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Last Activity:
Jan 12, 2014
May 26, 2009
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Queen of Slugs & Drugs, from Konohagakure

LegendaryBeauty was last seen:
Jan 12, 2014
    1. Louis-954
      1. is a
        is a
        das a dude
        Nov 19, 2017
    2. aiyanah
      you think you can just vanish as you please??
      well you can
      but rly get back here, this place needs some bitchiness to bring it back down to earth
    3. aiyanah
      hey you
      get bakc here
    4. NO
      (͡e ͜ʖ ͡e)
    5. Bitch
      Someone just assumed that I am you. Crazy how things work... :maybe

    6. DemonDragonJ
      You have not been active on this forum in quite some time; are you still alive and well, I hope?
    7. Aries
      http://www.narutoforums.com/showthread.php?t=979060 congrats your in the mafia HoF for your contributions
    8. Olivia
      I just saw your posts in the FC, how've you been?
    9. aiyanah
      cant see it ever happening with the amount of retired players there are
      unless its a small one due to 5 degrees of seperation everyone has some contact with the oldies
    10. aiyanah
      lol those days are so far removed the current crop of players wouldn't want the games to be hosted outside the mafia section
      i find it baffling, truly baffling
    11. aiyanah
      lol i cant even knock you for wanting an apple product cause you frankly need the upgrade
      also, i have to tell one of the old heads this, mafia has gone to shit ever since it got its own section
    12. aiyanah
      i would but i would feel unfaithful to rio
      pretty sure it wouldn't be hard for you to get a sugar daddy though, but like dont do that lol
    13. aiyanah
      doubt you would be in it considering most of us opted to make new accounts for skype instead of transferring our msn ones
      smh at having an old ass lappy though, lady as classy as you should be having the latest tech
    14. aiyanah
      eh so very secretive, i'll let it be
      you on any social networks?
      skype or something?
    15. aiyanah
      lucky you life has plans for my being busy
      where you been lol?
      and i gotta ask again, back to stay?
    16. aiyanah
      omg the queen is back!!!
    17. aiyanah
      GET BACK HERE!!!!!
      lb srsly get back here....
    18. aiyanah
    19. Atlantic Storm
      Atlantic Storm
      See you later, then. It was nice talking to you again.
    20. Atlantic Storm
      Atlantic Storm
      I don't frequent the Library, so I wouldn't know about that. Cordelia is now a mod there, though. I'm not sure if you know her, but she's an excellent poster and a pretty cool person.

      School stuff. Sorting out exams, procrastinating on said exams, and then some other stuff. Sigh, the hardships of growing up.
    21. Atlantic Storm
      Atlantic Storm
      Depends on what section you're talking about. A lot of the old veterans from the time when we were active in the Naruto Battledome have left, and there's been a few promising newbies coming in. Apart from that, everything is the same old same old. Most of the Convo thread has also migrated to Skype.

      University stuff, I take it?
    22. Atlantic Storm
      Atlantic Storm
      Manga-wise, or on the forums as a whole?

      Well, regardless of the answer, the response is still a no. Manga has been stale, and the forum has been rolling as per the norm. Though, Tazmo did remove the skins for a while recently. Anything new for you?
    23. Atlantic Storm
      Atlantic Storm
      Welcome back, for now.
    24. Mider T
      Mider T
      I remember your heyday.
    25. Laix
      If you come back

      There's sign ups for a mafia game open in my sig

      Sphyer and a few other oldfaggies are playing :LOS
    26. Hidden Nin
      Hidden Nin
      Do you yet live?
    27. Nois
      that comic:maybe
    28. Atlantic Storm
      Atlantic Storm
      Slug Mode sounds ugly. If Kishimoto makes it a thing, I hope he does to it what he did to snakes and make it a form that's sort of similar to slugs.

      I always thought that was her trying to use shōsen jutsu to heal the burns from Madara's katon: goryūka, since at that point byakugō was already gone. Maybe, though. We'll see. I'm more looking forward to Sarutobi, and how he's goin to keep up with power inflation. Hashirama is the strongest character at the moment and had ridiculous feats against Madara and the Kyūbi, Tobirama has received a similar level of hype by making Sasuke and Orochimaru worried with just killing intent and was said to be a better fighter than Orochimaru, Minato was always hyped to be insanely strong and now has access to the Kyūbi's chakra, and while I don't think Tsunade is on the same league as the previous Hokage in terms of portrayal and hype, she certainly has far better feats than Sarutobi.
    29. Atlantic Storm
      Atlantic Storm
      Obito is the worst nihilist ever.

      And hah. You're content with her not dying by off-panel and bleeding out? I kind of doubt she'll show an element at this point, though. If she had one, she would have shown it against Madara.
    30. Atlantic Storm
      Atlantic Storm
      Yeah, I figured this would happen. I feel that, as a character, Obito was destroyed at the same time his mask was removed. A core part of his character was the mystery which surrounded him, and now that it's completely gone, he's pretty much just a walking Kamui.

      Haha, I thought you'd say that. Though, I'm fully expecting the Kages to turn into support like the Hokages did. At the moment, it's Naruto and Sasuke's time to shine, along with Sakura to a smaller degree, and to an even lesser extent, the other ex-rookies.
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