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Lord Raizen
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Oct 24, 2016
Jun 1, 2008
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Apr 23, 1991 (Age: 28)
The Highest Tower within my desert city.
Demon King

Lord Raizen

The Warrior God, 28, from The Highest Tower within my desert city.

Lord Raizen was last seen:
Oct 24, 2016
    1. Zaelapolopollo
      Also sorry to bombard you with all this. You're kinda the best source on IY Power Levels that I know.
    2. Zaelapolopollo
      What is your take on EOS Naraku's Power Level?

      I dunno if you bothered to read that topic I sent you but their claim was that Megatsuhi was way stronger than Naraku and that Inuyasha, Kagome and Sesshomaru are also all way, way stronger than him.

      Sesshomaru I know is stronger but I'm pretty sure you said that Megatsuhi acknowledged Naraku is stronger, didn't you? I think it was in that inuyasha Tier thread I did ages ago.

      I think I might do another one.
    3. Zaelapolopollo
      Well Shishinki didn't even die to InT who had Meido. He lost half his face but InT with one of the most broken techniques in the series apparently couldn't finish him. I think that's pretty impressive.

      Besides, I'm at a loss for how Ryukotsusei could pose any threat to Shishinki. Shishinki should be able to kill him no problem.
    4. Zaelapolopollo

      If you have the time or patience, I'd like your thoughts on this and if I was being dumb... It's the first serious Inuyashaverse debate I've had and it didn't go so well.
    5. Zaelapolopollo
      Hey man, been a while. Was looking to get your opinion on something.

      Between the three old Daiyokai that were around inu no Taisho's time, who was the strongest?
      Or Ryukotsusei?
    6. Tranquil Fury
      Tranquil Fury
      There is only one Death and she is multiversal herself. When Beyonder killed Death, people across the multiverse stopped dying. Offcourse Beyonder's powers were retconned and the cosmics such as Death retconned to being avatars to help his power along but Death was and is the multiversal abstract of death. Multi-Eternity won't change Death's power level. All Galacti are not responsible for balance in their respective universe, only some maintain balance between Eternity and Death, 616 Galactus being the obvious one. The purpose of the Galacti is to help keep Abraxas in check. Gah-Lak-Tus/Ultimate Galactus for example does not have anything to do with balance and was created by the Kree many eons ago. 616 Galactus has even fused with him and 616 Galactus has been stated by Ultimate Surfer as being older and more powerful than his Ultimate counterpart which makes sense because one is a machine and the other a primordial entity. Multi means all the counterparts have to add up, if some Galacti are not fundamental forces then they cannot be part of the multi form and Galactus has none to begin with.

      Multi Eternity only affects Eternity, possibly Infinity as well. The other abstracts like Death and Oblivion don't have those and will continue to be multiversal embodiments of their concept. Even if we ignore Multi-Eternity, it would just be like with Death/Oblivion where Eternity is still multiversal(he'd be called 616 Eternity due to manifesting in 616 universe but still keeping his powerlevel as a whole, Multi-Eternity however implies each Eternity is either weaker than the whole e.g Dormmamu when he entered 616 Eternity to steal Eternity's power has said this for example or the alternative take on it as just a fancy way to say Eternity is the multiverse due to being every universe in it which would not change anything).

      I'm saying that whether you go with Eternity as the embodiment of the Multiverse or Multi-Eternity as that, the other major abstracts don't get weaker and continue to function the same without a multi-form i.e still Multiversal.
    7. Tranquil Fury
      Tranquil Fury
      Death is'nt, that's the point her minion/mouth piece makes. Oblivion can't even have a multi form because he's just the void. The IG is more powerful than the UN post Abraxas arc according to Uatu, then it's above something which shattered and recreated Multi-Eternity.

