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Lord Yu
Last Activity:
Mar 17, 2017
Jun 2, 2005
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Home Page:
Dead As Dreams
Hack writer/Student

Lord Yu

Active Member, from Dead As Dreams

Lord Yu was last seen:
Mar 17, 2017
    1. The Pink Ninja
    2. pfft
      Bitch r u ded
    3. Jibutters
      Yu still kickin?
    4. Id
      Sup fucker
      Word on the street was you got liberated.

      I see the rumors are true.
      1. Freechoice
        Sup fucker
        Word on the street was you got liberated.

        I see the rumors are true.
        Nov 17, 2016
    5. Felt
      hey yu
      1. Tanno
        hey yu
        Nov 7, 2016
    6. Fang
    7. Fang
    8. Kira Yamato
      Kira Yamato
      No, I never heard of it until now. Hmmh...it started this past March. I'll probably give it a look.
    9. Blind Weasel
      Blind Weasel
      installing a custom firmware is just tampering with the software
      not the hardware like inserting a chip, like in the old PS1
    10. Blind Weasel
      Blind Weasel
      banned? oh, I'm not even sure the store has anything to do with the CFW... I've always used mine softmodded, did you hear about it somewhere?
    11. Blind Weasel
      Blind Weasel
      lol "jailbreaking"

      installing CFW on PSP is so easy now and totally safe that I envy anyone who wants to do it
    12. Blind Weasel
      Blind Weasel
      using an actual psp or using ppsspp? all RPG's are fine being played in the emulator, but obviously more action stuff is gonna need dem buttons

      is it Digimon?...
    13. Blind Weasel
      Blind Weasel
      Polish your rock paper scissors game, remember the patterns, Saber first playthrough, then archer, then Caster (order of difficulty, if you try to tackle the game with Caster for the first time you're gonna cry, she is the weakest at the start and leans heavily as the strongest by the end), FeMC is moe
    14. Fang
      Do it

      Bare in mind the CGI, animation, production details, and budget as well as actual story vastly improve mid-way or late into season 2

      Some of the best episodes are also directly related to Clone Troopers
    15. Sunuvmann
      Probably not when it gets localized.
    16. Blind Weasel
      Blind Weasel
      I'm celebrating (in a way) one year of Chiwa's marriage
    17. Vandal Savage
      Vandal Savage
      I'll try to keep this relatively short even if that might mean I don't get to convey everything.

      I enjoy Bell's obsession towards a goal (hence the skill he awakened), his altruism even when he isn't in the best of situations himself, and his willingness to still dream big in the face of constant harsh realities thrown his way. His struggle to survive and grow after being left with virtually nothing at such a young age is probably where it truly starts for me. Some aspects of how he turned out this way I won't get into because they are novel spoilers, but Bell manages to have a lot of the traits I enjoy in various different main characters but doesn't have any of the qualities that grate on me after a while. A lot of the other light novel protagonists manage to piss me off with a fatal flaw or two while Bell largely avoids that for me. That is probably what stands out to me.

      With Bell, it is largely about the journey and execution for me as opposed to him being this uber unique character that you point to as a trend setter or genre breaker.
    18. hammer
    19. Buskuv
    20. Elias
      Ni-san! Not in my armpit pussy~~!
    21. Ark 2.0
      Ark 2.0
      <argh>...THE FRAMES...THE FRAMES...</ARGH>
    22. Ark 2.0
      Ark 2.0
      <argh>...I brought dark souls 2 in my laptop, but shitty uni net can't handle steam...so no online, so there is no point :(...</argh>
    23. Ark 2.0
      Ark 2.0
      <argh>...blame shitty uni internet, so, how ya been dude...</argh>
    24. Ark 2.0
      Ark 2.0
      <argh>...we haven't talked in a while yu...</argh>
    25. Orochicimaru
      There's no need to be upset.
    26. Blind Weasel
      Blind Weasel
      as soon as I read "raramuri" I thought "I bet this isn't a racing game were you travel across the mountains helped by peyote"

      >it fucking is

      wai- wha- fu-
    27. Freddy Mercury
      Freddy Mercury
      That's exactly what happened to me in the Amala Labyrinth. It changed Dia to Mazio, when it already had Zio leaving me with 2 useless thunderspells and repeated deaths to the elementals.

      And don't even get me started on Matador...
    28. Sunuvmann
      Lol yeah I saw yesterday.
    29. jkingler
      I hope I can take it. :arg
    30. jkingler
      Fair enough. I'll resume it and leave it open in a tab. /rereading ch.1 now, slowly during study and work breaks
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    Home Page:
    Dead As Dreams
    Hack writer/Student
    Favorite Character(s):
    Negi (He is teh storongest!)
    I was born in a world you may not understand.

    Face Punching



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