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Sep 20, 2017 at 11:40 AM
Aug 26, 2012
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Naruto, from Ronin

"...that's my way of the ninja." Jul 19, 2017

Loni was last seen:
Sep 20, 2017 at 11:40 AM
    1. Loni
      "...that's my way of the ninja."
    2. Loni
      Member at heart, Moderator for life.
      1. RemChu likes this.
    3. ane

      in case you have the time:
    4. Cindrewrella

      The reason we run it the way we do (it's been this way since, like, 2009 lol) is that we're more interested in the feedback portion of the contest, rather than the... contest portion of it, if you will.

      The point system and voting system is mostly just to garner more interest from less active members in the LD--the main point of the contest is get the brutal feedback from other writers on the ways you can improve your writing. The sparkles and avatar are just bonuses.

      I really hope we see you next (or this one) contest, though!
    5. Flow
      How old are you?

      What brought you to this forum?

      Any specific users spark your interest?

      What does the term "dupe" mean you?

      Do you get angrily easily?

      Who has annoyed you so far?

      Have you come from a different forum?
    6. Flow
      I'm just asking a question. Do you, or do you not

      Like Naruto?
    7. Flow
      Do you like Naruto?
    8. ~riku~
      thank you ;__;
      it's getting so little attention, makes me sad :(
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