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Feb 4, 2011
Dec 27, 2006
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May 1, 1993 (Age: 26)
Home Page:


This Battle Will Be Won ♥, 26, from ♥-♦-♣-♠

Lycanthropy was last seen:
Feb 4, 2011
    1. Dei
      Thank you so much for the gif:) I love it! sorry i reply so late i usally dosent check my profile.
    2. blux
      I knew that picture was familiar :hmm Now i remember where it was from. Thanks anyways.
    3. blux
      OMG! Your set is soo cute! I'd rep you but I can't :( Can you please send me a link to the stock? :wtf
    4. Sir Hoshi
      Sir Hoshi
      Pickaboo ='3
    5. Panic
      No problem ;)
    6. Panic
      I'll give your avatar a 7/10 then LOL FMA wasn't bad.
    7. Hisagi
      Yeah sure you are XD

      ah, Scotland? Wow! Have fun for me. I've never been
    8. No.1Moose
      Lol, good girl :hurr I wish I was like you! I never seem to do my work and find myself making excuses to teachers in the first month of school :zaru Lol but it's mostly because I'm tired from the day and end up falling asleep at like 5pm. Lol that's what I kinda didn't like about my old school, too many little kids pushing and shoving etc :p
    9. Psallo a Cappella
    10. Hisagi
      Doing well, a bit tired at the moment though. How about you? Still smitten with Ling Yao?
    11. Hisagi
      Zoooooop <3
    12. No.1Moose
      Lol tell me about it :zaru I really wanted to stay at my old school but it wasn't to be :( Same here, the subject choice is good however i'm not enjoying free periods as much I would have liked to since none of my friends have theirs at the same time lol. And a few of them are complaining about how lonely it is :p Ye i'm glad I don't have to do some subjects lol and i'm finding it quite a good experience at the moment hope it stays like that though. How are the people there?
    13. No.1Moose
      Lol, that sounds a lot like my school :zaru Most of my friends are still there so I wouldn't have minded staying but my parents were like you might as well try another college coz you're gonna have to leave sometime. But the subject choice is terrible in my old school, they take like 1 class for Chem, Bio etc. So how you finding it? Also do you have msn or something?
    14. emROARS
      You know what? I've never said thank you for the rep for saying how nice my set was. :(

      So thank you. I shall find a way to rep you back. ;33
    15. No.1Moose
      My old school was terrible lol. A lot of people stayed but a lot left as well. Mine's in Finchley, Barnet area. Ye I know a couple of people but only 1 that I actually talk to. I chose Physics, Maths with mechanics, Business and Psychology too. Psychology better live up to it's hype lol.
    16. No.1Moose
      I also started College recently, what 6th form do you go to? Ye I'm good, just trying to get used to College and make new friends lol. What subjects do you take?
    17. No.1Moose
      16 lol. Resident of good'ol england too, so how are ya?
    18. No.1Moose
      Hey you are 16 and a female, nice to meet you :zaru
    19. Plot Hole
    20. Plot Hole
      Plot Hole
      If you like SakuHina then you will love this thread
    21. PiratePixie
      yeah, fair enough :)
      I am ok thanks, have been to a ball-type-thing tonight (but it wasn't too formal) so am qute tired now!
      I need to re-do my sig really but I don't have the time...
    22. PiratePixie
      Is it bad that I only just realised that you're Zoop with a name-change?

      sorry :D:
      How are you anyway? You're still in my sig...lol.
    23. Xyloxi
      Sounds like a good idea to me
    24. Xyloxi
      Mug them or at least have the decency to smash their car windows and nick their radios
    25. Xyloxi
      Rich person then :LOS
    26. Xyloxi
      Me I live in Benfleet (in the middle of Southend and Basildon) and where might you be?
    27. Xyloxi
      Yeh bruv, goin daan saafend friday nite an get pissed innit?
    28. Xyloxi
      aiiite blad?
    29. Gecka
      I recognize a Tegami Bachi set anywhere.

      Where did you get the avatar?
    30. Hisagi
      That sounds good :X3
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    May 1, 1993 (Age: 26)
    Home Page:
    Favorite Character(s):
    Haku, Deidara, Sai, I like most of the characters
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    Episode: 19 probably
    Chapter: 32
    I have very long hair





    Owner of:
    InuYashaLing Yao
    Co owner of:
    Rock Lee
    Member of:
    And many, many more...

    Ling x Ran FanSimon x NiaLing vs GreedAl x Mei

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