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Dec 23, 2018
Nov 4, 2007
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Aug 20, 1993 (Age: 26)


ルーシー, 26, from England.

Mai♥ was last seen:
Dec 23, 2018
    1. Jimin
      Read the first few chapters of Sailor Moon. It's much quicker paced than the anime. :>
    2. Jimin
      Time flies... that's not a cool term. I wanted something like... temporal distortion or something. Alas, the only happens in science fiction movies. :( Can you show me a few outside of the pyramids or something? : O That's weird though... you can go inside but you can't take pictures? You're already inside, what's the worse that can happen?
      I wanted to see the Leader in live action. He was teased about in the first Hulk movie. The Eric Bana movie from 2003 really isn't too bad either. It's hilarious to me... every time Bruce warns people not to make him angry, they always make him angry. Getting the Hulk angry, that's a recipe for success. :ippy
      I did like the Wolverine movies but I still do think he's overrated though. But he is popular so it does make sense from a purely financial point of view to make movies about him. Plus, Hugh Jackson is somewhat popular too. Is he? : O Well... I guess we'll just have to wait and see. I liked Edward Norton as Hulk and it was unfortunate they replaced him... :/
      Humans do make smart choices sometimes. Haters just gonna hate. :catdance Eh, I like to think that most aliens are like us in that they wonder who else is out there as well... : O
      I should get to 6666 or 9999 posts and retire. 9999 means I can't break the damage limit. :datass
    3. Jimin
      Is there a term for that? : O And it's like cooking... it takes 3 times longer to cook something than it takes to eat it. :catcry Huh... I guess I still remember that the Sahara Desert was the longest in the world and was probably in Morocco. I'm not sure why I remembered that... Might be a video game. Who says video games can't teach you anytthing? :lmao Really? : O Did you take any nice pictures? :> The pyramids have to be pretty interesting. Are you allowed to go in and stuff? And if you are... isn't it kinda gross considering it's where dead people are buried? :iik Well, I guess it's pretty obvious the pyramid scenes were just sets. I mean... no one would actually allow that in a historically important place. But I figured the faraway shots were real... :I
      Well, it wouldn't surprise me if Apple had better security measures. I mean, it is the most popular brand for phones, I think. Gotta do something to minimize thefts. Then again, I don't know much about these things so... I'll have to do more research. But I can't deny that the more tech savvy people I know tend to dislike Apple products overall. :lmao
      Well, that cliffhanger will be the final ending unless they change their mind on ASM3 (which I doubt they will considering Spider-Man will be in MCU). I doubt they would want two different Spider-Mans on the big screen at the same exact time. It also has something to do with Sony having the rights to Spider-Man films or something... IDK. It just sucks that they had to make ASM2 which I wasn't really excited about but not ASM3 which I actually want to see. You know which Marvel movie they should make and still haven't? HULK 2! It's been almost 10 years. :hulkmad! But yeah, I'm looking forward to Spider-Man in MCU. I wonder how his smart aleck comments will mix with the Avengers team. :lmao
      I didn't like X-Men 3. I also found the first two X-Men movies kinda confusing (I did see them when I was quite young though). Maybe I should give them another try. I do think the new ones are better. I think the Wolverine movies aren't bad. They aren't great, but they aren't bad. I'm not so sure why Wolverine is so popular though. I always thought he was a bit overrated. I guess he's a conflicted soul. :<
      Do they? Because of the advanced architecture? It's not that weird. I mean... someone has to think of it first. The Egyptians and Mayans thought of it first so they were successful instead of forgotten. :haha Most of those are just ridiculous theories. I do think aliens are real though. I mean... the chances of there being life out there are just far higher than there being no living thing out there. : O
      A one day marathon? That's too much to digest. Plus, too much eye strain... :I Yep. I remember one person actually brought some nice food and it got all thrown away. I think that was a sports stadium though. IDK if movie theaters do it or not. I'm guessing some do and some don't. They were lax about it before but I would imagine they're much more serious about it now. Maybe it's an American thing. : O
      Eh, I would probably have around... 40,000? :iik What would you estimate yours to be? : O
    4. Jimin
      Yeah, I've noticed that too. DX Things seem so short on paper. Yet somehow when it comes time to actually do them... it always seem like you never have enough time to even do half of them... It's eerie... @__@ Sure, I don't see why not. : O And I didn't know that part. I guess it makes sense. Isn't Morocco quite desert heavy? IIRC, isn't the longest desert in the world in Morocco? : O Does this mean the pyramids in the movie were computer animated? :<
      Oh, well... I don't use Apple products. I've always been told by more tech savvy people that Apple products usually cost more and tend to be slightly inferior technologically compared to their PC/Android counterparts... @__@

