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Mar 28, 2020 at 10:07 PM
Feb 5, 2008
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The Clown Prince of Crime

Lee-Sensei was last seen:
Viewing thread The 2020 Presidential Primaries, Mar 28, 2020 at 10:07 PM
    1. Cryorex
      Love your sig man haha.
      1. Lee-Sensei likes this.
      2. Lee-Sensei
        Mar 17, 2020
    2. Serenity
      Michelle Jenneke

    3. jesusus
      Yeah, its Deva Hank
    4. GRIMMM
      My avatar and signature are from Diablo IV announcement. The character is Lilith.

      1. Kisaitaparadise likes this.
    5. Gohara
      "Not necessarily. My point is that, we weren’t even seeing his full power."

      However your point is based on that logic that I mentioned, we can't rightfully suggest that Aokiji isn't using his full power simply because Jozu isn't the size of an ocean, otherwise we would have to assume that Aokiji can best any character not the size of an ocean :p
      1. Lee-Sensei
        We know the Admirals were holding back, because they were trying to protect Marineford. At full power, they can destroy islands. That doesn’t mean that he can beat anyone small. Akainu beat him. My point was that Jozu was not much of a challenge for Aokiji.
        Nov 5, 2019
      2. Gohara
        Akainu and Aokiji doing that to punk hazard is what they can do with their full power in a 10 day match up, it doesn't necessarily mean that they can replicate that exact feat within a couple hours
        Nov 12, 2019
      3. Gohara
        Jozu clashed evenly with Aokiji for more than a chapter, and even if your argument is that we don't know if Aokiji uses his full power or not, the same can be argued about Jozu
        Nov 12, 2019
    6. Artistwannabe
      Someone posted a fusion between Satsuki and Venom from Spider-man and it looked dope so I took it.
    7. The Great One
      The Great One
      Lou Lang.

      Sword of the Strenger.
    8. Zero890
      Thanks man, I usually don't see you upset. Take it easy man :)
    9. FlamingRain
      Thanks! You didn't come across as abrasive to me so don't sweat it. :)
    10. Cherry
      Ty for the rep. Btw the series is called demon slayer, the anime is fairly new but the series started in 2016
    11. Artistwannabe
      It's a mashup between Venom and Kiryuin Satsuki, so yes it is Kill la Kill :trap
      Thanks for the rep, by the way!
    12. ThirdRidoku
      Thank you for the rep. I'm trying to get a better sense of Gai's speed in Base and how it scales up in Gates, and how that feature interacts with other characters's speeds.
      1. Lee-Sensei
        To be honest, I don’t think that Kishimoto gave ignorant that much thought, but I think that we’d have to make a distinction between the kinds of speed; movement speed, combat speed and reaction speed.:p
        Aug 21, 2019
        ThirdRidoku likes this.
    13. ~Kakashi~
      The cop in my old set was Jim Hopper(played by David Harbour), the chief of police in the Netflix show Stranger Things. Entertaining/worth watching show if you haven't seen it.
    14. Cherry
      Yea, it’s the name of the first and last chapter of bleach. Plus ty 4 the rep
      1. Lee-Sensei
        No, problem. I really enjoyed Bleach.:p
        Aug 9, 2019
        Cherry likes this.
    15. Braiyan
      Thanks for the rep! :gotcha
      1. Lee-Sensei likes this.
    16. LostSelf
      Hey there, it's Fierce Deity Link from Legend of Zelda - Majoras Mask.
    17. Zembie
    18. Corvida
      Hi!-My sig is from this-https://unam-retratosdecomic.blogspot.com/2011/10/cartel-de-pelayo-zombie.html, a zombified version of the first Asturian King
    19. Rock Lee like a Hurricane
      Rock Lee like a Hurricane
      Thanks for the rep kind sir.
      I totally agree..
      Gai has overall better WA showing than Kakashi.
    20. Santoryu
      It's Billie Eilish :)
    21. LIBU
      -Thanks for the rep
      -Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul
      1. Lurker likes this.
    22. X III
      X III
      Thanks for the rep, homie. Glad we share a favorite character!
      1. Lee-Sensei
        No problem, man.:)
        Jun 29, 2019
        X III likes this.
    23. Saishin
      Thanks for the rep

      Xi is shaking the hand with the president of the Italian Republic Mattarella,Xi visited Italy this March for the signing of the memorandum by Italy to the BRI project
      1. Lee-Sensei
        Cool. I thought I’d seen him before. Also, in your avatar you have Augustus with a Chinese guy? Probably the founder the Han Dynasty, right?
        Jun 24, 2019
      2. Saishin
        That is a soldier statue from the terracotta army
        Jun 25, 2019
    24. Artistwannabe
      Ty for rep!
      1. Lee-Sensei
        No problem, man.
        Jun 20, 2019
        Artistwannabe likes this.
    25. Flame
      It's Lagertha fam, the best character of the series :blessed

      Have you watched it?
      1. GANDO likes this.
      2. Lee-Sensei
        No. I’ve seen clips on YouTube though. Is the show good? I might check it out.
        Jun 14, 2019
        GANDO likes this.
      3. Flame
        Yep, you should. It's really great. It currently has only 5 seasons (with around 10 episodes in each one).
        Jun 14, 2019
        Lee-Sensei likes this.
    26. Rock Lee like a Hurricane
      Rock Lee like a Hurricane
      Lol... I was being sarcastic towards the Sannin fans. They ignore DB statements for anyone except Sannin so I was trying to be like them.
      In no actual debate have I ever said Raiton mode guy. Even in the ongoing guy v Tsunade thread.
      1. GANDO likes this.
      2. Lee-Sensei
        Fair enough. It’s not something I’d want to argue about anyways. We seem to agree about a lot.:)
        Jun 14, 2019
    27. ThirdRidoku
      Thanks for the rep. And you have never come across as rude don't worry about it.
      1. Lee-Sensei and GANDO like this.
      2. Lee-Sensei
        No problem.
        Jun 14, 2019
        GANDO likes this.
    28. ShinAkuma
      Thank you sir.

      Yeah the Kin/Gin bros just seemed wack. Even for Naruto the concept is out of place, almost like Kishi didn't come up with the idea.
      1. Lee-Sensei and GANDO like this.
      2. Lee-Sensei
        I don’t know if you read or watch Hunter x Hunter, but the creator is notorious for taking long breaks. As much as they bother me, it might have been good for Kishimoto. He seemed burnt of by the War Arc.
        Jun 14, 2019
        GANDO likes this.
    29. Mad Scientist
      Mad Scientist
      Thank you for the rep, Lee-Sensei! :D (btw Jaime one of my fav characters in Game of Thrones!) and yup I'm from Steins;Gate, I am Mad Scientisto, HoUoIn Kyouma!! The Organisation has reached close, gotta leave now! We'll meet up at the Rendezvous point 3 months from now. El. Psy. Kongroo.
      1. Lee-Sensei likes this.
      2. Lee-Sensei
        I haven’t watched Steins; Gate yet: I’ve heard it was good. I was going to watch it when I was in High School, but I ended up watching Monster instead.
        Jun 14, 2019
        Mad Scientist likes this.
      3. Mad Scientist
        Mad Scientist
        Monster is a bit of a monster show in itself, did you finish it?
        Jun 14, 2019
    30. Francyst
      Never :ragepepe
      1. Lee-Sensei
        I forget what this was about.:p
        Jun 14, 2019
      2. Francyst
        You were asking if I was a Sakura fan because I had a pic thatlookedlikesakuraloversonecoughcough
        Jun 14, 2019
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