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Jul 13, 2020 at 12:20 PM
Nov 4, 2012
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Feb 26, 1996 (Age: 24)


This is a goodbye, Smile., 24

lokoxDZz was last seen:
Viewing thread, Jul 13, 2020 at 12:20 PM
    1. Nevermind
      Would you mind editing your quote here to remove the link, since you presumably read the post now (thanks)?


      I'm not sure if the backlinks here are nofollow, so I just don't want Google to think I'm part of some kind of link scheme. Don't like leaving them up for too long.
      1. lokoxDZz
        Just the link about the year 0 ? Removed it, truly a pain the ass this kind of thing
        Aug 17, 2019
      2. Nevermind
        Yeah, just that link. Pain in the ass to edit or you mean Google's rules?
        Aug 17, 2019
      3. lokoxDZz
        Google rules, but honestly i'm not sure if i fully understand the link schemes so i might as well just being a rebel
        Aug 17, 2019
    2. Lucino
      I didn't know you read I shall seal the heavens :cat

      Do you read his other novels?
      1. View previous comments...
      2. lokoxDZz
        Recently i started shen yin wang zuo, its the same author of Douluo Dalu do you know it?

        My bad taking ages to answer :geg
        Jan 25, 2018
      3. Lucino
        I'v read Douluo but I haven't read the one you mentioned yet might check it out if it's good. Currently reading coiling dragon almost dropped it at book 7 because Linley went full retard.
        Jan 26, 2018
      4. lokoxDZz
        It is not bad i'm liking it , the only problem is that the MC is kinda the Gary Stul i'm not sure if its a thing of the genre or the author.

        Theres 600+ chapters translated and from what i know it has +- 850 chaps.
        Jan 27, 2018
    3. EvilMegaCookie
      Check this out:


      Yep. DI will be getting a localization. Although whether that happens or not will be determined via Kickstarter I guess. My wallet is certainly open, as long as they have a really good translator. Preferably Gare or Conjueror.
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      2. lokoxDZz
        hoping the translation will be good , can't believe its happening tbh.
        Dec 3, 2016
      3. EvilMegaCookie


        'ere we go!
        Dec 15, 2016
      4. lokoxDZz
        the hype train is real!

        Going to try helping too
        Dec 15, 2016
    4. Xeogran
      1. lokoxDZz
        Yo, sup o/
        Jun 14, 2016
    5. EvilMegaCookie

      Check that shit out. :D
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      2. EvilMegaCookie
        Reinhard. :p
        May 7, 2016
      3. EvilMegaCookie

        May 16, 2016
      4. lokoxDZz
        that beginning made me laugh so hard rofl
        May 16, 2016
    6. EvilMegaCookie
      The jump is massive. In one moment you are a very powerful superhuman and in the next second you are an expanding universe that will take over the cosmology regardless of size as long as there isn't anyone to challenge you. Lol.

      Now his WWII soldiers can shoot down meteors that in turn one-shotted a Hadou God. Basically his entire army of 100 million gets an insane powercreep. Now add the stars that Wilhelm absorbs during the fight and the number gets ridiculous.

      Or, y'know, the universes that gets absorbed as Reinhard expands his territory. He is pretty much the Chaos King on steroids if you ask me.
    7. EvilMegaCookie

      Here you go. Another one.

      And... yeah. The only one who has even remotely a chance of fighting against him would be Reinhard. And that is only if he manages to get in a shot without getting one-shotted in return by that soul erasure thing GEoM can do. Nilfheimsr Fenriswolf is such a nice counter against speedblitz. >:3
    8. trexalfa
      Yeah, checked and they removed it. Kek.

      Yeah, that definately works. Once you get to Gods, it should be above Warhammer's paygrade.
    9. trexalfa
      That would depend on how resistant to reality warping the GEoM is. I doubt his normal punch would work, so he'd have to use Briah on any case. It runs on hax, so it would depend on how resistant he is. I can tell you right away it has never worked on someone like Emps, but it's claim to OHKO punch are much better than, say, Saitama's.

      But Valeria, as much as I like him, is not touching Big E ^^'

      If it was on where I think it was, I think my new answer to whoever tries to say they don't wank Japan-original characters will be "My ass".
    10. trexalfa
      Who told you Christof could fight the GEoM? Lol, even if we were going to take metaphors regarding his durability literally, he would still get squashed like a bug. Not to mention he hits softer than people like Bey or Cain, nevermind Machina. And none of them could challenge the GEoM.
    11. EvilMegaCookie
      And just because this is awesome: 6ofeXqksvgg
    12. EvilMegaCookie
      Haven't gone through KKK so I can't really express an opinion. Although the general consensus seems to be that KKK lacks the charisma of the villains in DI.

      Whut. Valeria fighting the GEoM? ROFL. If anyone seriously claimed that, now would be a proper time to say this: "You are drunk, go home."

      Although the spear would probably hurt him like hell if Valeria managed to get it off in time which... isn't going to happen. GEoM is like FTL+ or something, right? Valeria is only in the supersonic+ range. Maybe hypersonic.
    13. EvilMegaCookie
      Its not that he resembles Reinhard, it is that he IS Reinhard. In a sense I mean. Basically, his soul is inhabiting Reinhard's body. His Briah is fairly simple: It allows him to wield Reinhard's lance for a brief moment at the cost of losing his defense and basically just becoming a weak human. So... yeah. Somewhat broken. Helps that his defense is just insane due to the spiritual armor.

      In his original body he has the ability to read the minds of people and can mindfuck them pretty well with a few words by probing at their weak spots.

      Still a one-shot though in most cases. And yes, Schreiber is that trap-esque guy.

