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Last Activity:
May 22, 2016
Nov 22, 2009
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Stainless Steel

Level7N00b was last seen:
May 22, 2016
    1. Nep Nep
      Nep Nep
      GTS back in Pokemon Y.
    2. Satsuki
    3. Inuhanyou
      Thank you for the rep! I really appreciate it ^^
    4. P-X 12
      P-X 12
      You'd have to ask TehChron or willy about that. Don't really read that series (I'm only somewhat aware of it's contents.)
    5. Kurou
      i forget

      not sure anymore
    6. Remyx
      Have you seen Le Mime in Xiaolin Chronicles, because I need some clarification on how strong he is now.
    7. Xeogran
      You certaintly know what good characters are :)
    8. Millennium Creed
      Millennium Creed
      Hey, long time no see!
    9. Platinum
      Yes. Yes it is.
    10. Heavenly King
      Heavenly King
      I am a bit late his name is Kyber
    11. Xeogran
      Same here!
    12. Xeogran
      Wowowowowow. A Steven Stone. Steven F***ing Stone set here on Narutoforums! Damn, this is the best forums i've ever been to. Right now.
    13. Elric of Melniboné
      Elric of Melniboné
      Just something I found. Superman resisting the effects of magic. You would have more luck asking Heavenly King, since he originally posted that stuff on his blog. He should probably have an idea of what issue/run they're from.
    14. Bender
      I see like no trace of resemblance betwene Etrigan, Raven demon form, Trigon. Fuck try Satanus or some random person. But really why did Teen Titan's heavy dark magic chick have to get buttfucked in the reboot? Not doing very good marketing for a DC iconic show.
    15. Bender
      Raven? Etrigan's aunt? :wha ....Yeah DCcomics writing really has gone to hell. :geg
    16. Bender
      Huh...That's pretty fucked up. Eh, honestly I dun see it screwing things up too much. I mean in the Reboot Static isn't apart of the Teen Titans. Had the lost of rights happened before the reboot then things would suck. My only concern regarding DC at the moment is them throwing Gail under the bus in regards to writing Batgirl. That and I'm real peeved that Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown are nowhere to be seen. Lastly, Phantom Stranger is real dullsville atm.

      I would prob read some more if they had a Batman vs Deathstroke tho. Encounter they had in Batman: Dark Knight was too short.
    17. Remyx
      Think you can reply to this?

    18. God Movement
      God Movement
      Yes, but only up until maybe Sabaody? Because after that it becomes too slow to even stand, that should give you a good feel for the series and will probably help you get used to the characters more than the manga may do. Try to stand the earlier episodes as some tend to find them fairly boring, but those who get through them never regret sticking around. I found them to be fairly enjoyable, but not everyone's the same.

      After Sabaody however, it has to be 100% manga for you to enjoy it all the same.
    19. Lord Raizen
      Lord Raizen
      It bothered me simply because every single character from the fodder up to the FCK were all sitting at building level on the wiki.

      And that, in and of itself, made absolutely no sense. We all know the series didn't focus on destructive power. But there were several feats that were completely overlooked before I personally brought them to the public light.

      For a long while, the OBD was just kinda lazy when it came to SDK. And then when people starting downplaying there speed in addition to thier power, I'd had it.
    20. Lord Raizen
      Lord Raizen
      You and me both.

      I still remember years ago, before the YYH profiles were nerfed, the Kings were all at "island level - potentially country level". That was before the days of calcs, but when calcs got big people started to downplay them.

      I said back then that they deserved to be well above Island level.

      Also, if you haven't noticed, SDK top tiers are officially City level+.

      I called that shit too. People called me crazy for even suggesting small city level power for the FCK, and now look at him.

      I give props to ChaosTheory for his work on both series.
    21. Lord Raizen
      Lord Raizen

      And those calcs are still only from Sensui and Yusuke, to say nothing of the real S class fighters.
    22. RWB
      They could all react without trouble to what was happening in front of them while riding a flying van that actually gave us a timeframe to calculate it's speed.

      It flew from Rome to Dallas in 15 minutes. Depending on the mach definition, thats either mach 29 or 33.
    23. RWB
      Oh god, saw the thread, I think.

      You're BlackWind?


      I find it fun how most of the Aang supporters are going "I don't know anything about Elyon, but Aang is cool, so he wins".

      Then bloody check the feats, darn it.

      Either way, all those feats along with Mach 33 reaction speed(minimum of Mach 30).
    24. RWB
      Here is the Building erasing thing:

      On another site or IRL?

      Or on this site?

      Either way, here's my respect thread from earlier. It's updated on most of the important characters and such, but is a bit lacking in scans:

    25. RWB
      Give me some time, and you'll have scans.

      Her best feats are probably her purging Phobos corruption(global, built up for years) in a simple gesture, along with effortlessly erasing a huge prison out of existence with nothing more than a hand gesture.
    26. Krypton
      Then they dont know what there talking about.

      Aquaman is a being that takes on Superman level beings on a daily basis. Able to mind raped the strongest of telepath. He almost destroyed the human race when he was using his TP.

      I don't see ow the One Piece verse is winning this fight.
    27. Xeogran
      Dat Steven :datass
    28. Remyx
      Can you comment on my blog?
    29. Cocoa
      Are you interested in playing an X-men mafia game? :awesome

    30. Darth
      It's Diana. A champion from League of Legends.
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