different from what I'm used to. I keep thinking of the great cricketer Bill Lawry when I see Kaiji, its the nose :p. Either way though thank you for introducing the series to me.

      How are you going?
    13. Zorp
      Oh man, Hisoka is getting the best parts of HxH (as he should). I really liked the smoke effect the studio used when Gon attacked him several episodes ago. Moreover, Hisoka's battle during the third stage was awesome. Dat fluid dodging. :datass I think his new VA is doing a terrific job, capturing his menacing quality and sexual undertones without over-exaggerating them. Besides that, it was a blast to watch Gon and Killua try to get the ball from Netero. That scene, in the original and new verisions, got me fired up for the series. I really wanted to see how much the kids would grow. Anyways, the anime has slowed down a bit, but I find it tolerable. It's good to be a bit reserved, especially when you don't know if Togashi will take another extended break. As much canon material is available, the anime could catch up in 2-3 years if it ate up 3-chapters per episode. I wasn't a fan of this week's recap, but I understand that viewership would be down due to Christmas. We have yet to see truly amazing animation from Madhouse, so I'll wait patiently for the first fight that utterly "wows" me. What has been your impression so far?

      Dude, I'm getting so pumped for Naruto. Just a couple episodes away from canon. I CAN TASTE IT.
    14. Zaeed
      No problem about the rep. The avatar is boss, I personally cannot even remember when that happened though.
      Yeah Zaeed is from Mass Effect 2. My favorite old grandaddy badass. Seriously the guy is a walking story book. So you've played the game, so I'm guessing you'll play the third. I'm really impatient while waiting for numero tres, screwed up by reading spoilers :p.
      Anyway you have a cool username as well. Laffite is pretty awesome character all round. Loved when he just waltzed into the meeting at Mariejois a city next to impossible to infiltrate.
    15. Zaeed
      Hey. I'm not sure why you added me, but thanks regardless.

      What is going on?
    16. Serenity
      Welcome back to the forum, I've been fairly busy as well with holidaying and working. Lucky though because the anime filler is ending this month. In January we will see canon again. Thank bloody god!

      How has the last few months treated you?

      Personally, I actually didn't end up getting Battlefield because I've been on holiday to Sydney Australia and also have been working a fair bit. The only games I've really played a lot of are Skyrim (120+ hours total so far across 2 accounts) and just started playing Deus Ex Human Revolution on PC (which I also had borrowed for ps3 but never got past the second hub).
      I haven't really read Kaiji yet which I feel stupid for (I forgot about the series shortly after I talked to you). I'll watch the anime starting monday when I finally have some free time.

      Have you gotten up to date with Naruto and One Piece? What do you think about the latest chapter in One Piece? Its a gamechanger huh...

      Anyway I guess I'll catch you once you are online again.
    17. Serenity
      I've been meaning to get Battlefield 3, probably on PC though 64 players is a nice prospect. How was the Co-op?
      Been playing Skyrim today for 5 hours, bloody awesome all round so far. Much better combat, voice acting, level system is better, graphics are beautiful and the amount of stuff to do is overwhelming.

      I've never heard of Kaiji before you mentioned it. Just read a brief synopsis of the series and it sounds quite interesting. I'll start watching it in a day or two, and get back to you on about the series.

      I'd like to ask another thing, I don't know much about Seinen manga/anime and wondered if you did. I'm basically looking for a series which is martial arts but with 0 superhuman powers and fluid intense fights. Not sure if you'd know what I'm looking for but I thought it'd be worth asking.
    18. Serenity
      Hehe, when I first saw I thought it was adorable had to get it.

      So whats up? If you don't mind me asking of course.

      I'm eagerly awaiting Skyrim personally, but alas school has ruined my fun, exams and the like.
    19. Zorp
      Gintama just had an episode where an old lady chops off a monk's dick while her dead husband gets stuck in the side of a moving vehicle filled with alien foods that all look like dicks. She and Gintoki have to frantically pull each one until they find the dick that belongs to the dead guy...and they are doing this while hanging out of a car travelling down a highway. This show is so ridiculous. :lmao

      IGN is a gaming website, right? I haven't played to many games in my day (mainly Final Fantasy titles), but I sort of remember the name IGN. Do you still post there, or do you not have the time anymore?

      "Can you hear the requiem they're playing for us?" Chrollo! :gar

      Flower petals have never been so terrifying. At least to the victim, that is.

      The new HxH anime is really keeping true to the manga, as evidenced by Mr. Toto's comparison posts in the anime thread. While I am not one of these people who believes that an anime must follow the manga exactly, I do appreciate the attention to detail and the credit they are giving Togashi. I've never read the manga, though. Have you? I can't wait until the tournament arc when Gon and Killa learn about Nen.

