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Mar 29, 2020 at 11:17 PM
May 25, 2009
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Apr 7, 1992 (Age: 27)
In the black hole that is the OBD's heart.


Bringer of Darkness, Male, 27, from In the black hole that is the OBD's heart.

Retired Staff
LazyWaka was last seen:
Viewing forum Fanclubs, Mar 29, 2020 at 11:17 PM
    1. SoulFire!
      Thanks again!! :pandahehe
    2. SoulFire!
      Much thanks, Laziest of Wakas!! :blobmelt
    3. SoulFire!
      Thanks for the R!! :nice
    4. SirTorch
      Hey, since you are one of the naruto experts here, decided to ask about your opinion. Who does Toneri's Low 5-B feat(where he sent the moon crashing to earth) scale to? Does it scale to Teen Naruto/Sasuke with Six Paths powers?
      Does it scale completely to Toneri, or does his dura not scale?
      1. LazyWaka
        Since moving the moon was very casual for him it would scale to his stronger attacks and yes it would scale to SPSM naruto and Sasuke.
        Jun 16, 2019
        SirTorch likes this.
    5. Mythoclast
      You mind checking out a Halo feat?
    6. Blade
    7. Kaaant
      I noticed that onoki uses his KKT on the ground in front of the revived Kage and makes a massive hole. The ground had just been converted into gold dust by Gaara’s dad. Would this be worth looking into? And also the fact gaara’s dad can manipulate massive amounts of gold dust?
    8. B Rabbit
      B Rabbit
      Hey I am going to continue my tier list for One Piece in the meta. Idk but I wanted to ask since you have been around for a while. How much do you remember the preskip scaling for characters like CP9 and Franky etc? Most of the people here only care about top tiers, and Marineford feats. However, even I can't remember much on the stats for characters in Alabasta etc. Which makes it a little difficult for me to place.
    9. justsomedude
      any thoughts on my explanation of the almighty in this thread? https://www.narutoforums.org/threads/merlin-yhwach-kaido-vs-fourth-shinobi-war.1153705/page-3
    10. Raiden
      Hey man,

      What's good. Curious. Did you have another username? I'm thinking no but just being sure.
      1. LazyWaka
        My old usernames were waka0793 and hachibiwaka.
        Nov 24, 2018
        Raiden likes this.
    11. justsomedude
      Hey do you mind elaborating on the time frame issues you mentioned in the bleach vs naruto thread?
      1. justsomedude
        hey, how does this place treat resistance to soul hax in bleach?
        Nov 10, 2018
    12. Sage of 6 niggas
      Sage of 6 niggas
      You read the post but did not comment? Please do so, Sir :sniff
    13. ChaosTheory123
      Any thoughts on this :hmm


      And any way to actually scale the distance to the mountains the Clouds go behind? Or would I be stuck just using average storm cloud size?
      1. View previous comments...
      2. ChaosTheory123
        Your job sounds like hell

        What with the over 30 hour shifts :maybe

        All kidding aside, no rush, take your time if you can even bother
        Oct 12, 2018
      3. LazyWaka
        Crap, Sorry I completely forgot. :uwah

        Give me a second.
        Oct 12, 2018
      4. LazyWaka
        You'd probably be stuck using average storm cloud size. You could technically get a scale for the mountains using the Madara vs Hashirama flashback, but from what I recall it was horribly inconsistent in terms of both size and location.
        Oct 12, 2018
    14. Lurker
      Who is that women in your avatar?
      1. LazyWaka
        What women?
        Oct 5, 2018
        Lurker likes this.
    15. NW
      you still do cocks?
    16. OrangePeel
      you still do calcs?
    17. ChaosTheory123
      How do you Naruto fans interpret Naruto's Kyuubi Chakra empowered headbutt vs Gaara in Part 1? :hmm

      I vaguely recall before it Gaara was still able to physically overpower Gamabunta and use his sand attacks to restrain Naruto simultaneously

