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Sep 11, 2010
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idk tbh
Sexing women

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ส็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็ส็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็, from idk tbh

....this is worse then when yotubes web designers have a change of heart Apr 23, 2016

    1. Nighty the Mighty
      1. Mali
        real introspective sad boy hours
        Aug 8, 2017
    2. Stringer
      yo Abdul, where art thu?

      I hope you're doing alright bruv
      1. Cubey likes this.
    3. ane
      Html usertitles are a bit different right now. For now you can edit them, if you know html, but you can just use 50 characters. Tbh I am not sure if you can usee marquee (that's the one that moved the usertitle), but you should be able to edit things in your usertitle like colours and size (although that one is limited).
    4. Mali
      ....this is worse then when yotubes web designers have a change of heart
    5. Sayaka
      hm, I think they count?
    6. Sayaka
      You have to join this week in SOTW COME ON!!!!
    7. Stringer
      thanks for that, so far I listened to Monster but I'll check out the other 3
    8. Stringer
      haha probably an italian thing

      by the way I dig that Future song you posted, actually never heard that one before since I've only started to get into his stuff recently
    9. Stringer
      howdy fam :ruri

      I had time to kill tonight so I streamed it

      the grandma was pretty interesting, tbh I couldn't quite figure her out, she seemed very kind on one hand, on the other she was callous and a straightup savage. the way she calmly told the housemaid ''you're ugly'' while they were having a heart-to-heart convo, I was shook :lmao

      I guess sometimes you just have to keep things real like that
    10. Alexandra
      ya, that's kinda where im at man.. too much nihilistic influence in my life got me like :maybe
      THE EXACT SAME THING IS HAPPENIN TO ME! like i swear most of the time i try to be happy chill but when im stressed im just the meanest person in existence

      that's good! hopefully things are headed the same way for me, but theres no super clear way to tell for me

    11. Ava
      I thought that site is for fights? :hm
    12. Ava
      Man nothing much, hows kanyes new album? Worth checking out? Tryna get more in the music scene, my whole RL squad are hip hop heads so if u cant beat them then join them :lmao

      Ima get you to new rank
    13. Vino
      >gets your avatar back
      >changes it again to resting bitch face

      Fuck outta here
    14. Ava
      How far are you from the next rank
    15. Vino
      Fret not, I'll get you your old avatar back.

      Also your current avy gives me the feels. :(
    16. Alexandra
      && happy valentine's day :heart
    17. Alexandra
      just like.. everything stress, man. trying to think of a part of my life that isn't giving me some stress. yeah, i feel that. i think the best place ive been is just thinking that if my life were to tragically end today id have no major regrets, all told things were pretty sweet

      its a tad bitter and sad but its true :lmao
    18. Dream
      Ask reznor. .
    19. Stringer
      yeah it was nice, I like the guitar solo at the end

      while he's a descent rapper that's not where his strength lies at I think, the part of music I enjoy most is tracks where he mixes pop and a bit of rock in it, that's where I feel his true talent is at full display because of his versatility.

      he tends to bend to criticism though, especially those from the rap-centric crowd, that kills his creativity I feel, he should just be himself
    20. Stringer
      haha same, honestly I thought it was a joke at first

      but clearly he's not the sharpest tool in the box :lmao

      I still dig his music though, his earlier stuff anyway
    21. Stringer
      looking at your sig I take it you've seen B.o.B's claims that the earth is flat? :lmao

    22. Raiden
      Thanks a lot!
    23. Alexandra
      hey, i was jus thinkin about u the other day :redface im doing pretty good, altho im lowkey stressed. howve you been babu?
    24. Stringer
      Say, is there a neighborhood equivalent to Hollywood city in london? Like some place where british actors like Idris Elba and Tom Hardy live in, or is it possible for them to blend in with the population without being pestered.

      Oh def man, there has been a few good ones made on this neck of the woods the past few years, Denis Villeneuve (born in quebec) is at the forefront of canadian filmmaking atm.

      I see where you're coming from, makes it a bit hard to actively practice or learn new languages when the city you live in speaks the most dominant language on earth (for now anyway).
    25. Stringer
      I was thirteen and a half when I left, so as of right now I've essentially spent half my life on each side. And you?

      Yep in montreal. Not as vibrant as other major north american cities tbh, but it's an alright town. And irc you live in london right?

      They be plagued by ignorance, they know how to suck a dick though :lmao
    26. Stringer
      Yep, wouldn't change a thing either. Those experiences are irreplaceable, no words for how much I appreciate the outlook I gained from it and the people I met along the way.

      Hahaha she's actually black. She's very unconventional, in more ways than one.

      Now I wish it was the case just to see your reaction :lmao
      It's Christopher, but people just say chris for short
    27. Stringer
      Yeah living in a melting pot is awesome, for the longest time I despised the fact we had to leave our home country, but getting exposed to all kinds of cultures has opened my mind on so many things, it's crazy

      There's this one girl from saint vincent I taught the word tufina yo and she absolutely fell in love with it lol, so much so that she yells it with pure joy whenever she sees me, she barely even say my name anymore :lmao<

      Quite a character.

      btw, I think can we probably call each other by our first names at this point :glue
    28. Stringer
      Jesus tendou :hestonpls

      That congolese friend of yours has taught you a few words I see :lmao

      Funny how we always learn vulgar stuff first lol, what else has he taught you?

      Oh btw for future use it's masoko* (plural form), or Lisoko* for singular.
    29. Marcelle.B
      Are you on there right now? Cuz it ain't loading up for me :hm
    30. Marcelle.B
      Kinda forgot about it :catprone
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    Sexing women
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