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Jun 1, 2020
Jul 5, 2010
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Lishenron was last seen:
Jun 1, 2020
    1. LordPerucho
      U are still alive! How is life going?
      1. Lishenron
        Lol yes, i'm still alive. I pretty much just lurk here and still continue to get used to this new layout.

        I'm doing good man. Got a decent youtube channel and following(for the type of vids I make). Personal life is decent. Hyped about Xenoverse 2. Satisfied with DB Super. Good year my old friend

        Jun 2, 2016
      2. LordPerucho
        U should post in the DBS section though.

        Im doing fine too, the business im running has been on a roll in the last few moments
        Jun 2, 2016
    2. raizen28
      The fuck really?? I never wouldve thought? What the fuck was goin on at Kojima and Konami during MGSV production behind the scenes im wondering
    3. Kaitou
      Happy New Years Bro

      Sorry for the late reply but the website is going great man. Lots of great things.
    4. raizen28
      Yeah yourr right. The Story/Cutscenes were abig fabric of the series. I mean, MG series is like an experience and the Story/Cutscenes was the maim part of that. I guess they catered to mainstream MG noobs in that regard.

      I know, its crazy. I dont know what to expect. Probably Like what RE6 was. Great Game but not true to its roots.

      Ive played MG Online about 5 times only, mainly because it seems to fail to sync me on that log in thing. But I mean I do really like it. I Prefer Third Person Multiplayer than First Person for starters and the controls are good. With in a Session with like a serious CLAN battling like realistic military squads, its very rewarding experience.
    5. raizen28
      My Current Opinion is that it is one of the Best MGS games but not Story wise. The Gameplay Mechanics were Aced,Graphics Aced, Gameplay Time Aced, but the games core, that Story Innovation and Cutscenes that brings it the next level, making it a Experience, Wasnt quite there. If the story was done like MGS3 or even MGS4 it would make it arguably the Best All Around MGS game. The Story couldve been much more like the past games. Also, do you have a problem signing up on PSN? I keep getting Timed Out by Sony and stuff. I dont know if its down or maintenance
    6. raizen28
      The good ole days
    7. raizen28
      Your Fuckin VM warfare with Bleakwinter, Im sorry I looked bro but that shut was GOD TIER! Bro! You fucking went MGS4 Raiden
    8. raizen28
      Shoot its out and I dont have it yet!
    9. raizen28

      I could say the same, its nothing against the new people in nbd[I still feel like a noob on this site], its just that notable people have left. I think things here can have a revival though. I still post here and there.

      Wha?FUCK no I haven't ! im stunned man
    10. Kaitou
      Whats your steam so we can play?
    11. Kaitou
      The PC version comes out at the same time as the other versions.
    12. Kaitou
      I would say three modes: Story Mode, Parallel Quests, VS Mode.

      As for the characters, OP as fuck, and considering you can level them up then they should be stronger.

      Dont have the attack.

      There is alternate costumes in the game.
    13. raizen28
      Huh?! Time is freakin cruel man
    14. Kaitou
      I been good. Same deal. Loving what I do.

      How you been man? Any updates in technology?
    15. Kaitou
      Yeah that could be the case. I would assume it's gonna be mid-tier in performance and the library of supported games could be limited as well. (Should depend on what operating system is based on)

      Yeah I read more on it.

      1080p streaming should be a standard considering that 1080p is not even the highest resoutluon there is nowadays.
    16. Suigetsu
      hey thx for the rep, smile-big.
    17. Kaitou
      I mean, I would love the Steamboy to use it on the go but considering is a home-use device, a tablet, especially with the size of the screen makes perfects sense, especially Androids are almost as opened as PC, with the use of other external controller and such.

      I mean having original games for the system would push more people but the concept alone should be enough to get people in. Going back to the above statement, the only downside is that it could be almost as a PC and like I said, something good would be to play your PC game on the go.

      Sucks for the consumer but can't you really hate them as a business? Of course, I really dislike this as if this pulls through, other stores may follow up with this business model. But other than that, they can't be called stupid.

      But the BOZ characters we later put into the store for dirt cheap.

      That's good, would love to play Gamecube games in it.
    18. Kaitou
      Reading back:

      >And for fuks sake, they need to stop these exclusive pre order bonus DLC CRAP that depends on which store you get it from . Fuk them for making Super Vegito pre order DLC and then charging him a few months later.

      Did you read an article about GameStop trying to push exclusivity to their stores with DLC?

      Like you can only get this DLC if you pre-order from GameStop
    19. Kaitou
      Sorry for the late reply but tablet form?

      I mean...considering the screen is bigger then that's cool.
    20. Kaitou
      Yes I do and the Japanese version is out (PS3) as well.
    21. Kaitou
      Yeah I been busy playing Kamen Rider and now we're busy with the Storm Rev demo.
    22. Kaitou
      Sorry for not replying but in the topic


      This is cool.

      Ill respond to you in a bit.
    23. Kaitou
      I mean, a portable GAMING PC is needed, and of course that it isn't as bulky as a laptop.

      I knew it wasn't gonna get too many views in the long run. And yes I am.

      Not to be a downer, but Burst Limit was so-so.

      Appreciate the support man, especially from an original DBZCCer. On that note, I canacross Mystic Gohan, he also surfs SGZ every now and then. We have a good convo as well.
    24. Kaitou
      Thats good to know.

      If it's cheaper, I could always get that instead.
    25. Kaitou
      That blows, bro. Have you being going to the doctor to check yourself or something? And ouch that shit must suck. I hope you get better man.

      So you mean the standards have lowered and you can user it with weaker systems as well? That's good to know, although I do have my gaming PC to use.

      Thats good to know as well....improvement is always great

      So in a way, it would be similar to streaming PC games? Or at least with almost the same ease? That's great, so I guess it would be similar with the PS4 as well? And yeah, theres goes remote play for the PSVita.

      Yes, I figured you would need a stronger graphics card to pull it off.

      I have an I74770k., its really good for video editing as well, and you already know a good CPU is always good for us YouTubers. I have a GTX 770 myself and it's a beast of a graphics card.

      I lost total interest on J-Stars. Too much cheapness going on.

      I recently bought a Japanese Wii U for my YouTube Channel. Feels good, brother.
    26. Kaitou
      Hey man how are you nowadays? And sorry for not replying.

      Any new discoveries you made?
    27. Kaitou
      Good job man, I dropped a like in some of them. Good work.

      Are you testing it on the PS3 as curiosity or you really think it's a good option even though you have to jump like 100 hoops? Personally, I think once PlayStation Now drops, that would render useless. I really hope it drops soon so maybe I can get one myself as well.
    28. Kaitou
      I meant if you cant use the main pad but you just confirmed you can.
    29. Kaitou
      The Xbox and PS3 looks cool but I think it can beats the purpose of the nVidia if you can you the main pad, don't you think? Overall, I think it was a very good discovery.
    30. Kaitou
      I saw, sorry I haven't been responding to you just got a little too busy.

      I hope Elgato comes out with a second Elgato that will have no latency and will not require a PC. I will get that ASAP.
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