      Galactus has no multi form. 616 Galactus is different from other versions of him, where in some cases he's a giant swarm of machines that assimilate things(Ultimates) or giant cloud(Original FF4 movie universe) and that's not touching some of the more weird versions in other universes. The Galactus/Eternity encounter was done before Multi Eternity so if you do want to go with that, it would at best put him on par with 616 Eternity and not Multi Eternity.

      This is'nt like Darkseid because he's been established in post crisis as having avatars or being impersonated by Desaad more than once even before Final Crisis. Other abstracts don't have multi forms, they are different from Eternity(though you could make a case for Infinity). Oblivion simply cannot have a multi form as he represents one void not multiple. Order/Chaos are abstracts of the magical realm which is different from the regular realities. Abraxas was the embodiment of destruction within Eternity/Multi Eternity but he was one being in the end not multiple. Multi concept was given to Eternity and only him, even then it's rarely used because most writers prefer to ignore it.

      As for some idea on the IG's power

      Thanos: At that time, this being was the only thing that existed within and all Realities

      Thanos: From it's ashes rose all that is currently reality, in all it's many forms.

      This is the cosmic entity who after suiciding itself lead to it's power being divided amongst the gems. The gems are the power of the being. So the IG's power is that of a being who was all realities before and lead to the creation of the current reality/multiverse.
    8. Tranquil Fury
      Tranquil Fury
      The only retcon I can think of is Eternity/Multi-Eternity which sort of makes sense considering he represents the universe/universes, Multi being the summation of all the Eternities. The others like Celestials, Galactus, Order/Chaos(these two are the top abstracts in the magic realm), Stranger, Kronos, Epoch/Eon, Love, Hate, Mephisto and Death all of whom who were against the IG have not been written like that ever.

      In Infinity War it's made clear the only thing above the IG is the LT(plus TOAA/higher power LT obeys) who could power it on a whim or ensure it stayed depowered. The IG was incomplete to begin with and Magus had not mastered it to the extent of Thanos or Warlock, though Thanos said he was learning faster than them both and could surpass them IIRC. The plan of Magus failed because he did not account for Infinity and Eternity being the same plus that only helped tip the balance in favor of Adam to absorb his evil persona when both were locked in an attempt to absorb each other. Multi eternity did not exist at that time, what we see is Eternity/Infinity together to confirm that those two are joined together(this was done before in two other instances to show the reader one in a Quasar comic where 4 major abstracts gather i.e Eternity/Infinity/Death/Oblivion, one with Galactus/Gamora where she discovers so while they are being healed by Galactus but Galactus reveals he already knew).

      Sequence is as follows:
      >Warlock/Magus are locked in trying to absorb each other
      >Eternity/Infinity appear and Magus learns they are both one
      >Something happens that is'nt shown
      >Warlock is back on his island in comatose after absorbing Magus
      >Eternity appears before them and says he'll never allow the IG to be used
      >The end

      Eternity wanted the Infinity Gauntlet's power for himself before that arc, Galactus even mentions he did not take Warlock with him to the LT because it may remind Eternity of that and tempt him again to try to steal it. Magus pretty much considered the IG the highest power obtainable, his conversation with his Thanos clone/subordinate makes it clear.

      I recall Watcher Uatu not wanting the IG to be used by the Illuminati. This is sometime after the Abraxas arc IIRC where Uatu did want the UN to be used to stop Abaraxas and left hints to it's location. So consistency is there for the IG even after the multi-Eternity retcon i.e Uatu being okay with the use of the UN which reset everything/shattered Multi-Eternity but not the use of the IG.

      IG was created by Starlin to be the highest a being could be without touching LT levels or higher, he also never planned on it being used again hence Infinity War's ending but that part is ignored by other writers who want to use the IG. Other writers add or remove things to the IG in terms of rules, more or less so it's not too overpowering e.g sometimes it works in other dimensions(Marvel/Ultraverse crossover which is canon due to Marvel buying out Malibu comics before that event) and sometimes not.
    9. Tranquil Fury
      Tranquil Fury
      Starlin did that with the IG too but it still was shown to be above 5 cosmic cubes of Magus in Infinity War(he wanted the IG as it was a greater power than his 5 cubes) and later 30 cosmic cubes of the Goddess in Infinity Crusade, both by Starlin.

