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Jan 23, 2012
May 20, 2009
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Apr 17, 1984 (Age: 35)
Toronto, Canada
Industrial Engineer


|ō The Flash ō|, 35, from Toronto, Canada

MarkDurocher was last seen:
Jan 23, 2012
    1. Tomato Sauce
      Tomato Sauce
      'ello XD long time no hear :p
      I'm still in Montreal and mmm....staying as far away as I can from forums (especially MH)...how's life with you?
    2. T.D.A
      offensive sig towards mods I think
    3. Tomato Sauce
      Tomato Sauce
      Sup Monsieur Mark <333
      Hope you get that job. Is it a good one? How did the interview go?
    4. Tomato Sauce
      Tomato Sauce
      Merry Christmas Monsieur Mark!

    5. Tomato Sauce
      Tomato Sauce
      I honestly don't care much about this whole deal.
    6. T.D.A
      whats this stuff about proof etc?
    7. MarkDurocher
      Regardless, it still brings questioning. According to my sources, you're not going to see Forever_melody post for a while. Apparently the real Emilie has gotten serious about this.

      Oh Natalie. He has other legit proof, but i'm not sure how he's suppose to explain and show it (msn conversations and such).
    8. Tomato Sauce
      Tomato Sauce
      You need something more concrete than just (s)he took down the images.
      That's not proof enough imo.

      Wanna make a comeback?
    9. Tomato Sauce
      Tomato Sauce
      Wonder when mods will delete his post
    10. Tomato Sauce
      Tomato Sauce
      No wai!
      I had enough run ins with MH mods to last me a life time.
      I prefer to e-live peacefully with staff from now on.

    11. Tomato Sauce
      Tomato Sauce
      You're only one year older than me!
      Oh sorry granpa', I should listen to your heavenly wisdom:wink

      As for TDA, I feel so abandoned. He doesn't even troll my VM anymore :(. He got tamed :( :(.
    12. Tomato Sauce
      Tomato Sauce
      Tell me about it...
      Actually I find it hilarious :lmao
    13. Tomato Sauce
      Tomato Sauce

      I'm reading now...I'll tell you more as I read
    14. Tomato Sauce
      Tomato Sauce
      OOOOOO, you have to tell me :uwah
      what, who, how and when ? :)

      lol just kidding.

      I'm doing well, but I'm going through lots of stress. I'm gonna be presenting my thesis soon, and I'm working on the last chapters. It's annoying and repetitive.

      I'm sure a genius like you wouldn't have to edit his work :LOS

      How's life with you?
    15. Tyrion
      My MH name? Why...?
    16. frijole
      I called it a long time ago...it's sad, but I'll remember the good times.
    17. Tomato Sauce
      Tomato Sauce
      Miss you too XDDD

      btw after you left MH kicked us out....ironic isn't it?!
      I wasn't literally kicked out but I took an eternal vacation from there. The main gang, bean, jd, delbi, etc were banned. some perma-ban.
      so we made our spam forum. Meh.

      So..how's life with you?

      I went rafting two days ago and was thrown in the current quite a few times :nuts
    18. T.D.A
      hows ur wife?
    19. frijole
      it's not doing any better. I don't post as often. I went from 4000 to 5000 posts in like a month a while back. I haven't hit 6000 since. People are just dumb over there now. It's like a bunch of five year olds joined up
    20. ForeverMelody
    21. Tomato Sauce
      Tomato Sauce
      hola ^^
      you're still updated with manga or you've forsaken this entire world?
    22. sherbetmayhem
      Awesome =) I'm going to catch up on them now :D xxx (are you getting married?)
    23. Tomato Sauce
      Tomato Sauce
      Congrats for the wedding (next year)! awesome...

      don't blame ya for forsaking the manga, the forums have a way of keeping people interested and since you were cut off from MH. I guess you got a cure ...
      Though you shouldn't disappear forever :p
    24. MarkDurocher
      I think I'm done with Naruto Manga in general. Scrapping the reviews.

      I have been very sour about everything. I have other priorities such as work and the upcomiing wedding (well next year).

      I'll drop by and say hi once in a while.

      I suppose this is a farewell. ^.^
    25. Tomato Sauce
      Tomato Sauce
      you know that's annoying...saying hi and then disappearing for another eternity....
      anywho....hello back :p
      did you see the chapter?
    26. T.D.A
      Joker won in the end, I turned you to the dark side, and now you are banned perma. fool :lmao
    27. frijole
      alright, let's hear it, what happened?
    28. T.D.A
      NF is better than MH in pretty much every way.
    29. Tomato Sauce
      Tomato Sauce
      you don't have to be to be so formal :p
      yeah this place is different and has different formats, but it does have good points ..you get more freedom and fun if you get into the mood.

      I'm trying not think about McGill, but I have to do something about it soon. arghhh...oh well...:)
    30. HPTR Fangirl
      HPTR Fangirl
      I've decided to make the entire Nagato flashback conversation with Naruto into one review. (Makes it a little easier on me, and gives me much ground to cover). Though it's has been quite sometime since I wrote a review.

      Anyway, it's been nice hearing from you :)

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    Apr 17, 1984 (Age: 35)
    Toronto, Canada
    Industrial Engineer
    Favorite Character(s):
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    Soccer coach and a Engineer

    sports, math, manga,


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