      Afterward they had both used up all their stamina or some shit and Gaara could no longer maintain his Shukaku form or whatever
      1. View previous comments...
      2. LazyWaka
        Yeah it makes sense.
        Sep 21, 2018
      3. LazyWaka
        It depends on how it's used iirc. From what it sounded like that rule only really applies to his new tailed beast chakra mode since he never really suffered any of the stated repercussions of it prior to getting that form.
        Sep 21, 2018
      4. LazyWaka
        Or I could just be overanalyzing it and its suppose to apply to his other forms as well and it was just poorly shown.
        Sep 21, 2018
    18. pat pat
      pat pat
      You find it funny to see a itachi hater to defend itachi?!
      Are you a sadistic person???!! :gglife
      1. View previous comments...
      2. pat pat
        pat pat
        Bad boy, I hope itachi become your big brother :fatcat
        Jul 23, 2018
      3. LazyWaka
        But then I'd be able to say that my brother can ruin your manga. :maybe
        Jul 23, 2018
        pat pat likes this.
      4. pat pat
        pat pat
        You really are a sadistic one :gglife

        I should use izanami on you! :fatcat and if you avoid it, I’ll use uzanami a very old uchiha asspull :lmao
        Jul 23, 2018
    19. SirTorch
      Hey, you're a decent calcer right?
      I was always interested in the fragmentation and violent fragmentation values.
      My question is - is it relative to the size of the crater? For example we have a crater whose diameter is 200m, and after the explosion we can see 2m fragments. Does that mean it's Frag. or v. frag.?
      Would like to hear your opinion on this.
    20. Lurker
      You sold your soul to become an advisor or you earn it??
    21. Byrd
      You a mod too?
      1. SwordsPlus
        Yes he is a mod too.
        Dec 15, 2017
    22. SwordsPlus
      What is your stance on the current issue regarding Pain's Chibaku Tensei/Naruto's FRS?

      Should it be re-done, or should it be left as it is? My only concern here is that the size of said CT literally dwarfs those mountains at the bottom, so the size of CT being kilometers in radius is actually believable.
    23. Rax
    24. Jag77

      What do you make of this?
    25. Rax
      I updated my calc.

      Care to look at it?
      1. Rax
        Please don't ignore me <\3
        Oct 9, 2017
        Lurker likes this.
    26. Catalyst75
      Thank you. It was getting ridiculous.
    27. Rax

      You know the FT meteor feat can be done with cloud parting/dispersion
      1. SwordsPlus
        I’m not sure about this. We are not given a timeframe for how fast said cloud split, or how fast said meteor descended down to Earth.

        It is possible to find the meteor’s speed based on its temperature (if it’s on fire), as there is a method to do it without assuming timeframes.
        Nov 15, 2017
      2. Rax
        It happened in a handful of seconds

        Erza was trying to lean up prior to the meteor and was just leaning up when it arrived.
        Nov 15, 2017
    28. Godly ROWLET
      Godly ROWLET
      Calcs on the Narutoforums are being affected via this error Naru Forums - Error
      You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action.
      Chaos Theory and bunch other calcs are affected
    29. Shining Force
      Shining Force
      Do you remember where did shinju crater come from? From Tenpenchi or 4x Juubidama??
      1. LazyWaka
        That came from the juubis tenpaichii.
        Jun 3, 2017
      2. Shining Force
        Shining Force
        I see thanks. That crater was the largest one iirc so I was checking its volume.
        Jun 3, 2017
    30. Juan
      Hey, uh, Waka.

      I wanted to request a favor.

      I... Tried changing my profile picture a few hours ago, but a popup came up saying I don't have permission for it.

      I asked one of the regular members what was up, and they told me there's an interval of 30 days for changing pics.

      Thing is, last time I did it was about three months ago.

      So... Would it be possible for you to change it for me?
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    Apr 7, 1992 (Age: 27)
    In the black hole that is the OBD's heart.
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