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  • I really do need a twitter account.
    I just realized (2 years ago) that if you added a "Ju" to the front of your name, you'd have my name :wow
    I know it's a late reply, but considering the amount of time between yours and mine XD.

    I've never used twitter, but I'm considering it. It'd be a nice way to stay in touch it seems.
    Ha ha, "...last time I posted a photo on here I was just showing off small ones". That's funny in a self-deprecating, sexual connotation type of way.

    Nice work, though. I don't really care for a lot of tattoos because most people can't pull them off, but you're rocking the one on your chest. What do the words say?

    Also, welcome to Retirement. I hope if you ever quit the forums for a period of time again, you'll still check in on us in Retirement. There aren't a lot of people with access, and we need the occasional post to keep us all active.
    My fave pieces are usually either backs or complete sleeves and backs are more conductive to both a single piece and being hidden in daily life.

    Lemme know how it all turns out! :33
    And can you directly link to whatever tumblr account that is on so I can follow you please? D:

    EDIT: Ah, saw the link to your website in your sig.

    Wow, that piece on your back is pretty amazing @___@

    I didn't think the pic in your avater was of you

    EDIT EDIT: Ah, henna, not a tat...
    Very nice pieces. What you getting on your chest?

    And hows your modeling career going, assuming you have and those pieces of photograph you posted weren't just for fun.
    What about the bamboo on your thigh?

    Can I ask where the infinity sign and K are? ¬___¬

    And yes, I want to get a small design on my back that can later be part of a larger full back piece but I have yet to get in shape, pick a design or pick a place.
    Nice piercing!

    Thanks for thinking of me. I'm still looking for a good tattoo parlour/design.

    Where did you go? And what is your new piece?
    Ha ha! I should look closer such as looking at tattoo studios in my home city/London rather than going to NYC! lol! Is your artist having his/her own tattoo website which I could look at his/her works, if that is okay with you? Thanks again.
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