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Lord Hirako
Last Activity:
Apr 7, 2020 at 10:33 PM
Mar 8, 2011
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In the Inverted World

Lord Hirako

Well-Known Member, from In the Inverted World

Lord Hirako was last seen:
Apr 7, 2020 at 10:33 PM
    1. MadmanRobz
      Are you actually so petty that you go out of your way to hunt down some random and completely unrelated post that you can imagine up an excuse to revenge-neg? Man, you're god damn hilarious. I need to neg you more often. :heart
    2. Jackk
      Thanks. I'll try to have no more than a month wait between chapters, maybe/hopefully it will be less than that at least sometimes. We'll see. The chapters have quite a few pages, and so it can take quite a bit of time to prepare a release in high quality...
    3. Jackk
      Yo, how's it going?

      I started a Saint Seiya scanlation

      I figured you might want to check it out

    4. Xeogran
      Regarding your rep. Well, I watch Saint Seiya Omega weekly because of nostalgia feelings to the series.

      I like how the old cast is finally together right now.

      However, what I don't enjoy are the battles themselves. They just talk way too much, and when they actually fight, you hardly see any side effects like broken arm or even blood.

      I know the violence is reduced in todays series compared to past, but One Piece still has a lot of it and it's the same studio animating it, so I can't understand the reason why Omega can't.
    5. Xeogran
      Dat Goemon set! :33
    6. CM Pope
      CM Pope
      Thanks for the +Rep :quite
    7. ItEndsHere
      I'm totally a certified fan of his now.:pimp

      Merry Christmas man!
    8. ItEndsHere
      'Dem Shades created zans man!
    9. Asura 大神
      Asura 大神
      Thank you for the rep, honorable Lord Hirako. :)
    10. ItEndsHere
      Thanks for the rep, you are a true Regular bro:brofist
    11. Zorp
      Thanks for the rep. Rose is artful even in his glances.
    12. zlatko
      What did you use to make your sig ?
    13. Dragonus Nesha
      Dragonus Nesha
      Signature Rules: "For normal members, your total signature space allowed is 550 (Width) x 400 (Height). This includes space taken up within closed spoiler tags, text, and images."

      Your image (576 x 432) is over the allowed width and height and needs to be removed or resized.
    14. Blazing Flames
      Blazing Flames
      yeah that one Hiyori! :lmao

      sure no prob I'll send them to you. I'm also doing Cass' MJ set lol :lmao need to take out these stuff on my old lappy. It's almost full I know T_T
    15. santanico
      Bitch!?! I see your mother taught you no manners, what a shame smh
      Oh and it was revenge neg... you mad? Obviously :gin
    16. Blazing Flames
      Blazing Flames
      :lmao yeah he's just really cool. I forgot that little girl, his lieutenant lol What's name again?

      I think it's only with her that his confidence get break down that easily. It's fun how he deals with her. Then he would continue to be so calm and flash that smile again.

      Oh really? Don't worry I can look them for you. When I found good ones I'll give them to you for your set how about it? ^_~
      I know good sites
    17. Itαchi
      the song is great :zaru
    18. Blazing Flames
      Blazing Flames
      Lol oh yeaah Shinji is awesome. He also flashes that smile but it's nothing scary like that compared to Gin. It's more of like a joker type thing, and Gin's was more of like a mask to cover his so-called evilness lol :lmao. I'm glad Shinji is a type to kinda loosen himself sometimes :)

      But if you like Shinji, then you could've placed him on your avatar. Why still Gin? You still like this character right?
    19. Itαchi
      whats the song in your sig ? its awesome.
    20. Blazing Flames
      Blazing Flames
      Hehe okay then starting from now on I'm going to call you that. :D I'm glad you like how it sounds. I also like to have a san after a friend's name, just like how Japanese call their friends. :)

      Hmm.. let me guess, you love Gin right? hehe :) I think he's a cool guy. Only the way he can see through a character makes him that scary. Especially his joker-type smile.
    21. Blazing Flames
      Blazing Flames
      How are you Hirako-san? Btw, how do you wish me to call you? Let's be friends ^^ nice to meet you!
    22. Casanova
      :lmao You accidently negged me.
    23. butcher50
      another hint that was suggesting something is wrong with Ginjo (in relation to Tsuki)

      is how among of all the Fullbrings around (even Tsukishima's little punk protege) only Ginjo and Tsuki have their vectors of fullbring power manifestation, very conveniently shaped in the form of combat swords, while everyone else got a completely randomized, unique fullbring power tool shape.
    24. Lord Hirako
      Lord Hirako
      dont remind me that. Starrk was was my fav char in the arrancar arc after shinji :cry:cry

      and the way he lost did not helped much either

      But it seems that Kubo likes Ginjou alot i just read that he hinself Choose the voice actor for his anime debut
    25. butcher50
      hi five :brofist

      they have alot of potential but kubo likes to troll his potential-making villains the most.

      just look at Starrk's popularity rating on the boards and yet his life was completely cut short.
    26. butcher50
      i don't want them to go out alone.

      if they have to die in battle, then they should go out together in a full-on blaze of villain bros glory.
    27. butcher50
      what surprised me is how much Ginjo trusts in Tsuku's capability, competence and integrity with such a broken-ass HAX power as the book-of-end (in the mini-flashback of them preparing their dirty scheme)

      trust like that is only out of 100% genuine, mutual bond between bros :datass:gun
    28. butcher50
      Ginjo and Tsuka seem like a really close gangstaz
    29. Zaelapolopollo

      Please vote for Rookies in the poll. Free rep is involved! :awesome
    30. Sajin Komamura
      Sajin Komamura
      Saying that earns you an instant spot in my friends list! :awesome
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