      The first movie was kinda weird. The interactions were so awkward... @__@ But I thought PeterxGwen had a very interesting dynamic in the 2nd movie. Their interactions seemed quite natural and were quite humorous. I think the original trilogy's 2nd movie was the best one. I think the human aspect of Spider-Man was explored very well in that movie. :} But yeah... I guess it'll be nice to see Spider-Man in the MCU. But ASM2 ended on a cliffhanger. I guess they felt it didn't make enough money... even though it was quite profitable... @__@

      Well, it'll be a bad idea to have X-Men cross over. It'll make the X-Men movies less unique and they wouldn't want that. But I guess it's not a bad idea to introduce lesser known characters. Smallville was fun in the beginning, boring in the middle and decent in the end. I haven't heard much about the WW movie. It's too bad they didn't do it like 15 years ago. Lucy Lawless would have been perfect for the role. She even has the look down to a wire. :haha But DC better not screw up their JL movie. If they do... they'll need Marvel to really screw up before they even have a chance to get a share of that market.
      It's just strange that with thousands of years of human history out there with mythology connected to it... they had to resort to aliens... :sag It was still a fun movie... but man, if they do a fifth one, stick to Earth is what I'm saying! :angry
      It's not a bad idea. I want to do a 12 hour 3 night marathon for the LotR movies in the near future. Think that would be a good idea? XD I would sneak food in too but... it would distract me if I really wanted too see the movie bad. Plus... many places inspect bags and stuff now. It's not like the older days where people just didn't care... :B Yeah, well... 5 days of school and late one Friday evening... it adds up. :p I guess I only dozed off for a while and didn't really "sleep sleep."
      Who cares about the post count? Do you know how lame I would look if my post counts gets to 5 digits? :(
    5. Jimin
      I don't have much planned for the summers ever... I always don't do much in the summers. I wonder why...? @__@ Any place interesting? : O If you go to any place really interesting, I would like to see some pics of the interesting sights. :>
      Really? Apple restricts Firefox? What's the apple version of the google play store? : O Comics don't end because they want to keep publishing the popular ones for money. Can't end Spider-Man now. Marvel will lose so much money if they do. :lmao Surprised to hear they cancelled ASM3. I didn't like one all that much but 2 was much better. But yeah, manga is only one person with some assistants usually. :>
      Yeah, it feels weird when I tell people they can follow me since I'll pass there... It feels weird... >.< Plus, I walk much faster than most people and it annoys me to slow down... :iik So these days, I just say IDK if I can't explain it well... @__@
      Isn't that what Jean Grey/Professor X does? : O Did you warm up to Superman cause of Smallville? :lmao I think the Reeve movies made Superman less OP (although he could like... reverse time in the first movie #_____________________#). But yeah, Superman Prime was OP. Could literally move many planets at once and sneeze away an entire solar system. lulz
      Yeah, I think that's almost the same as my order. I don't remember the first one too much. The 2nd one was quite dark. The 3rd one's humor was funny and the two leads had good chemistry together. :lmao The 4th one's aliens really hurt it. It changed the entire concept of Indiana Jones. He always found things with historical/mythical significance. It should have stuck to human stuff. Maybe stuff like Greek mythology or something. They did Hinduism with the 2nd movie. : O

