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Le Male Absolu
Last Activity:
Apr 19, 2019 at 11:49 AM
Feb 16, 2005
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Le Male Absolu

Well-Known Member, from France

Le Male Absolu was last seen:
Apr 19, 2019 at 11:49 AM
    1. Yin
      I like your username, you've got style.
      Ps: C'est manifique
      1. Le Male Absolu
        Le Male Absolu
        Ahahah it's just for fun. My former username was just "Le Mâle".
        May 13, 2018
      2. Yin
        Hope you can be part of my squad fam by following each other if it is fine with ya cause ya seem fun!
        May 13, 2018
    2. SuperSaiyaMan12
      What, do you want to become a Neo Nazi now?
    3. Mael
      I've been meaning to ask you because you're apparently not alerted to tags, do you know of Danger, Carpenter Brut, and The Toxic Avenger?

      I played the game Furi and am addicted to these artists.
      1. Le Male Absolu
        Le Male Absolu
        No, I don't know what you cited however I know Furi. I didn't played it yet. I know it's an indie game but I'm not that impressed by the graphics.
        May 9, 2017
      2. Mael
        The graphics aren't really mindblowing but the soundtrack, story, and aesthetic are pretty damn cool. Danger and Carpenter Brut are French DJs:
        May 9, 2017
    4. Sherlōck
      Le Male, you complained about how Muslims aren't integrating in French culture. How will that work? I mean, which acts do you think not goes with French culture that you would like for them to change? Just curious.
    5. Deleted member 23
      Deleted member 23
      where is your sig from?
      1. Le Male Absolu
        Le Male Absolu
        Dragon ball Super 2nd opening
        Feb 6, 2017
    6. Alwaysmind
      Bon 14 juillet le male!
      1. Le Male Absolu
        Le Male Absolu
        Merci beaucoup.
        Jul 14, 2016
      2. Alwaysmind
        J'espère que les feux d'artifice étaient simpa.
        Jul 14, 2016
    7. Suigetsu
      Comme va la france? Pour napoleon?
      Je adore le fille... et bon, le madmoiselle du la paris. elles son le plus jolies, nes pa?
    8. Risyth
      Ironiquement, mon album favori et actuellement La Haine w

      J'entendais parler du film mais je l'ai jamais vu. Peut etre j'ai maintenant quelque chose d'autre a faire....
      1. soulnova likes this.
    9. Alwaysmind
      Comment as ?t? ton voyage a Budapest Le M?le?
    10. Alwaysmind
      Voir si il y a pas un bug. ;).
    11. Alwaysmind
      Probl?mes de la vie en g?n?ral, des banalit?s quand tu y penses vraiment. Genre, appeler le concierge ou devenir super copain avec un ordi.
    12. Alwaysmind
      Pas si pire. Les choses pourrait ?tre mieux mais que veux tu.
    13. Alwaysmind
      Salut, comment ?a va?
    14. NaS
      Sup man??????
    15. horsdhaleine
      On utilise le pass? simple maintenant ? :LOS
      J'adore le chocolat. J'ai mang? trop de Hershey's Kisses ces vacances. :hehee

      Il n'y plus d'attentat ? Paris ? Tu n'as pas peur ?
    16. horsdhaleine
      Pas beaucoup de nouvelles, malheureusement!

      Comment ?a va les F?tes dans ton c?t? de monde? Tu as beaucoup cuisin?? Tu as fait des gateaux? :iria
    17. horsdhaleine
      Joyeux no?l! J'esp?re que tout va bien!
    18. horsdhaleine
      Prends soin de toi, Yves...
    19. Risyth
      Thanks, I think I'll listen to them today. Besides names like Fonky Family w I wonder what makes them so different...
    20. Risyth
      C vrm drole d'avoir dit ca. Actually, he sounded like...ama...he's not a really new rapper. Compared to the ones we have over here, he's really varied. Especially with songs like Time B.O.M.B.

      But I like older music more too. What are some of the older ones you know? I'd like to study from them if you can tell me. My teacher told me I should.
    21. Risyth
      Right, my teacher showed me some of his songs and I really like him. Do you listen to that kind of music?
    22. Risyth
      Have you heard of Nekfeu?
    23. Saishin
      Why are you so rude? :uwah

      Nothing,just wanted to have a chat :maybe
    24. Saishin
      How are you Le Male? :amuse
    25. Freechoice
      I'd advise you don't waste your time responding to his pathetic trollish behavior. He is copying and pasting posts that I have made in other debates ripped out of their full contexts solely for the purpose of trying to insult and discredit me. He thinks too highly of his smug self to contribute anything else to any discussion other than constant I'm-too-cool-for-the-internet-so-I'm-going-to-make-posts-that-sound-like-I-don't-care and has nothing better to do on a forum than constantly persecuting, harassing and attempting to defame a single poster completely unprovoked. Stop giving him the internet attention he constantly tries to garner because he's nothing else than a self-absorbed troll.
    26. Risyth
      I sort of use my rep messages as PMs. You might find what I said there.
    27. Risyth
      You didn't reply, so I'll just keep repping you. w
    28. Saishin
    29. Yagami1211
      Je suis d?ja aller au japon aussi, rien n'empeche.
    30. Yagami1211
      Japan Expo c'?tait bien. pour une fois il faisait meilleur dedans que dehors.
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