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Mandala Magic
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Nov 12, 2012
Oct 28, 2009
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Jun 8, 1994 (Age: 23)
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Mandala Magic

June 8, 15:14:00, 23, from Neptune

Mandala Magic was last seen:
Nov 12, 2012
    1. Primavera
      Mine too. I haven't even finished the whole series yet though. XD I started, but I just got so lazy. Since I started watching it from the beginning last year, I've only managed to get partway through the R season. I really need to get moving.

      I liked Edo Lucy well enough. She was interesting. :D Bahaha, that would be awesome. It seems like Earthland Gray is starting to like Juvia himself, though~

      Hahaha, I always think the same thing. XD
    2. Aijin
      Heey! :glomp
    3. Aijin
      Cool. :hug
    4. Primavera
      I've used that program once before (I have a Mac too). It's not too bad. You like Sailor Moon too? 8D

      That does fit them. I thought the whole Edolas arc was pretty good. It was interesting to see all of their alter-egos. Edo!Lucy and Edo!Levy's rivalry was awesome. XD But Gray with an excess of clothing was just... I didn't know what to think. It went against everything I'd ever known. D8
    5. Primavera
      But of course! Fairy Tail's awesome. I'm still about thirty chapters behind, but I'll catch up eventually.

      No kidding! I don't care if ItaDei isn't as mainstream as SasuNaru or SasoDei; the video is amazing and should have at least 20,000 views for being pure quality. :hmpf

      I know I've seen your avatar before, but I don't remember the name. :sweatdrop I'm sorry. D8 I do know I've seen you around before, though.

      I've never heard the song before. You should let me know when you finish it, because I'd love to see it. :D What program do you use?
    6. Primavera
      So you've seen it! :iria I know, when I saw that part of the AMV, I just knew I had to use it in a sig because it was just so perfect. :wtf I have no idea why that vid has so few views, because it's gorgeous. The best ItaDei AMV I've seen by far.

      They make me fangirl so hard, I swear. XD

      Why thank you~ SNM made it for me, and it came out fantastically. You're pretty absolutelysexyawesomehotwonderful yourself. :awesome And your Lisanna and Mirajane avvy is really cute.
    7. Primavera
      Thank you. :iria

      *ItaDei fangirl squees with you*
    8. Soldier
    9. Suhoon
      I've got you beat with 50 hours this week :suave

      Have fun though :maybe
    10. Suhoon
      I hear you're not posting in the FC :maybe that's a bad thing not to do :LOS
    11. Suhoon
      :brofist Sweet
    12. Suhoon
      The Minato is a Troll FC
      Are you going to join?
    13. Suhoon
      Lurking our thread :maybe:maybe:maybe
    14. Sayaka
      i like making sets :ano
    15. Sayaka
      ok ok i get it.....

      just this once can a friend make something for you...and after that never again.........
    16. Sayaka
      what do you mean..............?

      im offering you should take offer's when people r being nice.......
    17. Sayaka
      uhh me to u know..i also like to make things nice.......

      come on just give me the stock and it will be done this weekend :33
    18. Sayaka
      the reason im like that is because i dont want to make things crummy but i can manage LQ works...they just take longer...
    19. Sayaka
      ok but can i still make you a set :sniff

      just a friend to friend no REP but cred would be nice.......
    20. Sayaka
      r you not going to respond :sniff
    21. Sayaka
      uhhh did you see my examples?
    22. Sayaka
      uhh everyone knows my sets...here are my examples....i also manga color....

      im one of the best makers...im colours apprentice and partner....

      your set is in good hands....
    23. Sayaka
      yo can i make you a set...?

      it will be done on monday....i work at shops

      btw its me itsmylife...finally got out of my naruto obsessions xD
    24. Blueprintcru
      I prefer uchiha
    25. Cyana♥
      No. Im a NaruHina fan actually.
      Sorry, I was gone xD
    26. Cyana♥
      Hey, your a NaruHina fan right??
    27. Sayaka
      sorry i thought u were going to counter u really were loosing my patients i reply back...:ano
    28. Sayaka
      well thakns for seeing a bit of it.....
    29. Sayaka
      no i still think the hug made hinata think it....i mean sakura only hugged sasuke its a big deal in Japanese culture for the opposite sex to hug each other..:sag

      if i read your post i wont care...of reply...
    30. Sayaka
      after the hug it seems soo........

      she is becoming quite obvious lately....

      but can we stop fighting..geez your really starting to annoy me :apathy..
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    Jun 8, 1994 (Age: 23)
    Home Page:
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    Episode: 145
    Chapter: 573
    Not really an anti-pairing person... and I hate certain characters with a [pairings] passion.

    Anime, Manga, TV, Chatting, Posting In Forums, Drawing, Graphics, etc.



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