      Yeah, HxH is a true shounen, through-and-through. It does a fantastic job of raising the stakes in the Hunter exam, too. Such creative tasks. I mean, they have to cook. How awesome is that? Like you mentioned, Killua and Gon are great partners. Their friendship gets fleshed out well as the series develops. Kurapika's storyline is such a dark contrast to the happy beginning of the series. From the original anime, I remember that Kurapika "paid a price" for getting his power, but I don't think the anime ever explored what the "price" was. A short lifespan, perhaps?

      Genei Ryodan. :wtf
    20. Zorp
      Hey, man! Good to see you in the TV parts of the forum again. :iria

      The red-haired girl in my set is Kagura fron Gintama (I think half of my sets are Gintama-related). The picture is actually of her time-skip design, but I'm pretty sure that no "actual" time-skip happens in the story. Basically, there were a couple episodes where a time-skip occurred, but it didn't stick, so everyone reverted to their normal form. Kagura is a nice, funny girl who is part of a super-strong race of assassins. Unlike her kinsmen, though, she just wants to play and have a good time with friends. It's awesome when she gets serious, though. I'll be changing my set soon, though, to Urahara once I get accepted as a senior member on the forum (I already put in my request).

      Haha, I can only imagine how frustrating it would be to wait through the rasengan training when the exams were so close. Fortunately, I blitzed through Naruto and didn't have to wait week-after-week. One thing I am still debating, that is training-related: when Naruto used Sage Mode, he could lift that stone frog statue. Would you say he is physically weaker, stronger, or equally strong to Sakura? I think he is very close to her physical strength, but I wonder if he could make as big a crater as Sakura with a single punch.

      Oh, bro, you don't even have to convince me: I've been keeping up with Hunter x Hunter ever since it started again. The original series was the third anime series I watched, after Bleach and Naruto. I don't read the manga, but I hear that Togashi is writing regularly again. I really want him to complete the story. Gon is such a happy kid, and Killua is awesome. Hisoka is such an interesting, creepy bad guy. Speaking of returning series, I still have to find out if Berserk has started up again... What do you like about HxH?
    21. Raid3r2010
      Hmm ... alright.

      What's up ? :amuse
    22. Raid3r2010
      Hello there.

      Why Lafitte ? What did you saw at him ? :amuse
    23. Zorp
      We will have to hope and pray that the inserted filler doesn't kill the canon. It's a fine balance when you try to merge the two into the same arc.

      I just caught up on Naruto, which is why I didn't write sooner. I chuckled at the Konohamaru parts, and that Guy vs. Kakashi sequence was off-the-wall-bizzarre. Just came out of nowhere. Oh yeah, and I'm sure there is some major Naruto/Karin shipping now that she keeps reflecting on his warm chakra.

      I pretty much figured that Naruto would be training with Bee once the whole "controlling Kyuubei" part came into play. I loved the cartoon renditions of Naruto tugging on the Kyuubei's chakra. That will be quite the task. I also liked learning more about what happened when Jiraiya released the seal and got hurt during the timeskip.

      Naruto looked so excited to get an S-rank mission from Tsunade. lol. It's good to see him in higher spirits. I can't wait for this traaaiinniinnnngg. Unlike most people, I really enjoy training arcs. It was awesome watching Naruto part the waterfall so long ago. Moreover, I want to see what happens when Naruto and Bee meet each other. They both have outgoing personalities, although I would say Bee is the stranger of the two. :lmao

      The anime in my sig is called Gintama and it is quite awesome. Although, it is a gag series, so it doesn't take itself seriously at all. In fact, it is episodic in nature and the few arcs that it does have are very short (which works to its benefit). I must warn you: it took me 50 episodes before I got into it. But, by the time I did, I valued it like a cherished child. It has great speeches and one-liners and the epic moments and REALLY epic. So many great characters and they are all hilarious. If you want some laughs, give it a shot. I really liked Rumble subs, but now I watch Horrible Subs's version because Rumble hasn't kept up with the series too well. Happy watching (if you so choose)!
    24. Neelix
      Vote your favourite Naruto village design.
    25. Zorp
      I just watched the episode (I usually wait for Taka). Haha, we totally saw that parallel coming. Naruto and Sasuke really are the new Jiraiya and Orochimaru. Orochimaru became obsessed with immortality after his parents died, just as Sasuke became obsessed with revenge when his family was killed. But where Jiraiya failed, Naruto will succeed! :yell

      It seems like the anime is padding out the arc by bulking up on flashbacks. I guess it could be worse, but...man, those were a lot of flashbacks. I can't wait to see Sakura attempt to stop Sasuke. She's going to get leveled. Someone will have to save her.

      No worries about the late reply. I figured you had stuff going on. What've you been up to? My NF time has been limited, too, since I started working full-time again and have 9 credit hours of classes.
    26. Zorp
      I enjoyed the AMV you sent me. It kept it simple with the special effects while covering a wide array of memorable moments. The song was catchy and lyric-less, which is rare for Naruto AMVs.

