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Language of Life
Last Activity:
Aug 31, 2018
Oct 3, 2012
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June 2
Wintry Minnesota

Language of Life

Break Time, from Wintry Minnesota

Language of Life was last seen:
Aug 31, 2018
    1. Zyrax
    2. PhoenixRoy
      There you go
    3. Roƅ
      Hey thanks man.

      I made sure to give Diamante a 10 for you :wink
    4. Big Mom
      Big Mom
      And you like Mifune and Hanzo?

      This is getting crazy :D
    5. Big Mom
      Big Mom
      You like Rebecca, Shiki, and Don Chinjao?

      We are made for each other
    6. Satsuki
      '3) Dellinger - Fabulous as fuck. Apparently to fabulous for most of you basic bitches.'
      someone understands :love
    7. Big Mom
    8. Admiral Kizaru
      Admiral Kizaru
      Cheers for letting me know. I'll submit my votes tonight.

      Marco is my favourite character so I can't let this oppurtunity pass me by. :lbj
    9. Roƅ
      I guess I did forget Gan Fall :hmm

      Thanks man.

      Got 24'd :geg
    10. Algol
      Oh nice, thanks for the share. Yeah I thought it was a series thing, but it's a creepy pasta thing. Always find those cool.
    11. Algol
      Hey, what's your set from if u don't mind?
    12. Freechoice
      You're excellent.
    13. Freechoice
      You shouldn't vote based a character's panel time... rather your impression of them in the panels they were shown, otherwise most characters would get a very low score...
    14. Amatérasu’s Son
    15. Amatérasu’s Son
      Amatérasu’s Son
      Excuse me. Who's the character in your avy?
    16. Kung Pow
      Kung Pow
      Hey I would love for yout to post your opinion in my score music thread:)
    17. alcoholmixture
      Thank you for the reps:)
    18. Bakatohunter56

      scroll down to geralds post.
    19. Moeka
      Thanks for the rep ^^
    20. FlamingRain
      Laughing at me. :pek

      Thanks for the rep, tho. :33
    21. Veggie
      Thanks for the rep :amuse
    22. Larcher
      Hey how are you one piece is going okay though i'm taking a break from reading it as the point i'm in now about chapter 230 the graphics is so shitty so i'm waiting to buy the actual volumes i'm going to get like 7 as the graphics in the actuall print book are so much better i wish they had a weakly print manga for Naruto and one piece or at least give a webssite the same graphics so at the moment i'm just watching the anime of it as well as the fact i finished watching deathnote i highly remomend that you either read or watch it if you haven't though it goes down hill after episode 25. Also concerning the Alabasta arc and all Luffy and Zoro got an increase in bounty could Zoro take a captain like Buggy, Kurosavor, or even arlong now.
    23. Larcher
      Thanks I've just finished the arlong fight it was good I thought arlong would have more abilities plus I thought it would be more intense than the fight with Don Krieg but it was quite entertaining I loved the the :)mini battles that Zoro Sanji and Ussop I must admit Luffy kind of shows up Naruto as Bluffs already dominated the east blue when Naruto was just an average genin when he was at the same point In time also I like Sanji and Zoro as there bad ass
    24. Larcher
      Hi guessing by your signature you also read one peice if you do can you tell me at what point it warms up in the chapters I've just started reading for aphew weeks I'm on the arlong park arc just about where there going to have the fight with Arlong and his men it's entertaining but when do things get to it's best.
    25. Silver
      Don't mention it :)
    26. Bissen
      Thanks for repping my lack of knowledge, haha ^^
    27. Larcher
      No problem i'm repping all of my friends at the moment cause i ranked up though i couldn't rep you first for the fact i just recently reped you another time good to know your glad see me reped up ya.
    28. Larcher
      Been good maybe i should find that ocasional break i don't know why but for some reason the forums kind of mess up the manga and the anime and if i watch the anime manga i have to give up forums for abit and it's a shame i just started reading the manga and i like how tobi is obito cause the whole izuna idea sounded stupid
    29. Larcher
      Were have you been i haven't seen you on forums on ages thoe i just saw you on my thread about chiyo vs hidan hope to see ya around
    30. Larcher
      thanks for posting on my danzo,foo,torune vs zombie combo you r like me i just don't no how foo and torune alone could win.
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    June 2
    Wintry Minnesota
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    Episode: Don't Watch
    Less awesome than i used to be, and less arrogant

    Im into a lot of shit these days


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