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Jun 3, 2020 at 4:50 AM
Nov 5, 2006
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First World


Kishimoto ships NaruHina, Male, from First World

Maracunator was last seen:
Jun 3, 2020 at 4:50 AM
    1. DarkEmpressAngel
      Hey Maracunator. Long time, no say. I was wondering, can you help me out with the updates? Why is everything so backwards? And why don't I have my signature anymore? Or an album? I can't change anything but I want to. Please get back to me as soon as you can. Thanks! Btw the reason why I asked you is because, well, you seem like the person who would know a lot of stuff so get back at it me.-Bye
      1. View previous comments...
      2. DarkEmpressAngel
        Hey. I'm sorry. I know I am being annoying right now but it keeps saying I don't have access to do that when its my freaking page and its driving me insane!!!
        Mar 13, 2017
      3. Maracunator
        Weird... try these links: https://www.narutoforums.com/account/avatar
        Mar 13, 2017
      4. DarkEmpressAngel
        I want to scream at the top of my lungs rn... They won't even direct me to your links. -.- Well thanks for the help anyway. I think I know the problem. I may have to post 10 times before it is grante d to me. Anyways thanks again-Bye. :)
        Mar 13, 2017
    2. XOzelinkOX
      Viste las miradas del BoruSara en el calendario? http://66.media.tumblr.com/0eedbf5d829d30653ba2b0c6aca662f8/tumblr_oe40ciMUGj1uq3bnuo8_1280.png
      ahhh es hermoso *-*
      1. Maracunator
        Lo ví, por lo menos para esta ocasión sí están claros, y esperemos que Ikemoto y Kodachi no se pongan a jugar con triángulos cuando termine el recuento de la película.
        Oct 2, 2016
    3. BisonLlama
      Also, long time no see. I come back to forums and I get a whiny essay from Sword Sage. Glad to see nothing much has changed then...

      Seriously, talk to him please.
    4. BisonLlama
      Hey long time no see.

      I've just returned to the forums/fandom (in anticipation of the upcoming Boruto manga) and I've received a message from the lovable Sword Sage.

      He's asking me what I thought of the final chapters and about how NH hasn't had enough development and too much time on Sasuke.

      My brain hurts, can you talk to him for me please?

      Thank you and happy new year :)
    5. KyuubiFan
      Oh man. The last interaction I had in the NH FC before this week was on 2014-11-06.

      So many things happened. So many I have missed :(

      Is the FC still active?
    6. BiggsDarklighter
      oh okay. Thanks...
    7. BiggsDarklighter
      Hey Maracunator. What's the difference between using the term zombie and Hungry Ghost. Aren't they similar?
    8. Kyosuke
      Thank you so much :)
    9. Kyosuke
      Since your inbox is already full... I'll just post here my request regarding my membership in NaruHina FC...

      I'm requesting for my name to be removed from the members list. I'm not a fan anymore.

      Can't remember my registered username but you can check these: saku-saku, Potchi, Shuzo, Kyosuke.

      Hope you understand and thank you.
    10. GrandLordAtos
      He ended up coming to me, so I let him know. I just got back about 2 hours ago, so sorry about the delay!
    11. Rashman

      I'll check it out :gar
    12. GrandLordAtos
      Awesome! In that case, make the question;

      "Cast your vote: Which of the contest submissions did you like best?"
      -"The Great Duel", by -Ziltoid-
      -"Made With Love", by SoulFire!
      -"Gomenasai, Hinata-chan, by neonlion

      Or something to that effect. Anything like that should do! :)
    13. Rashman
      Very nice! :kthumb

      Glad to see it is still there :lmao
    14. Rashman
      Lol yeah, that would be best to ensure no one gets into trouble.

      These are the broken links

      Convo between Mizura and the translator Njt

      NS Thread http://forums.narutofan.com/showthread.php?t=415&page=704
    15. Rashman
      Bad news.. the thread seems to have been deleted.

      You could still manage these links though.. :hmm



      Basically shows the logic behind the whole "sakura really (x10) likes sasuke. the links to the actual translation source from Njt are dead. The purge really messed things up. :catcry
    16. Rashman
      Mara, my man! That's a really old thread lol. Still, fun memories there :laugh

      I remember Mizura was the one that started it. Her NS manifesto will be a good place to start. I'll try and find it.
    17. LesExit
      Really doesn't matter to me.
    18. LesExit
      I know I can still be a member. I just will not be active to avoid any conflicts. It's just what I think is the right thing to do.