      Starlin also had Darkseid say that after his power rivalled or surpassed The Source he was universal despite the fact there is only one Source for the whole DC Multiverse. This just seems to be something he tends to do.

      HOTU put Thanos above the LT. He absorbed LT, Eternity, Infinity and others into him. HOTU taps into TOAA's power which is beyond just a single universe.

      It's like that one time Odin+Zeus+Vishnu's attack on Arishem was described as being powerful enough to move a planet off it's orbit when it should have been much higher. Anything that makes a character the second most powerful thing in all of Marvel is more than universal.
    10. LazyWaka
      Rats, cause i've given up looking for it in the manga.
    11. LazyWaka
      any idea if cable posted it in his Inuyasha respect thread?
    12. LazyWaka
      I've looked and couldn' find it, so I cant do anything unless it's found.
    13. LazyWaka
      I'm to lazy to actually dig for it, so I was hoping you would know where it was (i'd assume it's arround the time he first uses it, but I've only ever seen that part in the anime so I have no idea where to look for it in the manga.)
    14. LazyWaka
      Well, what do you think? :noworries
    15. LazyWaka
      Hey, I seem to recall a statement in Inuyasha about the backlash wave (or something) being about a hundred times stronger than the windscar. Seeing as the OBD is being less anal about character statements nowadays I think it might be worth looking into. :distracted
    16. basedbeyonce
      Oh, ok. Thanks!
    17. basedbeyonce
      Hi! I saw the little reputation thing in my user CP and was wondering what that meant? Is that like an award for that thread?
    18. ChaosTheory123
      The Sister Ray tore through the Diamond Weapon like wet tissue paper. Sephiroth's magical barrier surrounding crater was able to resist the blast for 3 seconds before being taken out by it. The Sister Ray when it was just the Junon canon took the head off Sapphire, powered by huge materia no less. Huge Materia is continental in energy as shown in the meteor feat where the rocket was sent flying at it.

      Weapons can tank slamming into the ground and forming impact craters like Junon's new lake. That takes continental levels of energy.

      Genesis summoned Bahamut Fury. Angeal considered Fury the lesser threat to Genesis. This was long before Genesis absorbed the Goddess Materia (I think that's what happened). The goddess materia is analogous in size to the Huge Materia, if not larger. Fury is analogous to the Weapons at least, and the summon animation is something one can take at face value given all summons sans Tremor/SIN take you into their own sub space a la TWEWY (you've heard of The World Ends With You Right?)

      Regular Materia on average are stated to have 330 times less energy by Scarlet, the person in charge of the Weapon's Department. As both an electrical company and the weapon's department, one can infer she was talking in watts, which converts to joules/second.

      Cloud completely nullified Bahamut Tremor's bigass full powered flare with Climmhazard.

      Cloud and Sephiroth were at the epicenter of the explosion in Northern Crater caused by the Weapon's revival.

      Jenova, much like Sephiroth wanted to, Telekinetically traveled through space on planetoids she controlled to crash into other celestial bodies with Life Stream.

      The planet decided it should create 6 continent level monsters as a safety measure against the bitch.

      The party has proven capable of defeating her since before being capable of acquiring a summon as weak as Ifrit.

      I can go on and on and on.

      How about reading my blogs, not hard to find all the feats.
    19. Tranquil Fury
      Tranquil Fury
      I told you I was'nt bothering to respond after that and honestly I should'nt be responding now even if just for once but I call you out on that because you seemed shocked as if it's the first time in a comic Thor has been hit by a vehicle or not used a vehicle himself on major opponent that's comparable or higher, or as if Thor has'nt been knocked down by weaker characters with zero damage or done so to much stronger characters himself, this happens quite often with characters, no other reason you'd nitpick that to call downplay unless it's something new to you, it happens plenty of times. So no I don't buy you've read as much as you claim.