      This is my favorite AMV, period. I've watched it about 12 times, I'd say. You've probably already seen it because it's so popular, but it's simply a blast to watch. Keep on sending the AMVs my way. We can trade vids for as long as we want.
    27. Zorp
      HAHAHA, for real?! I am happy beyond belief that I sent you the same AMV that kicked off your Naruto experience. Meant. To. Be. I wish I could find the original video, but that's the best I could do. I got a good taste of Naruto AMVs when [Blocked Domain] used to be up. They had a "Top 10" list that was very decent. Also, I had a YouTube craze where I typed in "best Naruto AMV" and watched pages of results. I love it when a line in a song directly relates to the animation, or when lipflaps match the lyrics perfectly. But, yes, that Gaara vs. Rock Lee AMV is something else. I even checked out trance music because of that video.

      I agree: Sasuke will definitely be Naruto's final opponent. As much as my mind would explode if Naruto and Sasuke teamed up one more time, it's just not meant to be (unless something drastic happens). It doesn't look like Sasuke can ever reintegrate himself into Konoha life. Other ninja aren't going to readily forgive him and his social life would be almost nonexistent. He'd probably choose to leave the village and travel the world even if he made peace with the village at the end. Which doesn't bode well for Sasusaku. :p

      I like how you paralleled Naruto's and Jiraiya's situations. I never considered that Jiraiya may have declined the Hokage title because he was unable to save Orochimaru, but it makes sense considering his personality. Naruto and Jiraiya are very hard on themselves. We really saw how little Jiraiya thought of himself during his final moments. He felt like a failure and wondered if he had left any good legacy. Then he remembers Naruto and smiles. For people like Naruto and Jiraiya, their ability to effectively lead others is directly linked to their ability to positively influence those they care about most. Naruto, in some way, must get through to Sasuke in the end.

      I would be so sad if Naruto sacrificed himself to kill Sasuke (or, God forbid, to save Sasuke's life). If Sasuke sacrificed himself for Naruto, it would mean that they would have a common enemy for the final battle (Madara? Ten-Tails? Who knows). Since the final matchup is looking like Naruto vs. Sasuke, a sacrificial Sasuke would be a remote possibility. Still, it would provide a way to "save" Sasuke's character while making him pay the price for his destructive actions. Naruto would grieve, but he would pull himself together enough to be Hokage. His reign would be a tribute to Sasuke's sacrifice and he would spread love around the village to make sure that another person didn't turn out like Sasuke.

      An equally satisfying end, for me, would be Naruto defeating Sasuke and changing his mind with some awesome speech or action. I don't think Naruto will kill Sasuke, if only because shonen heros rarely kill. Moreover, Kishimoto has made a point of Naruto's dedication to peace and the preservation of life. It would be cool to see Naruto and Sasuke restore their friendship but, yet again, I can't see Sasuke staying in Konoha for too long.

      Would you be OK with an ending where Naruto is offered the position of Hokage, but turns it down? He may decide that the best way to spread peace is to become a traveling sage like Jiraiya. However, Naruto needs to find an answer that Jiraiya wasn't able to, so maybe that answer could be accomplished from the stationary position of Hokage. In other words, Naruto wouldn't have to leave the village to accomplish the goal of shinobi peace. Plus, from a writing standpoint, it would be too heartbreaking if Naruto didn't become Hokage. The hero needs to achieve his goal.
    28. Milliardo
      yea i think your right he was the last to be introduced towards the end of part one. i love his look with the dark clothes and hair with greenish blue eyes. the way tensa was introduced with water over taking the inner world was pimp. dude is boss no doubt.

      yours with itachi is nice too though i also liked your gaara avi as well. both are some of my favorites in naruto.. nice choices i would say indeed.
    29. Zorp
      Also, I don't know if you're into AMVs, but this is one of my favorites. Gaara vs. Rock Lee. :gar
    30. Zorp
      Haha, yeah, I realized that too. What are the odds that our conversation would be right in step with the anime? Gaara is such a bro. He tells Naruto that he will protect him at all costs then, after Naruto brushes aside his hand, he reminds Naruto that he is his friend. I thought it was intriguing how Gaara asked Naruto what Naruto can do for Sasuke. Gaara's words will probably play a part in Naruto coming to some kind of conclusion about how to handle Sasuke.

      I know there have been threads about this but, in your opinion, can Sasuke be saved? And what does "saved" mean, anyway? Is it simply Sasuke sacrificing himself for Naruto in the end, or something more? I really don't see how Naruto can become Hokage if he can't "save" Sasuke in some regard: Naruto pretty much put up that stipulation on his own when he was talking to Sasuke at the reunion in Part 2.
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