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Feb 2, 2014
Aug 28, 2012
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New York


Manlier Than Ever!, from New York

Luna was last seen:
Feb 2, 2014
    1. Solrac
      so hello what's up?
    2. Solrac
      so what's up?
    3. Solrac
      so Luna where have you been?

      it's been like over 7 months since we've last talked. so many things have happened while that passed, graduated from college, went to taiwan for a month, and started two months of computer summer camp and ended it.

      and it's been a whole year since we first talked to each other. and i remember our first discussion being about characters that can defeat arceus.
    4. Diddy
      Thank you for the rep :33
    5. The Soldier
    6. The Soldier
      The Soldier
      morning Luna.
    7. Malicious Friday
      Malicious Friday
      Well I just finished reading Oblivion. And when the 5 had that final battle with the Old Ones, Castle of Glass ( Linkin Park) came on while I was reading it and it was perfect.
      Just absolutely perfect.
    8. Malicious Friday
      Malicious Friday
      Well that sucks... but do! I just hated how it was held back for almost 6 months...
    9. Malicious Friday
      Malicious Friday
      Have you read Oblivion yet? I got it on the 27th of March and I'm savoring every word. Two/Three years of waiting and I'm orgasming each page.
    10. Malicious Friday
      Malicious Friday
      Fuck yes! Power of 5! :brofist

      Oblivion is pure epicness. (Except for Scarlett. Her parts seem boring to me :huh)

      I hope they turn it into a movie like Harry Potter and the Hunger Games... Make it actually GOOD.
    11. Plot Hole
      Plot Hole
      Its ironic, It was said when i was young that i wouldn't get very far in life...that i would be quote on quote "disabled" for life... Then I was tested for numurious things and my reading capabilitys stood out... I look at it like this... you and I are like speciallist rpg characters with all of our stats in just one area...
    12. Plot Hole
      Plot Hole
      Intersting thank you for your imput in my thread... I have only known one other person like me in life...except he was more like a mega savant if that makes sense...
    13. Golden Circle
      Golden Circle
      "Luna is Celestial" has a nice ring to it, don't you think?
    14. TheGreatOne
      Thanks a lot for the rep, and I do think more people should place importance on family values, many don't.
    15. Amatsu
      Sheldon. His catchphrase is bazinga but there's a meme where the word is changed to like Bajongles, bazinger, zimbabwe... So we call Sheldon the king of zimbabwe.
    16. Amatsu
      Okay just be ready for king of zimbabwe
    17. Amatsu
      If you're into that kinda thing. Personally the references get tiring after a while and pretty much the only realistic nerd is sheldon, and he's probably the only good character.
    18. Amatsu
      I responded to you in the big bang theory thread.
    19. Prince Vegeta
      Prince Vegeta
      thanks for the rep :haha
    20. Kiddo626
      Hey, thanks for the rep! I appreciate it! :)
    21. Jason Brody
      Jason Brody
      Thanks for the rep! By chance, have you recently name changed to Luna from another?
    22. Solrac

      So what are your verdicts now?

      So your accent is Mexican?
    23. Solrac
      also is your accent Mexican or standard American or a mix of both?
    24. Solrac
      But didn't starscream only lose because of his hot-tempered-ness?

      what were your verdicts on boba fett vs. samus aran and doomguy vs. master chief?

      did you see any other death battle episodes before Superman vs. Goku?
    25. Solrac
      why do you believe RB vs. SS is completely incorrect?

      also you mean Boba Fett vs. Samus Aran and Doomguy vs. Master Chief, right?
    26. Solrac
      what episodes of Death Battle have you seen?
    27. Solrac
      it is... but in order to truly enjoy it, you have to know what death battle is.

      To get introduced to what Death Battle is, first episode here is Samus Aran vs. Boba Fett:RG3C3KU82VE
    28. Solrac
      did you see the superman vs. goku death battle episode that was just released in the past month?
    29. Solrac
      I like Vegeta, Frieza, Piccolo, and Future Trunks the most.
    30. Solrac
      who's your favorite character?
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