      A great way to spend 13 hours of your life. :catblush Eh, haven't done to the cinemas in a while. I disliked how people are so noisy. The food is so expensive. There are no subtitles/captions. Plus, bathroom breaks mean you miss stuff. And you can't go back if you miss something. And if you want to take a break, you can't. I literally once fell asleep late one Friday after a long week of school when my cousin made me watch a certain movie with him. Too many disadvantages to seeing things in the theater.
      Yeah, just use the ones you'll think you'll be abusing. I just remember like 10 of them that I really miss a lot. I like visiting the FC section too. I can spam there. Spam is love. Spam is life. :catsalute
    6. Jimin
      Good work, Mai-chan. :catblush
      You got any summer plans? : O
      Wait, you can't? @__@ Why not? Isn't firefox useable on almost everything? >.<
      Eh, my biggest problem with comic books are all the retcons. Unlike manga which ends, popular comic books never end. I mean, how many versions of Spider-Man do we already have? :iik Iron Man 2 was my favorite of the Iron Mans, I think. Not sure why though. Yeah, I'm awful with that too. Very often, I can't remember street names and numbers. I feel kinda dumb when I know for certain where something is but can't explain it to people. :(
      What powers? : O I used to like Superman a lot because he was OP. But being too OP makes the stories way too unbelievable. :ippy
      I heard they wanted to do a fifth one where his son takes over. I think they should just leave it as is. BTW, did you like that they used aliens in the fourth movie? I hated it. Instead of religious artifacts and items from fables, they invented aliens. :angry I think Ford is in the new Star Wars movies too. Even though I wish they didn't exist, I know I'm gonna end up watching them. :<
      Oh alright. Well, I do do that too. I just remember the ones I know I'll be using a lot. There are just too many to remember, man... :catsad
    7. Jimin
      You did well. :pleased And good luck on your last exam. : O If it helps...
    8. Jimin
      Your work that you told me about months ago, silly. What else? : O It works better with an adblocker. Man, without an adblocker, this place looks like a billboard. There's also this weird thing on a tablet where you just can't keep browsing at all... #___#
      I don't read the comics at all. I just remember watching superhero shows when I was younger and I guess I never stopped. : O I recognize more DC characters than Marvel ones cause I watched some Justice League episodes when I was younger. Don't recognize too many Marvel ones though... :I Yeah, sorry about that... I thought Scarlett's character was named Scarlet Witch for some reason... You'll have to excuse me for that. I'm horrible with names and I don't know Marvel characters (save the big ones like Spider-Man) that well. Ironically enough... this would have a case where saying Scarlett Johanson would have been better than saying Black Widow for me. XD
      Yeah, one conversation in particular I remember was about this one movie called Beverly Hills Ninja. I told someone else that Robin Shou was in it. He had no idea who I was talking about. The third person in the conversation immediately knew what to say to make him realize who that was. "Liu Kang is in it." I should have realized that would have worked better in that situation. IDK if you know anything about Mortal Kombat or not, but that was funny to me. XD
      Why do you like the ":)" smiley? It's so creepy to me... :iik
    9. Jimin
      Well, hopefully, it went OK for you. : O Yeah, this site probably makes most of its revenue from the ads now that I think about it. :sag Even logged on, it still has ads. :ippy

      I think the shared universe probably really helped Marvel. It's already out? : O Scarlet Witch isn't bad... I really liked her chemistry with Captain America in the 2nd CA movie. "I'm gonna ask you something and you can choose to answer or not answer. That being said, if you don't answer, that kinda is an answer in itself. Was that your first kiss in decades?" Something like that. It was funny. XD It does? : O I know I'll end up watching it but... I still think Ben Affleck is a bad idea. You don't want too big of a star to be your main superhero. To illustrate my point: I'm not good with names. When I see Chris Hemsworth (I think that's how you spell it), I just call him Thor. When I see Tom Middleton, I just call him Loki. I do that for a lot of actors actually. :haha There are some actors who do have a role so iconic, it's tough to not think of them as that. Or you can be like me who never really learn names. I mean, I've watched shows for years and never learned the names of certain actors who are in them. XD

      It's a nice manga. The 2nd half is a lot worse though. I still think it's worth reading. BTW, it finished so you can marathon the next time you really wanna read something. : O I think the ending is nice. Looking forward to at least the first half of season two. :> At least they didn't name the white cat Diana (Artemis's Greek name). I guess they couldn't name him Apollo (since Apollo is the Sun god). Eh whatever, not really worth discussing.

