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Sep 10, 2012
Jun 10, 2008
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One Day We'll Be Okay, from Canada

Man-Kind was last seen:
Sep 10, 2012
    1. Revolution
      So that was no big deal to you? He didn't want his little brother hurt, so he took away his family, forced him to watch them being cut up (even the reader didn't see it, but Sasuke did) over and over again, told him he was worthless, told him to gain power through killing your best friend, meeting him again and breaking his wrist and ribs, mindraping him for TWENTY-FOUR HOURS STRAIGHT into a coma, forced him to fight to the death, give him the guilt of killing his brother, almost forgot: taught him to HATE, wispering in his ear "you are weak because you don't hate enough and you never will", and ITACHI EXPECTS HIM TO BE ALL HAPPY AND LOVING??? REALY??? That ruins a persons' mind! Regardless of what side you are on or how weak or powerful you are, you are fucked up in the head for life.
    2. Revolution
      This bothered you more then Itachi's ass-pull? (That Itachi abused his little brother because he was looking out for him)
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