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Jun 20, 2017
Nov 1, 2010
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Monkeys dehyping one at a time

LittleLamplightMassacre was last seen:
Jun 20, 2017
    1. Jackk
    2. Whitebeard
      also, remember when your posts per day used to be around 40? hahahaha then you got bullied for it and left the website for months to try and get it lowered :zaru
      1. Feitan Blitzes likes this.
    3. Takahashi
      Sure, what the hell.
    4. Destiny Monarch
    5. Destiny Monarch
      Destiny Monarch
      Again, you are not understanding the context here. If WW was only as tough as a human body, he wouldn't break through a single house but considering his body is tougher then steel, he was capable of breaking through a house and then some. Sure, the energy required to break a certain object is constant, I agree, but that's not the point that he is trying to make. Unless you are seriously trying to suggest that even if WW was like a human body, the exact same thing would have happened, we have nothing to talk about here.
    6. Destiny Monarch
      Destiny Monarch
      Your not getting the point here. What he is claiming is that even if Object A is heavier then Object B and they both travel at the same speed at a target, they will do the same amount of damage to a wall.


      Of course it does. WW being harder then steel means its much easier for him to break through concrete then if he was as hard as a regular human. Its basically a truck thrown at the speed of sound (Only WW is harder).


      And WW being as hard as steel doesn't make the feat more simple, the energy to send a 1kg of glass throw 100 meters of concrete is the same needed to send 1 kg of steel throw it, the only difference is that the steel will not break.
    7. Destiny Monarch
      Destiny Monarch
      That's not true at all. You try hitting a brick on a house with a metal bat with the same force as a wooden bat and you will find that the brick will be chipped by the metal bat much more so then the wooden bat. Its a matter of mass, a harder surface is harder to break then a softer one and that same logic applies when the surface goes on the offense. They certainly don't require the same energy to break thrugh a wall.
    8. Takahashi
      I'll look into it then :maybe
    9. Takahashi
      I dunno, can I swear?

      Nah, I don't. Not sure how active I'd be anyway to be honest.
    10. Magicbullet
      Sorry mang. I've already got a BA account, but seeing as life decided to metaphorically kick me in the teeth today, I won't be doing any 'bain. Also, I'll be running out of internet by tomorrow. So then, cya laters! :maybe
    11. Magicbullet
      He probs forgot. Anyway, CO, dude, what happened to your previous account?
    12. Takahashi

      Where have you been? It's been so long :maybe
    13. Greed
      Yeah, I don't see why you wouldn't

      I'm neutral on a few things myself, but a lot of people confuse neutrality for support
    14. Feitan Blitzes
      Feitan Blitzes
      my my your post level sure has gone down a bit from its previous 35 + posts a day.. Are you taking a break to reduce that number and trying not to look like a no-life loser?
    15. Takahashi
      I'm not a big competitive PvPer, so theme builds are my favorite thing to do in the game.

      Seriously, try that Pyramid head build with only slow walking. Most people actually run away :lmao

      You can also 1-shot people with a riposte, and often 2-shot with R1s, I had no idea how strong the DGM was before making it.

      Not only that, but ENB got hired to help write the guide :yay

      Have you seen the unarmed moveset in DkS2? It's pretty good. Sucks to not have a parry, but you can two-hand your fists now for hammer blows. I've actually decided to start DkS2 by only using unarmed/fist weapons. Wish me luck :datass
    16. Takahashi
      125 is kind of the community consensus for good, varied PvP, so most who are into PvP stop there. You could definitely find people above that, but if you're looking for tons of matches, it's not the best idea.

      Also, Dex marginally increases casting speed, so that 40 Dex helps out as a caster anyway. I've made a few Roy Mustang-esque builds with pyromancy and Dex. It's fun, but you won't win often :maybe

      Look forward to Dark Souls 2, because there are consumables that give you more casts, so a pure sorcerer build will be possible.

      Bizarrely, my most successful build was one I made purely for fun. This one to be exact : r3F_G9YAa8s

      I even play it the same by never running/chasing, I have no idea why it works :distracted

      I've only had time to make a basic Murakumo build (at like SL40 at the moment) in the PC version. I miss the save editor, it made build making way faster :(
    17. Takahashi
      Hello :maybe

      Yeah, I saw it. Can't wait for March.

      Me too. I recently bought the PC version on sale on Steam just for shits and giggles. Unfortunately, my computer's pretty shitty, so the framerates mediocre. I'm enjoying the texture mods. Connectivity is still an issue though. I've never been invaded or been able to successfully summon.
    18. Jackk
    19. docj
      Hey bro, how have you been? :brofist
    20. Feitan Blitzes
      Feitan Blitzes
      someone's mad :LOS :zaru

      also, remember when your posts per day used to be around 40? hahahaha then you got bullied for it and left the website for months to try and get it lowered :zaru
    21. Greed
      Yeah don't think anyone would've bought that one

      Things could be better or worse with me really. Moved, Got a new job, Moved my kid and his mom in with me, so on that end I suppose things are pretty good, but the other end things aren't so good what with health issues some fam are having and whatnot

      How about you?
    22. HiroshiSenju
      How's life, MB-san? :pimp
    23. Greed
      Wassup homie, been a while

      Good to see you didn't like... die or anything, that would've been pretty fucked up y'know? Lol
    24. Takahashi
      Yo, been a while :brofist

      Standard stuff, working to pay off my student loans, plan to go to school again. SSDY.

      How've you been?
    25. Jackk
      Hey, good to see you're still alive and well :maybe

      Now go get yourself unbanned from the BBD :lbj
    26. Whitebeard
      Glad to see you're back

      Still playing Total War?
    27. Whitebeard
      You greet docj and grimm6jack but not me?

      That hurts man :(
    28. Grimm6Jack
      Oh! It's been a long time :awesome
    29. Millón Vasto
      Millón Vasto
      So do you still like Darksouls?
    30. docj
      It's all cool LLM :brofist

      also thanks for taking time to mentor me :maybe
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