      I ramble too much sometimes. Some people find it annoying. If you start to, lemme know. :geg
    10. Jimin
      Hey, think about it this way. Work is temporary. Heroes can last forever. :catblush Good luck, Mai-san. :catsalute
      Well, you only think about how awesome the powerful character is. You don't think about how ridiculous and over the top they are. I mean, Superman Prime could literally move many planets at once, a sneeze from him can destroy an entire solar system, he can fly through the sun unharmed, etc. It's totally ridiculous Lex Luthor gives him any trouble at all. Not to mention a rock can kill him. :noworries You liked that one? : O I didn't really like too much. I prefer the first Christopher Reeves movie. It's one of the best superhero movies ever. :kloff
      I still dislike that Ben Affleck is Batman. I feel having famous people as the lead superhero tends to be a bad idea. You want to see Bruce Wayne, not Ben Affleck. :ippy But I suppose Man of Steel isn't bad and I know I'll watch Batman vs. Superman eventually. Hopefully DC doesn't screw up their Justice League movie. If they do, they might never recover since Marvel's live action movies do so much better atm.
      It took me over two years to finally get it. But I have struggled hard and hard and got it. After hugging the world for so long, the world has finally hugged me back. :>
      It's 24 episodes plus an OVA. It's not too episodic so it's not like you need to remember every detail to understand it (ex. Death Note). I need less epics. It occurs to me I read/watch too many things that end up with the world needing to be saved... :catprone Bolt already has his own movie planned so it better be good.
      I see. : O Well, I usually read the manga if it's too different in the anime. But uh, I don't have any plans to watch it atm. I see. That's kinda like Naruto. Just finished part 1 and some of the art isn't too great. Part 2's art is so much better. @__@
      Saturn is female? Saturn/Cronus is male in mythology. Well, they probably will. Considering I've actually heard of it, it's probably quite popular. Popularity decides if it'll get more seasons or not. I'm not worried at all about Ao Haru Ride (for example). Is that from season 2? I'm not good with names. :I
      PS. You can feel free to make your next response shorter. I have a tendency to ramble a bit too much. :B
    11. Jimin
      All work and no play make Mai a dull girl? : O Don't worry. You can do it. Believe in me. Believe in me who believes in you! :gar This site takes up too much time. :ruri

      Hey man, younger people loved overpowered characters. I loved Superman when I was younger. But... such a powerful hero means his enemies are either way OP themselves or non-threatening at all. And don't worry, I'm sure your drawings are better than mine. :catblush
      I think that the biggest problem with the series is probably the prose. Some of it is pretty bad. Like... Rosalie's description. So basically she's tall, blonde and hot. That doesn't say much... :geg The ideas aren't anything different than what you usually see in these type of series. I think being on screen takes away the biggest weakness of the books. And I'm Edward Cullen for fun more than anything else. I even sparkle. :hehee
      It's a fun little series. :> I'm liking K-On! a lot so far. Each of the 4 characters stand out. :> Death Note is too confusing... I just remember the big stuff but the little details always confuse me. :I Dragon Ball is great. I recommend you finish it. :>
      The plot summary sounds weird. :p But I think the art in the manga isn't too great. Is the plot good? A good plot goes a long way. The title is nice. :B
      I think Sailor Moon is my least favorite. She's loud and annoying. And her constant arguments with Rei get irritating over time. Well, maybe I will watch it when it's done airing. Do they plan to animate the entire manga? : O Tuxedo Mask's theme is the best piece of music in the first season. ;D
    12. Jimin
      That's alright. I will be inspired by your inactivity to be less active here myself. :catblush And be more busy with things that matter more. :(

      What was this Mai like? What are her characteristics? :> Mai is an alright name. I like it cause the dubbed YuGiOh had a character named Mai (I think that's her original Japanese name too). Me? I'm not really a Twilight fan. I've seen all 5 movies. They weren't bad. I think they were interesting enough. Not a great series but worth watching overall. Have you seen them? :>
      What is Attack on Titan? I've heard of it. I know very little about it though. One of my favorites? I guess I like Lucky Star. It's not my favorite anime but it's fun. It's a slice of life where you can just watch any episode and not be confused. You can just watch a random clip and not be confused. :> It's the exact opposite of Death Note (even if you read/watch it all, it's still confusing @__@). All 4 of the Lucky Star mains are interesting and unique. :> I also rather like Dragon Ball. :>
      It didn't take long for Mercury and Mars to join but there was a long gap between Mars and Jupiter (too long). It was weird though how Venus interacted with the others. Despite being the last one, Venus seemed to fit in no problems. And despite being last, she got more back story than Jupiter and Mercury got. Overall... none of the characters stand out too much without the others (so I guess the characters in Sailor Moon are a bit weak). Why the change for the anime? They wanted to focus on Sailor Moon more? DX Venus was actually the first manga character in the Sailor Moonverse, right? : O Speaking of Sailor Moon Crystal, doesn't the Blu Ray have a lot of errors? :I
    13. Jimin
      Happy New Year's. :occa

