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  • Occam's razor would suffice. I mean, no fucker's demonstrated shit like miasma in the series and death-curses don't have that sort of range to them, so simplest shit to say was it was a giant magic boom. Like the suicide spell or some shit. :catthinks
    MAPSK, actual calc request this time.

    “Eons ago, all magic was thus. To use it required nothing but the ability to sense magic with your mind—which every magician must possess— and the desire and strength to use it. Without the structure of the ancient language, magicians could not govern their talent and, as a result, loosed many evils upon the land, killing thousands. Over time they discovered that stating their intentions in their language helped them to order their thoughts and avoid costly errors. But it was no foolproof method.

    Eventually, an accident occurred so horrific that it almost destroyed every living being in the world. We know of the event from fragments of manuscripts that survived the era, but who or what cast the fatal spell is hidden from us. The manuscripts say that, afterward, a race called the Grey Folk—not elves, for we were young then—gathered their resources and wrought an enchantment, perhaps the greatest that was or ever shall be.

    Together the Grey Folk changed the nature of magic itself. They made it so that their language, the ancient language, could control what a spell does... could actually limit the magic so that if you said burn that door and by chance looked at me and thought of me, the magic would still burn the door, not me. And they gave the ancient language its two unique traits, the ability to prevent those who speak it from lying and the ability to describe the true nature of things. How they did this remains a mystery."

    - Eldest
    Basically sometime in the past, before magic was controlled by the Ancient Language, some fucker unleashed a spell that nearly killed everyone on the continent. This a map of the continent and a word of God statement about the overall size of it. Would it be possible to calc it, maybe via using Total Fatalities or some shit? :catfish
    Do you think you would be able to do a revision of the albion calc? I got the actual values for their height ona direct comparison picture drawn by the author of all the demons. Fatty Albion is 100m and tall Albion is 129m tall.

    Do you think it would make a difference?

    Here is the reference picture
    this bullshit is way too crazy
    but well besides the fact that the gbe formula is obviously wrong and that there must be some ftl ke singularity somewhere on this shit
    it looks right yes
    Multi-City Block level RWBY characters makes me very happy. I was about to argue about Mercury's lightning feat but after this, I was just like "fuck it whatever".

    Now go calculate how much force it took for Salem to blow up a quarter of the moon or something.
    Great work on those RWBY calculations. Looks like VS is really enjoying them, considering that they got a boost in tiering.
    The seismic moment energy is how much energy from the meteor's impact that actually gets imparted into the earthquake.
    W0t, is it the Giant Armor shattering thing from the White Trailer? I remember 0 feats from Weiss during volume 1, and my favorite character is Weiss, so that says something.
    Matt Hardy bitchslapped a tornado.

    You must practice Mattitude to bitchslap a tornado. It takes practice & faith, but I have full confidence in you, MFer! Thank you, my son is my greatest success in my life.
    Calc it? :catfish
    I'm aware. Was going to read them eventually because they expand the universe and story anyway

    And updated the calc with the Reaper KE for the Stasis power
    What hope? Bioware's lack of awareness towards scale more or less lead to the stats they're touting starting with Virmire.

    There's no justification for calling that explosion 20 kilotons when I can see it from orbit at that size *shrugs*

    They are much more powerful in Nuclear arms IIRC, just that nukes are worthless with GARDIAN IIRC. All you're left with is the fictional mass altering science, and that's clearly more limited than nuclear physics, yet overall more useful than actual nukes.
    Also, back on the quantum shit?

    We're outright told they don't have it in the codex for "Reaper Vulnerabilities"

    And I doubt it, mostly because acceleration is a thing in Mass Effect, and it obviously built up its KE over a much larger distance than capital ship cannon fire.
    That quantum locking is what makes moving a Relay impossible to move from its orbit too IIRC

    Reapers are clearly not so limited
    Why would they be that durable? They're much smaller and possess much smaller power sources compared to the Relay. No lore correlates Reaper metal with Relay metal to my knowledge either

    You can try finding feats, but I don't remember anything I could attribute to a lone Reaper for sure
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