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Lu Bu
Last Activity:
Dec 23, 2015
Jun 9, 2006
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Lu Bu

Dynasty Warrior

Lu Bu was last seen:
Dec 23, 2015
    1. Spy_Smasher
      Send me your pimp list for January, please.
    2. -JT-
      I saw someone with a VERY similar username to you and thought it was you... then I realised you hadn't posted in agessssssssssssssssss :( Where have you gone?
    3. spectre991
      Just felt like asking you this as you probably are the most optimistic guy in the FC. What makes you think we should see the kids soon? Maybe it's just a silly feeling but what if Chouji and Ino's VAs weren't in the interview simply because their characters wouldn't get any development anyways and there is no point in confirming this sad truth from Kishi himself?:oh

      I sure wish this pessimist shared your optimism!
    4. makeoutparadise
      Lu Bu have you met my friend wei yan ? :gar
    5. spectre991
      Early happy birthday Lu Bu! Wish all your expectations from Pain arc comes true!

      edit : Happy birthday again! Today is your birthday, right?
    6. spectre991
      Yeah I was signed in and the "send PM" option came after clicking on every other name including my own!
    7. spectre991
      Now how do I send you a PM? The "send private message" option doesn't appear when I click on your name.o_0
    8. osricpearl
      I hope I haven't scared you off. ;p I know I can be a pain. Sorry if I insulted you. ;p
    9. juturne
      I SO have to thank you! Remember that website you recommended with the Team 10 moments (really ShikaIno for the most part). Well it is incredible! I spent ALL of Saturday on there. It's helping me to practice my Japanese. It's like my new favorite website. I love what the person behind it has done. If I knew how to draw I'd be doing the same- writing up little online ShikaIno and co. doujins.

      Anyways! Thanks a million for the recommendation! You are the greatest- but then I tell you that ALL the time, don't I????
    10. osricpearl
      you should read ravages of time if you haven't already. Lu Bu is awesome. My favorite so far is Sima Yi though. XD Yes, I know he's evil.
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