      And yes, Hadou gods infinitely expand until they've overtaken everything. Mercurius IS the multiverse by the way. Gods are basically the setting. :rofl

      But to be fair; a multiverse didn't exist until Mercurius came into existence. Although for Gods scale doesn't really matter as shown in KKK. Their attacks can be of any range and size basically. His attacks destroy a cliff? Tough luck, they can actually cut a universe in two with ease. Lol.

      Doesn't help that Gudou Gods are man-sized, walking universes whose Law is restricted to the boundary of their body. If anything, i'd say KKK goes into the nature of Gods far more than DI does.
    14. EvilMegaCookie
      To be fair, Reinhard is literally this trope in the story: Story-Breaker Power. Let me put it like this: The second strongest before Godhood would be Schreiber. His soul pool is 165,000. Reinhard has a pool of 100 million.

      Not to mention he can use their Briah whenever he feels like it. His spear never misses, is always faster than the enemy and will erase the existence of the target. But that is because it combines the properties of the three commanders.

      The things that DO seem to be the spears original abilities are these three: Capable of firing a beam that evaporated 1/5th of the city and can ignore distance. Basically teleportation. Cursing his opponents with a Stigmata so that when they die they become a part of his Legion.

      But I am not 100% certain regarding stigmata since it could just be Mercurius having taught him that. Memory is fairly rusty regarding that one. Helps that anyone who tries to take it from him will be in for a severe burn to the mind and soul too.

      Can you say "broken"? :eek
    15. EvilMegaCookie
      Machina is pretty much the only one that could rek him due to his Briah erasing the existence of the target as long as they have a history. Although it was noted by the author that has only a chance of 1 in 10,000 chance of working. Even then I suspect he'd just regenerate.due to Briah bullshit. :D
    16. EvilMegaCookie
      That moment when you realize how broken Reinhard really is in DI. Schreiber and the rest can basically generate as long as souls exists in their holy relic. And as long as that relic does as well. Break it and their soul gets destroyed.

      But Reinhard's Briah makes it so that the weapons always gets restored. So he will always have 100 million souls at his disposal and if the lance would ever get destroyed, his Briah would just restore it. :eek:
    17. EvilMegaCookie
      Can't really comment on KKK since I haven't got it. >.<

      But he is a God in KKK (since it is a what if story that takes place after Marie route), so that is something he can do with ease, really. As for the novel with Shirou? All I know is what you know. Don't remember who the writer is but I believe it is someone from Nitro+.

      Also: lzkR7vMoq3M
    18. EvilMegaCookie
      Aye. Only can only hope.
    19. EvilMegaCookie
      If nothing else the anime will atleast keep the style of Dies Irae and we get to have some voice actor goodness. Also, it might get the same 1-hour episode as UBW. But I doubt it.

      On another note: nLrj8r2cvFc

    20. EvilMegaCookie
      Aye. They skipped like an hour and some more. Also: Reinhard's scarf didn't have any runes on it! And Valeria has gloves for some reason. :eek:
    21. EvilMegaCookie
      So I saw the russian translation of the manga. The art and the pace isn't really to my liking, honestly. There were also a few mistakes here and there. :p
    22. EvilMegaCookie
      Well, hopefully there will be less predjuice when they stop taking the hate pill and give it a go themselves. >.>

      Hate it if you want, but atleast do so AFTER you've played through it and are capable of judging it by yourself rather than hating the cover is my advice to those kind of people.

      I really dislike those that judge something without having read or watched it for themselves.
    23. EvilMegaCookie
      Also, a few things I forgot to mention: Dies Irae will be getting a manga. It will begin he 27th of this month. And the anime will air at around 2017 or so.
    24. EvilMegaCookie
      Well, yeah. Being able to deal damage to the soul via combat alone is pretty damn hax already. And then there is stuff like always being faster than the opponent, erasing your existence in one punch or bombarding you with fireballs that are about as hot as the center of a nuclear explosion that will never miss.
    25. EvilMegaCookie
      Would you say that Dies Irae looks like it would've been written from Suggs judging by the scenes Gare has translated so far? I certainly wouldn't.
    26. EvilMegaCookie
      Well, if we are lucky Gare or Conjueror might get their hands on Dies Irae and thus a go at translating it. And I don't know when the anime airs.

      One of the silliest things regarding the whole bandwagon hate for Dies Irae is that people thought that the translation was legit. As in that is what it actually said.

      And yes, the ''translation'' regarding Omnia Fert Aetas is garbage. Checked out any of the videos yet or Gare's blog?

      Just noticed that I had posted this on my own page. XD
    27. EvilMegaCookie
      They are the only ones I know of at the moment. There have been a few translation attempts by someone else over at Space Battles... buuut it isn't the best of translations if you catch my drift. The content looks fine but the grammar is... just awful if you ask me. Some parts of it make no sense but I guess that is what one gets for using ATLAS or whatever scripthooker there is.

      Edit: They are ones I would put trust in when it comes to a proper translation that is.
    28. EvilMegaCookie
      I uploaded the prologue and added the subtitles with Gare's permission, yes. I am pretty much the only one on youtube called EvilMegaCookie either way. :p
    29. ChaosTheory123
      Wouldn't know myself :hmm

      Isn't that always how it works? Square DOES like money and all

      They're all indirectly related through Gilgamesh's travels through the interdimensional rift at any rate. Barring II, III, and possibly XI, Gil's pretty much appeared in every FF (though VII is more indirectly confirmed than most seeing as he's definitely been to X according to XIII-2 [a different planet from the same universe] and possibly to Gaia itself based on his fake buster sword from XII)

      Don't know much about record keeper either way though
    30. ChaosTheory123

      Not sure though
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