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Mabel Gleeful
Nov 4, 2016
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    1. Solrac
      So you believe the Black Panther film had a pretty racist agenda with their "Wakanda" world setting?
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Solrac
        >Anti-White Genocide by Blacks? Whew lad.
        Feb 22, 2019
      3. Mabel Gleeful
        Mabel Gleeful
        That's pretty much the main conspiracy theory of the White Identity Alternative Right movement started by Richard Spencer. And the BP movie does indeed cater to the likes of him by portraying anti-colonial and anti-imperialist Africans like Killmonger as anti-White psychopaths.
        Feb 23, 2019
      4. Solrac
        Okay just to be clear, you didn't like the Black Panther movie that much.
        Feb 23, 2019
    2. Blade
    3. Solrac
      To repeat from my pm: You still didn't answer what was wrong with everyone else's responses in the whole thread dude. Nor did you answer how well did I do to support my case and if my arguments and verdict was correct or not.
      1. Solrac
        Gonna respond?
        Dec 17, 2018
      2. Solrac
        Dude hello?
        Dec 18, 2018
    4. Solrac
      So you going to answer my Rambo vs Queens Aliens pm and tell me eveything that was wrong with that thread?
      1. Solrac
        Going to answer my latest question in the pm?
        Dec 16, 2018
    5. Solrac
      So how have you been?
    6. Solrac
      Yeah I agree with EmperorofLiberty, how come you disabled your private messages?
      1. Mabel Gleeful
        Mabel Gleeful
        Try now.
        Nov 30, 2018
        Emperorofliberty and Solrac like this.
    7. Mabel Gleeful
    8. Emperorofliberty
      You blocked PMs for some reason
      1. Solrac likes this.
    9. Xeogran
      Today's matches were so beautiful, with BEST conclusions :bury
    10. Bill Goldberg Fan
      Bill Goldberg Fan
      Which Pic is on You Profile picture?
      1. Mabel Gleeful
        Mabel Gleeful
        Mabel from Gravity Falls.
        Jun 30, 2018
    11. MShadows
      Who are those two in your signature? :awesome
      1. Mabel Gleeful
        Mabel Gleeful
        They're alternate versions of Mabel from Gravity Falls.
        Apr 6, 2018
        MShadows likes this.
      2. MShadows
        Nice! Thanks for telling me.
        Apr 6, 2018
    12. 123johnson
      hello Mabel, May i ask you something ?
    13. MShadows
      In regards to the whole Luke situation, have you seen the video with Mark Hamill just after the premiere?
      He looks completely shocked.
      1. Mabel Gleeful
        Mabel Gleeful
        Yes. I don't give too much weight to it.
        Dec 24, 2017
      2. MShadows
        Some people speculate that Disney did him dirty because he was always criticizing the new direction and actually edited his death in without him knowing it.
        Dec 24, 2017
    14. geeknerd22ducks
    15. titantron91
      HAHAHA what's with the God-awful Hit avatar? xD
      1. Mabel Gleeful
        Mabel Gleeful
        A bet. If Hit did better than KKx20 Blue Goku, I had to wear a Hit set. But they didn't specify what kind of set :maybe
        Oct 15, 2017
    16. geeknerd22ducks
      So you're in Central America?
    17. John Wayne
      John Wayne
      I for one am legit curius where your avatar is from, the outfit looks pretty dope.
      1. Mabel Gleeful likes this.
      2. Mabel Gleeful
        Mabel Gleeful
        I found it making a google search. Apparently it's from this guy (or gal):

        The character is a fan idea by the Gravity Falls fandom in case you're wondering. Basically an evil or anti-heroic version of Mabel Pines.
        Sep 24, 2017
      3. Yin
        I'm drawing a fanart for your character tomorrow actually.
        Jul 2, 2018
    18. IdioticGamer
      Well to avoid becoming off topic I have to ask who's the artist of those pics? If not then Imma just share this one though you might (likely) have seen it already. Just a lil gift (or a pointless one) from a fellow RGF fan.

      1. Mabel Gleeful likes this.
      2. Mabel Gleeful
        Mabel Gleeful
        I just found them on the internet, not sure who the artist is, sorry.
        Aug 6, 2017
    19. LordPerucho
      Karera from JoJo Bizarre Adventure Part 8
    20. Solrac
      And you say Fantasy has the same problems hmmm? But have you seen anyone in the OBD say that all of "High Fantasy" is weak just because LoTR's cosmology is "weird" or "inconsistent"?
    21. Solrac
      Apparently you didn't get my point about what I said of people making blanket statements towards all of religion and mythology and my analogies for what if people spoke all of comics and anime just like the same way they did towards all of religion/mythology.

      And going by what you said, were you implying that no mythology is universal/multiversal, except for Hinduism and Buddhism?
    22. Seraphiel
      m8 come on click the 3 dots next to a profile msg and reply there, no need to make a new one for every reply
      1. Dayscanor likes this.
    23. Solrac
      Or saying that most if not all Comic superheroes are below star level just because characters like Spiderman is typically nowhere near that level that in his mainstream incarnations. Imagine if people started speaking of all of Comics and Anime like that. Thank you for listening. I hope you understand. (Fucking 420 character limit)
    24. Solrac
      i think it's like people saying that just because Attack on Titan isn't a powerful verse, that all of Anime and Manga is very weak compared to other mediums or even questioning if any Anime or Manga in general has true planet-busters just because a lower-end verse like Yu Yu Hakusho completely lacks them.
    25. Solrac
      i am not trying to get on your case or anything, but I just want you to know that many years in the past, people used to downplay most mythologies MOST of the time and treat them as trivial. Anytime a single mythology is used in a thread, i've seen posters of all kinds make huge blanket statements towards all of mythology whenever they think just that specific mythology, being discussed, isn't so powerful.
    26. Solrac
      hey uhhh since i'm unable to private message you... I figure i'd say it here:

      listen, i know you're fairly new here and I just want to get myself acquainted with you. Let me ask you: Are you a mythology fan?
    27. Zyrax
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