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Oct 18, 2019
Jan 1, 2013
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Feb 10, 1999 (Age: 20)


Shaka Brah!, Male, 20, from England

I'm sick of spending these lonely nights Training myself not to care Feb 4, 2019

Larcher was last seen:
Oct 18, 2019
    1. Wolfgang Grimmer
    2. The Pirate on Wheels
    3. Rocky
      For one, I was trying to see who though Itachi would defeat Minato regardless of anything. However, back then I didn't view Minato in the same light. If Itachi was to defeat Minato, Susano'o wouldn't be the way to go. It's too slow and takes too big a toll on Itachi's stamina.

      Currently, a match between Itachi & Minato is tricky. Itachi's a very good match up, but Minato's the more powerful of the two, as made evident by the events of the Kyuubi attack. Defeating both Obito and the Kyuubi, and with help, he even protected the Village for the most part.
    4. Bonly Jr.
      Bonly Jr.
      Hashirama shits on Itachi 10/10. No discussions here.
    5. Bonly Jr.
      Bonly Jr.
      I would say Itachi fanboys are the worst, but that would make me, the biggest Minato fanboy, a hypocrite, hehe.
    6. Bonly Jr.
      Bonly Jr.
      Nah, I don't actually hate Itachi. He's actually a good character, who can definitely beat most characters. I'm not bashing anybody, I just favour the yellow flash :LOS

      Although, I will be joining in on your thread.
    7. Bonly Jr.
      Bonly Jr.
      Dat Minato :hurr
    8. Bonly Jr.
      Bonly Jr.
      Deidara has always been shown to fight with his clay according to numerical orders. Starting from C1 up until C4. Minato shits on him before he even considers using it. Space time barrier > C3. FTG > C1/2. Food cart destroyer, which is Kuchiyose (summoning, also a S/T) > Deidara's flight advantage. He won't see it coming, it's too quick, as it is S/T.

      Lightning and sensory would be badass, but any nature affinity with Minato is badass :hurr
    9. Bonly Jr.
      Bonly Jr.
      I'm actually he'll show a lot more than Hiraishin. FTG and Rasengan is way too linear, at least by showing us his element or something, a lot more doors are open to him in battle. I'd love to see FTG used offensively, somehow, lol.

      Level 3 Hiraishin? I'm not sure how that would work. FTG Lvl.2 is already instant, so I don't see how that'd work.
    10. Bonly Jr.
      Bonly Jr.
      Cheers bro :LOS
    11. Bonly Jr.
      Bonly Jr.
      I'll put him on there right now.

      People be mad that Minato shits on all of them :hurr
    12. Jad
      His only shown a little bit.
    13. Jad
      One Piece.
    14. Thunder
      Once J-man was introduced I gave up Itachi and never looked back. Itachi is an interesting, deep character, and he still resides somewhere in my top 20 I suppose.

      Personally, I place Nagato in the same general tier as Minato and Itachi (with Nagato being the strongest of the three).

      The "fan mentality" (i.e. picking a team) is always something that bothered me. But I'm not going to sit here and act like I'm above it all, because it's incredibly easy to get dragged into that sort of mindset. When you consistently find yourself defending a certain character, it only comes natural.
    15. Language of Life
      Language of Life
      The fights with Arlong and his men are relatively entertaining but after that the story really starts picking up at the Alabasta arc. There are 4 stops in between the Arlong arc and when they get to Alabasta (so you have a ways to go), but it is all part of the Alabasta saga and some real world building begins to take place. You will be introduced to some characters that will not become important until later on but they will make you want to keep reading so you get to see more of them.

      Some of it may be hard to get through, OP does have some ups and downs, but i encourage you to at least make it to Alabasta because that is one hell of a great arc with some amazing fights and excellent story telling.Plus the arc villain is a beast.

      If you are looking to skip chapters go and take a look at the One Piece wiki. It will tell you which chapter the Alabasta arc begins. The first arc i ever read of one piece was Thriller Bark, and that actually got me into wanting to read the rest of it. So even though you will miss some things, reading the Alabasta arc first may make you want to read the chapters you skipped. Just a thought, have fun.
    16. Thunder
      No problem; I rep'd you just for starting the topic (Minato vs. Itachi). I'm a fan of the more . . . controversial debates, even though they can devolve into a mudslinging contest quickly.

      And yeah, I know what you mean. It's easy to start disliking any character after awhile when you're constantly debating the overzealous components of their fan bases. Being in this type of community will do that to you.

      But I harbor no real hate for any character, really. Itachi was one of my favorites back in Part I when he still had that aura of mystery around him, and when the Sharingan was just cool, but not a huge deal in the grand scheme of things. I'll defend Itachi in the Battledome if people are being unreasonable, but he has so many fans that I rarely feel the need to bother.
    17. Ernie

      give the thread some love, opinion, 5 stars maybe :laugh :cool
    18. Ernie
      I see when people are cool! :datass
    19. Ernie
      Fair enough! :)
    20. Ernie
      nice favo characters, bro
    21. blackguyinpinksuit
    22. blackguyinpinksuit
      Aw forreal well thank you! Good job on getting to chunin as well.
    23. Language of Life
      Language of Life
      Thanks for the rep man. Congrats on leveling up!
    24. -JT-
      Thanks for the rep!
    25. Bonly
      Avatar The Last Airbender. Although its not an anime so if you look for it, don't look on an anime only site.
    26. Bonly Jr.
      Bonly Jr.
      You're right my good lad, I should.
    27. blackguyinpinksuit
      Added ya my nig. Thanks for the offering.

      You be puttin in work on making threads lol ...I will be looking out for more of yours.
    28. Language of Life
      Language of Life
      I have a tendency to disappear from time to time. I ten to value my actual life over my internet one. Crazy i know; but i do.
      So how have you been? I see you have leveled up, good on ya!
    29. Bonly Jr.
      Bonly Jr.
      These bitches be hating on Minato, eh? I'm on it man :LOS
    30. Rocky
      Of course I'll try to find time to construct my own tier list, but I may not have it up right away, as I've got plans in a bit. :amuse
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    Feb 10, 1999 (Age: 20)
    • England
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    In a godless relationship with multiple waifus
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    I'm Autistic

    Anime, manga, pacing, music
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