      I was thinking of that the moment your brought it up. Though at the same time I don't really care, since I don't post there and I think my actions speak louder than my name being on a list.

      Ya ok, thanks.
    19. LesExit
      (This was meant to me a private message, but your inbox is full)
      Listen. Nothing I said in the club was me being anti-naruto. I don't understand how it came across that way. There are even others who agree.

      There are issues I have with Naruto's character, but if I was anti-Naruto I would have zero interest in the NH pairing. I have criticized him and have complained about aspects of his character. Though I'm no hater or basher who looks for excuses to make Naruto look bad.

      Yet it seemed you were jumping at me to try to make it seem that way no matter what. Calling me a faker and bringing up me posting in a club, so long ago I don't even remember when I last went to it. To me it simply seemed you were trying to antagonize me. If not, then once again I state: Nothing I said in the club was me being anti-Naruto.

      NH is already canon and the series isn't going on for much longer. I spend most of my time on Tumblr these days to indulge in anything NH related. Maybe I'll lurk, but it's probably just best for both of us if I don't post again. I'd still like to remain on the members list because it's been a long journey and I'm a NH fan through and through, but I won't actually be active anymore.

    20. Indra
    21. Corvida
      Wikipedia Narusaku?:wink
    22. Corvida
      Ay Dios!-Que solo falta que te agobies:cry
      De verdad-c?llame la bocaza cuando quieras si me paso de plasta.
      Deber?amos haber empezado el asunto en espa?ol, para que la gente acabara de tirarse de los pelos.smile-big Que ya no me entiendo ni yo.
    23. Corvida
      No pasa nada Mara!:wink
      Para follones los que perpetro yo en macarr?nico- Yo creo que no est? habiendo demasiada tensi?n y si me paso de pelmaza me callas, Que mi fobia a los cupidos y al traviatismo me pierde
    24. minniehyunnie
      Thanks for the rep!~ :nod
    25. reiyel
      That's shudō, with the long o, abbreviated from wakashudo. I remember it was also called something that translated as hidden in the leaves (Hagakure, ?Hidden by Leaves?) after some book talking about it, but that one's not super relevant unless someone wants to make geeky yaoi jokes about Kishi's SECRET SN MEANING and other convoluted theories.

      anyway the markers are older man in charge/teaching, younger man serving/adoring/learning from him, faithful to the death and indeed expected to die to protect each other and their honor. Zabuza starts out as a bad role model but one of the ways it was supposed to be mutually beneficial in history was that wanting to be a good example/be worthy of the adoration of the younger one, the older one would try to become a better person. better late than never, Zabuza? XD

      edit: whoa, i didn't realize i hadn't been around here for so long, your first message is super old. sorry man.
    26. Megilien
      Hey, Mara! Sorry to bother you, and I know that since I'm only a lurking member of the NH FC I probably don't have any right to say this, but I'd still like to complain about Pinkarette's overall behaviour- IMHO judging by their posts, their anti-Kishi sentiments are way stronger and more prominent than any pro-NH feelings, and this constant bashing ("Kishimoto's idiocy" is the latest example) is getting more and more annoying, to say nothing of the arrogance in their replies to counters. Not to mention the anti-SS, anti-Sakura attitude.

      Just thought someone should signal it all, before the mood of the FC turns even more sour -...bitter-. Thanks for reading :)
    27. takL
      im not sure but its kagebunshins i guess.
      kagebunshin isnt a prohibited jutsu unlike taju(multiple) kagebunshin.
    28. takL
      yes he did. lil naruto tried to counter the bullies with clones but all he could make were 2 teddybear size midget clones.
    29. Kenneth
      Actually, he was banned shortly after that (you can tell because his rep scales are gone due to having a Smod section ban)
    30. XOzelinkOX
      Ugh, Mara, metete al club de NH y ver?s unas interviews de Kishimoto, y despu?s de esto, me encontr? con este desgradable post que vi en tumblr (no es de un ns fan, es de ss fan) diciendo cosas al respecto....?Qu? opinas al respecto?
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