      >A truck halting/distracting Thor which did zero damage is not an argument to handwave Wanda's feat

      >Havoc knocking down Thor while doing zero damage is not an argument to handwave Wanda's feat, at best you could say Havoc's feat was PIS. This is like saying if Thor and Captain America survive a blast from a herald then Thor surviving it is invalid because Captain America did too!Just because Captain America did due to PIS does not invalid Thor surviving it as a feat. You don't get to use Havoc to invalidate Wanda's reality warping power.

      >Arguing about Thor reduced to lightning spam when Wanda a reality warper is reduced to throwing things and energy blasts in the same fight?

      You don't have arguments outside not liking it, making arguments that someone whose supposedly read a lot of comics would'nt to handwave a feat. So yes I'm not dragging a thread on where you'll keep making excuses and certainly not going to waste VMs/PMS over this or drag that thread on.

      There is no dickwaving contest here. I was more annoyed with your Thor fanboyism and attempt to downplay Wanda in a fight where Thor looked better than her no less.

      I'll be ending this, feel free to respond but don't expect me to continue or change my stance on this unless Wanda's potrayed below this level a lot to make it PIS, only then will my stance change.
    20. ChaosTheory123
      I think its buried in Fluttershit or Waka's blog.

      Something to do with Juubi's blast speed.

      And OP had a recent triple digit mach feat from the meteor that was recently called from space.

      Bleach is still stuck at mach 22 because either no one who reads it can find a feat, or those who read it don't care. I couldn't tell you which.
    21. Basilikos
      Been enjoying the summer break. No classes is pretty sweet, man lol.

      Picked up a pretty awesome anime recently called Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan in English). Definitely one of the better series to have aired in a while.
    22. Basilikos
      What's up, dude? :pimp
    23. Toriko
      As a YYH fan I thought you were familiar with HxH too since it's by TOgashi.

      It's a solid series worth your time.
    24. Toriko
      Yeah lol, I'm trying to promote this toriko forum (click my sig), and it's just temporary so I'll be back to the Black Gohan username soon.

      And thanks. Do you follow the HxH anime by the way?
    25. Toriko
      I'm Brohan by the way just so you know.
    26. Toriko
      Thanks for the rep bro.
    27. ChaosTheory123
      Indeed, though he only said its a temporary name change. Something about advertizing a forum in his sig.

      No problem.

      Not too badly, can't complain, fairly relaxed compared to other times of the year. How about yourself?
    28. ChaosTheory123
      Ah... right.

      Brohan's called "Toriko" atm.

      Sorry about that dude :lmao

      Here's the toriko section of his blog anyway.
    29. ChaosTheory123
      Brohan's blog holds them for the the most part.

      I'd direct you to the wiki to the profiles given they have the relevant ones linked, but Zetta's server is currently fucking up or some shit.
    30. Tranquil Fury
      Tranquil Fury
      That version of Sentry?Yes he fluctuates based on his confidence and how much power he can tap. He's got feats putting him much higher than planet level however like manhandling Terrax, overloading Absorbing man, breaking the bands of Cyttorak and Koing Doctor Strange etc

      As for Doomsday Hunter Prey and Gogwar Doomsday should be up there. Reign of Doomsday I'm not sure how he gained some of those powers, guess the writers took his adapting ability to newer levels there.

      Doomsday with green Lantern ring killed a 100 Lanterns, injured a 1000s and gave a Guardian of the Oa trouble, he'd arguably be the strongest.

      EM probably can rank all the versions better.
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    Apr 23, 1991 (Age: 28)
    The Highest Tower within my desert city.
    Demon King
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    Episode:53 and 54
    I am Raizen, ruler of the northern lands and deserts of Demon world, I command a Grand Demon Army.
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