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Jan 17, 2006
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February 13
outside this forum
    1. Id
      It’s time to upgrade, let’s start calling you Big Mo.
    2. Castiel

      piece about Christopher Priest I think you'll dig

      also you checked any of his D.C. stuff?
      1. LIL_M0 likes this.
      2. Castiel
        :lmao at Priest only coming out of mainstream retirement because he was randomly offered a book with a white lead
        Jan 26, 2018
      3. LIL_M0
        I’ve seen pics of his Red Lion character going around but I haven’t had the time to read any comics. Toddlers man :-(
        Feb 3, 2018
    3. Castiel
      DANG, I think you're gonna dig Bernthal Punisher from DD s2
    4. Castiel
      It's both more or less
    5. Castiel
      The explanation for why Miles isi n the new universe

      It's goofy but I kind of love it
    6. Banhammer
      There, but it's basically short word spell casting. Like, when he teleports, it says "Elsewhere!"

      It has interesting concepts, but it's very much YA novel tier
    7. Banhammer
      While a very important loki read canon wise, I thought it was much too compressed, and that McKelvie has no business in comics other than fashion designs, and panel/ detail tricks
    8. RemChu
      Yo me too, raised :)
    9. RemChu
      What denomination are you?
    10. Castiel

      I will reimburse you your dollar if you somehow hate MTMTE
    11. Castiel
      as for Inhumans, well the current book by Soule is alright. Not amazing, but I enjoy it.

      There's the Jenkins/Lee mini series, which I'm not sure you'd enjoy but it's definitely the #1 book everyone turns to when Inhumans are mentioned. Also Silent War which had amazing art.

      oh and Morrison did a Fantastic Four mini if yoi ever want to check that out too
    12. Castiel
      Eternal is a good read, not like the other DC weeklies, it's basically a monthly book that comes out weekly. One long story with lots of twists and turns. There are 9 issues left if you want to wait and give it all a shot.

      Loads of good artists too, the newest issue has David LaFuente (artist for USM after Immonen) making his DC debut
    13. Castiel
      Kind of. In general it's a good book though, Tomasi doesn't ignore the Inc special where Morrison has Bruce go 'yeah us working together won't work' and explores how they'd work together regardless. Really explores Bruce and Damian's relationship more than any of the other books. and when Damian dies it goes into an interesting direction as it has Bruce dealing with it and then finally get him back.
    14. Castiel

      also if you're curious, when you get to it Batman #28 is basically Batman Eternal #42.5
    15. Castiel
      Also catch up with Batman and Batman & Robin
    16. Castiel
      That describes old school Marvel in a nut shell.
    17. Castiel
      Like Kirby/Lee FF *IS* what made Marvel. So much innovative stuff was going down during those 100 issues. In hindsight it's corny and ahit, but it more than anything else are stuff I give passes on due to historical significance. Also if you're in a good mood and manage to get in the zone while reading it, then it's a wild ride
    18. Castiel
      Lee's writing. Also yeah, he's like that. He basically played hype man as kirby drew weirder and weirder creative shit
    19. Castiel
      The original Kirby/Lee stuff is really creative. Also mark Waid's run.

      How far did the omnibus go? Did it have his Future Foundation run too?
    20. xingzup19
      Not really, still catching up. Busy with the real world, LOL. :LOS
    21. Castiel
      X-23 was with them because she's dating young Angel :LOS He's a perfect gentleman :kaga
    22. Castiel
      oh FYI, X-23 is in the ultimate universe. She and the 1960s All-New X-Men got blasted to the Ultimate Universe and now young Jean Grey is hanging out with Miles
    23. Castiel
      Also john is the new kilowog, and kilowog is the new salaak

    24. Castiel
      here's an issue I'd be very interested in hearing your frank feelings on if you ever get a chance to read it. It shows the story of what immediately led to John leaving the Marines in the new 52 universe

      Basically as part of Snyder's year long epic a bunch of comics did a tie in issue about what those heroes were doing in Gotham as everything went to hell because of the Riddler's terrorist actions during a hurricane.

      GLC did one about Sgt. John Stewart being sent in with the marines to help evacuate people seeking shelter in a stadium (is that something marines do? I thought that was the national guard, but john goes 'we took the oath for corps and country, and these people are our country, boys")

      Then they get caught up in a new supervillain plot to turn the people against the marines and John has to try to diffuse the situation before his CO loses his patience and uses lethal force in what could spiral into a bloodbath and stop Anarky.
    25. Castiel
      oh it seems like the Zod stuff idnt being done by Pak it's being done by Charles Soule (a writer who came out of fucking nowhere two years ago and is probably one of the best new writers of the past 5 years, I love his other stuff) in the series Superman/Wonder Woman (they're dating now). Seems the first arc of that series is Supes/WW vs Zod and Faora :LOS

      reminds me, I need to eventually read Azzarello's WW. The IDEA of Azzarello writing Wonder Woman is so... odd to me, but I hear good things
    26. Castiel
      Tony Daniels made face off Joker for Detective Comics, and Snyder decided to use it since it was barely a year since it was introduced.

      the arc that really has me hyped though is Zero Year, this big 12 part story currently going on that tells Batman's new 52 origin, its really interesting to me so far.

      also yeah that's basically my stance on it, though everything rebooting gave me a convenient jumping off point while I took a long break from comics.

      Im actually finishing Incorporated now, I do like how after the new 52 kinda just fucked over Morrison's whole 'everything ever is canon' idea, he just goes 'fuck it' and decides to tell one long fast paced epic batman vs leviathan story to end it all with a no bullshit, action packed, memorable bang.
    27. LIL_M0
      I hadn't read much DC since Johns wrapped up his GL story, I still ned to finish Batman Inc. Are Snyder/Capullo the ones responsible for "face off" Joker. If so, I refused to read that because it's not muh Joker. :hmpf
    28. Castiel
      so im continuing on my catch up of shit I missed and ive caught up with Scott Snyder/Greg Capullo Batman

      holy shit is the zero year arc probably one of the best things ive read in a while
    29. Castiel
      man I'm even more behind than you on Ultimate :lmao
    30. Castiel

      /checks vertigo's site
      the trade goes on sale.... on my birthday (april 9)? :wha

      also guess then my little present will do you no good then? well just know that if Pak's writing him, Zod will be one of the things that wont suck in the new 52 :LOS
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    February 13
    outside this forum
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    John Stewart
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    GL v3 147
    former US Marine


    I believe that Jesus Christ is my savior and I'm not afraid to admit it.
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