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Aug 23, 2017
Nov 21, 2005
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the Netherlands


Psycho..., from the Netherlands

lynxie was last seen:
Aug 23, 2017
    1. Louis-954
      How's it going Lynxie? :pek
    2. bluemiracle
      Thanks but I think you did a good job as well... It just upsets me when I see the same antis accuse the SS fandom as a whole, of lack of arguments, of being idiots and deserving no respect. Like I said, its unfair because we all know too well that trolls don't choose fandoms or anti-fandom. But some antis are just too blind with the pairing hate and obsessed with certain fans, to see it. I honestly think these people should get out more....

      And its like you said, this hate, baiting, bickering is out of control. And I also agree that Kishis intentions were good :) even if he failed miserably in some points. Its a shame most of Jap fans don't think like we do, so Kishi would get the message.
    3. Mizura
      Hello! I don't know if you're still re-reading, but if you're re-reading Season 1, I suggest doing so while reading the spoiler sections of the Kubera wiki summaries side-by side. :)
      (click on any chapter, then open the spoiler tags)

      The spoilers for Season 2 isn't done yet, but a lot of work was put into Season 1. You'll be better able to see how everything is connected. :)
    4. Mizura
      We try to regularly harass Line for them to update Kubera faster. They had Noblesse and Tower of God up-to-date at launch, this is so unfair. :(

      Chapter 106 will be out soon. I love how the series managed to catapult him into one of the best characters of the series, even though at the start he seemed destined to be nothing but the comedic fodder of the group. And yet his development did not come out of nowhere, but was built up over many chapters. That's one thing I like about Kubera's interactions. Instead of repeating the same gags over and over while getting nowhere (like in many Shounen), Kubera's interactions actually often lead to something very interesting. Which in turn lead to Other interesting developments. etc.
    5. Louis-954
      Ah yes I see, Netherlands! Glad to hear you switched from Hume to Mithra/Taru, I never quite understood why people choose to play as humans in fantasy games where you can play as all different kids of creatures, lol xD I also started in 2003 as well, which was about the time I started getting into Naruto, so I played ninja and samurai classes almost religiously.

      Yeah I changed once, too, around the same time... I believe I moved to a server called Remora, but I quit not too long after and then got hooked on a new addiction (WoW). ~.~

      I picked up 14 last year, but I ended up quitting not too long after I began playing. As you said, that same magic just wasn't there anymore. At least we have memories to look back fondly upon!
    6. Mizura
      You didn't miss the overlay chapters after Season 2 Ch. 97, right? Naver started its own weekly translations (that are oh... nearly 200 chapters behind :notrust ) and forced the scanlator group to stop. Another picked it up again, and to go around the copyright problem, it uses a method to display the translations directly over the raws (looks the same as a normal scanlation, really).

      Ah, not sure if you noticed, but several of the earlier comedic moments later turn out to be quite morbid. That's a thing about Kubera. When you re-read it at different points of the series, earlier scenes take on a different meaning. Take the 'joke' about Asha being a murderer for example. :argh

      Got a YutaLeez essay by the way, if you're into those. xD
    7. Mizura
      Happy you like it! :wtf Now read it again! You start to notice all sorts of things when you re-read.
      Unlike Naruto, Kubera actually handles its tragedies properly. And the shippings. Yeeeeh!
    8. Louis-954
      How long ago did you play, and on what server? I played a Galka on the Siren server... was so hopelessly addicted back in the day, lol...
    9. lynxie
      Yeah it is a Mithra in my avatar :D
      Don't play FFXI anymore, but I still think back with a lot of nostalgia ;)
    10. Louis-954
      Erhmahgerd!!! Is that a Mithra in your avatar??? I was so into FFXI back in the day lol. Seeing your avi evoked so many feelings of nostalgia! xD
    11. Mizura
      You like to read about tragedies? Check out Kubera some day. It has one of the most original gatherings of 'man, this person's life really sucks :uwah ' I've read anywhere. It looks pretty typical at first, but becomes even more tragic than Puella Magi Madoka Magica, methinks.

      And to compensate for the tragic stuff, I recommend Aqua and its sequel Aria. :cat
    12. Mistshadow
      would you like to tell me what you think the timeline problems are? I'm sure I can clear them up in a logical manner for you
    13. Amatérasu’s Son
      Amatérasu’s Son
      Considering your opinion in the "What is your opinion of Itachi now thread", I would really appreciate it if you'd grace my thread and share your thoughts. Itachi Speaks From Experience.
    14. lynxie
      Yeah it is a fun game. I stopped playing a few years ago also, because I just didn't had enough time. I didn't had many high level jobs. Actually I didn't even have any 75 jobs, but I did had a lot of fun.
    15. Bonds
      I played that game a couple years ago for quite awhile. Lot of 75 jobs. Then I committed a "sin" and sold the character when I got bored. Fun game, but way too addicting.
    16. lynxie
      Yes, my old FFXI character.
    17. Bonds
      Final Fantasy XI?
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    the Netherlands
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    to be honest I don't really care anymore. :/
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    Manga/anime, MMORPG, games, drawing, writing, playing with my pets.


    "The happiest of people don't necessarily have the best of everything; they just make the most of everything that comes along their way. "~~ Karen S.Magee

    Spoiler: credits sig

    Naruto: Colored Frankie e Kishimoto Lines by Tubeyo
    Sasuke: Colored by AK46 Cleaned sharingandevil
    Sakura: Kishimoto & Vhea (Kuno)
    Background: FreeFoto.com

    I hope it is ok that I used these pictures.
    I don't want to steal them or take credit for it. I just had an image in my mind, and looked for the best pictures for it. I did edit the images to match with what I wanted.

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