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  • Looks good, just change the header to "Ladies and gentlemen".

    And you could add a special commentary about the Franchise.
    I'm sorry about that. :hug I was an history major and Greece was one of my favorite places to learn about. The whole situation broke my heart. I've had personal problems as well this last year, but they don't compare with what's happened in that great country. :(
    I think that Naruto and Hinata will be informed about the plan before they make their attack.

    Also don't you also think that Naruto and Hinata fit with the two missing links that Six paths sage passed down to his two sons? Eyes and Body?

    Hinata carries the Eyes as its been stated that the Sharingan origins lie with the Byakugan and Naruto's Uzumaki heritage distant related to the Senju.

    The way it looks, it must be the missing link that Naruto needs to defeat the Juubi.
    Tell me do you think next chapter Naruto and Hinata will pull off the Simon and Nia combo final attack on the big bad monster?
    Opa, prin mou peis pws niwtheis gia to 615 pes mou, pio pairing tou ME 3 ypostirzeis, prosexe ti tha peis omws :lmao
    Our girls are super-special-awesome in more ways than one, but I'm sure you already know that. And when you get back here, maybe you'll be reunited with her, for obvious reasons :LOS

    ...Mara is Tobi, so, he can see through Tsukuyomi, do stormtroopers have special multi-spectrometrical vision that allows them to bypass genjutsu attached on the helmet's shield or something? :wha
    Greece, eh? I used to be sweet on a girl from there. Never went much past mutual sweet talking though, for obvious reasons. :laugh

    Also, Mara isn't the only one who has figured out your genjutsu. :hurr
    Ah, so you watched a video of KHS that gave credit to my version, I guess? Link, please. :33
    Hahaha, na sou pw eisai msn, theloune na sou zhthsw ean exeis na mous tileis thn eikana me thn Hinata pou zwgrafise o Kishimoto, mou to Zhtaei o matrix XD
    Egw antea tha faw ban giati tha tous trolalrw mexri aidias XD
    pistevw to forums tha klisei ekeinh thn hmera giati tha ginei chaos XD
    A mpravo.
    Akoma kai o NS owner pistevei oti htane NH moment lla avtoi oi ANTI NH trolls oute kan theloune na to akousoune :p
    Thymise mou, den htane kapote otan zwgrafise ena cover me thn Hinata o Kishimoto eipe oti tou aresei h Hinata ?
    Exw skalwsei omws me ton tropo pou o Kishimoto alakse to tropo skephs ths Hinata apentanti ston naruto, san les kai egine kati kai tgwra einai sigourh kai apofasismenh oti tha einai mazi.
    Elpizw na mhn trollarei o Kishi! :lmao
    otan mporeis pane des to thread to Telegrams pou leei naruHina an deis ta posts mou san paradeigma pws voulwnoume ta kolozwa mia kai kali.
    Oh I know and I also love the NH smut. :ho In fact...did you happen to see the latest art piece of the rite of life perpetuation? :LOS It was posted in the last thread but if you want I can PM it to you. :hurr You like to deal with it swiftly and quickly, not bad. =D

    Sure it is. Our members are aware of the rules so we should only worry about the newbies. :noworry I am sure they're all having quite the fun now.

    So I guess you and The Man will have a serious conversation at some point. :p Oh I see, I also appreciate the on-topic fanarts and off-topicness, so it's a win/win day in the end don't you think? >D Oh I see, so you were in the shadows. ^^ I have a feeling they'll end up liking the corruption. :LOS

    Oh man having that feeling can be bad. D: Well we better start to do something about it so that you don't feel rusty, we are a team after all, the 5 of us. :amuse
    Specially the retarded politics, even more perhaps. You kill two birds with one stone with that move: you improve things in the economy and also get The Franchise's goal one step close to frutition. :LOS

    Indeed, they deserve it just like the other members that have been asking for this for a while and it's turning to be quite fun so while end it? More when we're on a manga break this week. :wink Oh yeah, right back at you with why we are strict with our rules. :quite The good part is that the members also agree, but like you said, some R&R is okay, more if it to start with the right foot the new year.

    I also am getting old, in some way. An old fart like a good friend of mine says. XD I think you should give it a small try. :) I also was failed to see the logic in holding another OT event like this one but given the circumstances I agreeded with it, it's only this day/week (?). I can't remember if you were active back in our first spam day though, I sure know I was quite busy that day. ^^ A punishment with it's good things. :maybe

    Oh that. Hmmm...Rie and I did gave Mara the whole posts we own in the 1st page so that he could do some things to them. Maybe it'll be good if you go talk to him about this personally.
    Haha. :)

    Yeah I've heard the news from quite some time, economy can be a very delicate science. :-( I bet it would, all o' them under your command. :LOS

    I have voiced out there my approval to let it continue for a second day in a row if it continues to go in this way, because I know there are some people that could be busy now but would love to come and have fun with us. Oh I see, alright then, once you're un-busy you might be able to. :quite

    I am also old fashioned I must say, so it did take some convincing in order for me to be okay with it. :laugh Plus we are very good at making our FC threads last for a good time so I am cool. You could say I am trying to be open minded with these things. :p
    It's alright MS22. :noworry Happy New Year to you as well. :quite

    I've been doing good thanks. ^^ Enjoy of the summer that has just arrived. Hope you also are doing alright and enjoying of life.

    Planning to make your presence known in our spam day or will you continue to watch over us in your Genjutsu mode? :hmm
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