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  • Yeah, it'd especially be great to be able to play games and VNs without needing them to be translated. I understand. Arcades would never be able to compete with today's typical gaming. I started Torchlight 2 with a few friends from here. Guild Wars 2, too, but I haven't played that in a long while. That's pretty much it. I've always been on a console more.

    It's hard to find people that actually finish the translations, definitely. At least you can search for ones that are in English on that site or ones that have an ongoing translation project, though. I'm waiting for a few to be finished translating, but I'm not holding my breath.
    Learn Japanese and do something with that. Maybe editing/translating for anime, manga, or light novels that get licensed. Yeah, they used to be a lot of fun, but not so much anymore. Though, there are still some good ones. The arcade at my mall is pretty cool. Because it has a lot of shooters/fighters unlike the place I work at.

    Say it ain't so. :( I keep track here: http://vndb.org/u61824/list . Good website to find new ones and I can just add them to my wishlist, so I don't forget them.
    It could be long-term, if I wanted to try and move up in the ranks and become a traveling repairman of sorts. I don't think I'll do that, though. So, it's short-term. Yeah, I have my own staff card with unlimited swiping on the games. It's decent, but it would have been better if the arcade was geared more toward older people. It's mostly stuff for little kids.

    That's the 2D Nick I know and love. I'm going too slowly through my list of visual novels, personally. I know you're supposed to put your lives on the line on actual duty, but... but training. :(
    It's pretty cool. Sometimes I get stuck doing some bullshit, annoying oddjobs because I don't have enough experience to fix everything, though. The job is the best I could have hoped for right now, though.

    If you die, I'll comfort your 2d waifus for you. I hear that getting killed hurts, so good luck. Jeez, what kind of intense training regularly kills people...
    I work for an arcade game company. I help install games and keep them running and maintained. Leaving for work now, actually. So I'll talk to you later. And what the... I wasn't expecting that. Don't die, bby.
    Thanks for letting me know! I definitely checked it out and left a pretty hearty response. :)
    Like, a shit ton. Can you order it on amazon, or some similar service? Oh? How was that book, would you recommend? I really shouldn't be asking that, I've got so many on my plate all ready :rotfl

    It was a lot of fun, and that is very true. Also true. I would love to come, but my mum is always like "WHY SHOULD WE GO THERE? I WANNA GO TO EUROPE." And that kind of ends that discussion. But I'll get over there eventually! :shakefist

    Oh, so you wanna become a teacher? That's really cool.. I kinda want to be a teacher as well, but I haven't quite made my mind up just yet. That's okay though, just keep working away at it and you'll get those Bs! :33

    Oh, that sucks. :-( LOL, you're right about that, but you can always aim to do better now right?
    Favourites? I guess I usually enjoy any psych books I acquire, and I've really been liking the Haruki Murakami book I've been reading. Hopefully I'll like his other stuff, too. Yeah, it was awesome. We went to an aquarium for most of the visit, because she had a study session she had to go to, but the visit was pretty cool. She got to show me what some of her pets look like, and I got to show her what my bird looked like, hehe

    Do you have to do well to get certain things, or do you just mean the college you were put in? :hmm
    I've made like 3 separate book purchases of over $40 over the course of this trip, that's ridiculous. Uhmm.. shit I can't remember now, they're all in the trunk. I'll take a picture/get you the names when I get back. Yeah, I'm not really the exciting type. But I did get to meet someone from NF while I was in Vancouver.

    Ohhh, I see. Having to pay for everything sucks. There aren't any services that are offered through your school? That's really lame...
    Whats C3? Nah not interested in Love Lab Im just sampling 1st episodes seeing what could be good. But I know I wont be watching much
    Just saw Monogatari 2nd season, and looking forward to It's Not My Fault Im Not Popular on monday, I like that manga
    Yeah, they have a super-expansive bookshop that I could spend hours looking through. Unfortunately due to budgeting, I was limited to $50 dollars worth of books. Luckily for me, they also resell old books, so I was able to get ahold of 5 good books for only 45. It was a pretty sweet deal. There are parks and shit like that too, but we really only visited the Chinese Garden there, which was nice.

    So I take it you can't just pick things up as you go, sometimes I forget what it's like for other people :/ I'm sure you can make it, though! Is there a tutoring program/service around that you can get access to?
    Sweet! Yeah, in Oregon, the state above Cali. Not that anyone really cares tbh. :maybe

    Really? People usually enjoy college, especially over high school. That sucks. :(
    Yeah there's some progressive shit goin' on over here. In Portland right now, taking a trip. Kind of enjoying myself.

    Are you out of school yet? :p
    If I change its for the better :hmpf

    the mecha thing turned me off from it tbh, what are you watching next season?
    huhuhu~ Congrats, man :hurr

    I've been getting really angry over anti-abortion petitions and fraudulent conduct by Texan senators, tomorrow is gay marriage rights, I'm fuckin pumped yo
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