    14. Jimin
      I'll ask people who have it, I guess. ;33 Oh, I see. Well, I guess Mai isn't your real name then? So where did Mai come from? : O
      Yeah, that's what they all say. :hehee I see. I don't think SAO would interest me. I don't like MMORPGs. But hey, it doesn't matter what I like. What else do you really enjoy? : O
      I see. Well, I would be interested in seeing the rest of the Sailor Scouts ASAP. The earlier they arrive, the more development they get. Besides, I feel they work better together than apart. :>
      It looks so different. @__@ It's almost like two different teams animated the thing as a competition or something. @__@ But I guess as long as the plot is the same, it doesn't matter too much. I heard they changed the plot of the latest episodes though. Something about changing who finished Queen Beryl or something. DX Speaking of which... Part 1 of the Naruto manga is so quick... @__@
      It takes over half the season for them to all gather together. That's way too long. Jupiter feels underdeveloped as a result. :I Venus actually has the most back story of them all despite being last. XD

      Merry Christmas. :kloff
    15. Jimin
      Yeah, I don't remember the code. I need to ask around again... :I I liked my last custom title Nosferatu a lot... :catblush. :datass Mai in Japanese... does it sound like mayo? XD Wait never mind, they only add the o sound to consonants. lulz

      Hmm, alright... I guess if I watch season 2, I'm going all the way. :haha Well, I guess I'll have to postpone it for now though. I want to finish up Kill La Kill. What do you think about K-On? Someone I know keeps recommending it. :> When do the newer scouts debut? I'm guessing S3? : O

      Ah, alright. That's good. But one thing made me really nervous. The art for the TV show and the Blu Ray releases are literally different. I have never seen a more drastic difference than Sailor Moon Crystal. :geg I do prefer plot over art so it might not matter to me. And yeah, the biggest weakest with Sailor Moon S1 was how long it took to get all 5 together. The five mixed well together. With just 3, it felt unbalanced for sake of a better word. :p
    16. Jimin
      That's alright. It's not that big of a deal. Now that I have broken through to heaven, I will no longer care about rep. :skysun I don't think repping back is really possible though. It's way too easy to be 24'd on this site. :(

      Hmm, I suppose it's probably some special feature on Windows 7 at least. I can't seem to do it. I do know there are some codings that do unique things on this site. There's a special code you can use to get rid of your custom title if you want to. I forgot it a long time ago though. I think "Mr. Vampire" suits me fine though. :nice

      I see. What about season 2 made you like it least? Too much fillers? Uninteresting villains? Well, how about this. Do you feel seasons 3, 4, or 5 were worth watching? I think that if I were to continue, I would probably end up watching the whole thing. :lmao
      No, is it good? I've heard a lot of complaints about it. It obviously has a lot less filler but... if you're gonna watch Sailor Moon, you might as well watch the classic one. I'm a classicist at heart. XD
    17. Darkhope
      Okay cool! I followed you. ^^
    18. Darkhope
      Ohhh! Aww thank you. ^^ btw did you change your tumblr name or??
    19. Jimin
      No problem. Again, the days when people rep back are truly long dead. :( It's alt 3? I tried it. Nothing happened for me. Do you have a special program or something? What operating system are you using? DX

      Think season 2 of the original Sailor Moon anime is worth watching? I finished season 1 a little while back. I enjoyed it towards the end but it was full of fillers. I guess I'm glad I watched it since it's such a popular anime and all, but I wonder if it's worth it to continue with all the fillers and slow paced plot. :I
    20. Darkhope
      Ooooo thanks! What's your tumblr?
    21. Darkhope
      yup :D

      np~ lets enjoy these final two weeks ^^
    22. Darkhope
      welcome back :3
    23. Roja
      Thanks for the rep! **is slow in noticing** ^_^
    24. Silo
      <3 thanks for the rep!
    25. Santoryu
      Kakashi is awesome :distracted
    26. G
      I wanna give u rep..
    27. smokie01
      I've been good, except for football..arsenal :'(
    28. Amrun
      Thanks for the rep, and I like your custom title. :]
    29. smokie01
      lies :notrust
      andd omggg i might have to resit the year :cry
      teachers r chattin enough shit now -,-
    30. smokie01
      Oh aha are you avoiding him :p
      Nah last year was good..its only this year that its become so shit :-(
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