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Last Rose of Summer
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Apr 6, 2015
Dec 1, 2011
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Last Rose of Summer

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Last Rose of Summer was last seen:
Apr 6, 2015
    1. Punished Pathos
      Punished Pathos
      No problem, Gato :thehelp
    2. 8Apedemak8
      oh you're welcome!
    3. Suigetsu
      After Itachi fight he went full retard. I used to think it was a plan of his to fuck up with akatsuki, like making killer bee not be a sitting duck and framing Tobi with the kages and giving them all the info that he has discovered. Then should had gone back to konoha to fight nardo.

      I was kind of offended that they threw away team taka just like that. Heck Even the sauce getting with karin made sense, but then again the ships at the end came out of no fucking where "I am sorry if you ship nh or ss but that's just my opinion"
      Sui did not even got the swords, did not intereact with his fellow mist villagers, didnt become mizukage, didnt meet mei terumi. It made me very fucking sad.
    4. Suigetsu
      The girls had a fucking sad ending as well. Suigetsu didnt even become the Mizukage.
      Remember your fondest memories from part 1, early part 2 up to Pain maybe. Then think about this...
      Feels like something completely alien or from a different dimension no?
    5. Suigetsu
      We shared something in common excess of disappointment. :gio
    6. Suigetsu
      The most logical explanation is that evil is trolling. Because if I look at naruto and then and this chapter, I see something Alien. Like, this has to be one bad joke. And I am not fucking around here...
    7. 8Apedemak8
      Well that's a possibility,it's the best we can hope for at this point:lmao
    8. 8Apedemak8
      Same here,Kishi ruined everything:lmao
      None of my favorites got a good conclusion.I would have much preferred to see Sasuke die with his ideals...
    9. butcher50
      Gato will indeed be a hero by mid-late Part 2's standards.

      it's undeniably terrifying how hypocritical Kishi's "morals" have become over the years.
    10. babaGAReeb
      yeah, gato was raw pwnage but idk why kishi portrays him as really evul but not other ppl similar 2 him
    11. babaGAReeb
      ur the most devoted gato fan ive seen

      i love the little fucker myself
    12. Revolution
      this happened
    13. Shakar
      You're welcome. :zaru
    14. butcher50
    15. Trudo van Wezemael
      Trudo van Wezemael
      Edit from last Nardo chapter :LOS
    16. butcher50
      Sasuke finally sees things from the bigger-picture and politics perspective, (rather then mere "i wanna nuke Konoha specifically because they wronged me and mah family"), he sees now that konoha is only what it is due to flawed, rotten and corrupted clockworks under the whole "one army city per country" system and wants all these flawed and rotten mechanisms gone.

      he should have started with the Daiymos really, it's them who refuse to grant full independence, self-sufficiency/autonomy to the shinobi mini-nations, forcing them into a pointless, bloody, never-ending rivalry with eachother because they fear and hate their true potential for greatness.
    17. butcher50

      but what i'm trying to say is that if back during the kage-summit month sasuke want to grind Konoha to dust, poison the aqueducts and salt the earth so it will never be rebuild, motivated by bloody vengeance specifically against Konoha , right now he's motivated to force the entire world to change to his vision because he doesn't trusts the current leaders and bijuus to do a satisfactory job in that, so he's gonna violently remove or brainwash them all to do their jobs under his "correct vision".

      quite much more global, big-picture thinking here and rational (from the perspective of Bolsheviks) then mere massacre-based retaliation.
    18. 8Apedemak8

      Already repped you for another post but I agree with this post as well.He fights her for ten minutes and somehow assumes she has no heart.WTF Naruto..
    19. butcher50
      Hmm.....but back then that was mostly out of blind, terrorist revenge rather then distrust.

      Distrust was a major chunk of Danzo's motivations for doing the sick, twisted crap he did all the time, he couldn't trust anyone to act right and make their decisions for the good of Konoha city.

      RIGHT NOW, Sasuke out of not trusting the kages and the bijuu that they have changed for the better and will now work for the betterment of everyone's lives, wants to either kill or enslave them all, he is compelled immediately resort to lethal brute-force out of not having faith in these people and creatures, THAT WAS DANZO'S Shtick.

      Danzo actively sabotaged all attempts to resolve the Uchiha conflict peacefully because he was a greedy and distrusting, paranoid asshole, Sasuke is acting exactly like him right now.
    20. butcher50
      Sasuke has become the very thing he hated (at least for the moment)
    21. Louis-954
      Oh yeah? Well I'm the Last Rose of Winter!
    22. the real anti christ
    23. Closet Pervert
      Closet Pervert
      Lol i repped every motherfucking post on that thread since i last checked it.:lmao

    24. Revolution
      I think I should make my own similar.
    25. sakuranonamida
      Hello there friend! Long time no see, came out of hiding (real life and general weariness with Naruto kept me away) and the manga is still as bad as it was one year ago (and the year before...) At least these days we don't have weekly dose of Itachi (though I'm pretty sure if Kishi could he would have at least one Itachi wank sentence by one character in each chapter). Hope you keep the Will of fire hate strong :villa
    26. Closet Pervert
    27. 8Apedemak8
      No problem:brofist
    28. Closet Pervert
    29. Amanda
      It looks like this.
    30. Amanda
      The first (upper) image link on your signature is broken. Just letting you know!
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