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Last Activity:
Jun 18, 2014
Sep 9, 2011
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Markel was last seen:
Jun 18, 2014
    1. Shiny
      The convo is much better with these silly smiles :kaga

      Well you are skinny dont you :maybe

      I still have to lose my virginity too,almost there :LOS
    2. Shiny
      its very easy to remember the codes :zaru

      lamarck was retarded,he said if someone train to be super huge and strong,the son would be very huge and strong too but doing nothing lol

      good luck in 2014,i hope you have the best sex possible :lalala
    3. fior fior
      fior fior
      Anime/film your sig & avatar are from?
    4. Shiny
      i don't like celebrations :grr but thanks :distracted

      7hours to be new year here, happy new year for ya :lalala
    5. Shiny
      2days here :ippy



      too lazy to answer with words so i use smiles :zaru

      im not so sure,i like markes these ones seems straneg lol,they rememer me of a that guy Lamarck,and yea its just a name :ippy
    6. Shiny
      lol too late,school soon :LOS

      i play online games and read to new mangas/manhuas and the korean one that i forgot the name :distracted

      holy shit i don't know what was that yea :geg:uwah

      your name is unique and awesome,i don't recommend it,what you have in mind? :hmm
    7. Shiny
      don't know,im sleeping just 8am and then i wake up just 6pm...i feel lazy, i don't know what to do with my life when i have nothing important to do :-(

      and yea :33
    8. Shiny
      :lmao happy holidays you too,good luck with the new year :gar
    9. Shiny

      lol again

      it won't be a headache because i really like it haha :del

      my finger tips don't hurt anymore and i just played for 5days( at least 4hours each day) standard strumming i guess,im search for exercices to train agility,this chromatic scale seems very useful,you should check out, i think nowadays everyone use the youtubers lol,they help a hell lot

      what im trying to say is...my felicity is independent of my real life friends,they are just a complement, the most dumb things make me happy,if someone stop me in the street and ask what time is it,and im able to respond...im happy for the rest of the day lol i love to help,it feeds me :yk thats why im doing medicine
    10. Shiny
      don 't search for them,its horrible :argh

      lol im lazy to reply to vms :psyduck

      its medicine!! its decided,i even searched for professional help to find it :del i just need to enter now :-(

      really? awesome,well i want to be the very besto too :LOS im still reading the basics,the theory,but in the same time i learned some chords so my fingers can get used to it...and i learned 4songs to make me feel better :del

      and don't leave me :gun, i hate to say goodbye to friends( except in real life because i don't care to people rl lol)
    11. Shiny
      nah its not that :pek i hate the ice cream and the lamp pokemons so much lol

      i guess you re just lazy :maybe

      i left the law school and im trying to enter in the medicine school :noworries

      im learning classical guitar too but i still post all the time ehre,i just love this place ya know? don't leave me ever again lol :grr
    12. Shiny
      i was a pokemon fan just when i was a kid,after that the pokemons got retarded lol and jigglipuff is adorable :LOS

      ill be active forever here :pek even if im studying for medicine a lot of my time :del what about you :awesome
    13. Shiny
      holy shit :argh:cry

      its a shiny pokemon brah :LOS i call her shiny jigglypuff :maybe
    14. Shiny
      Oh i see,good luck brah!! :gar
    15. Shiny
      im doing great :zaru why you left me :cry
    16. Shakar
      Go, and sluaghter the rebels.

      As long as you are with me, the Arrancar Army is invincible.
    17. Shakar
      Good. Thanks to the Hougyoku, you are now a Arrancar.

      From a Gillian. :LOS
    18. Shakar
      Good, good, Markel-kun. At this rate, you might become strong enough to serve as a Fracci?n. :LOS
    19. Shakar
      Thanks for the rep. :LOS
    20. Shiny
    21. Shiny
      yea doing great :iria breaks? :ippy bro you should join the mafia community and play some mafia games with me and other awesome people :maybe:villa
    22. Shiny
      why so long :C and why not? :lmao talk with your bros like me :maybe
    23. Shiny
    24. DraMas26
      Yeah don't expect to spend too long on this forum.
    25. Utopia Realm
      Utopia Realm
      Here's a link to the artist:

    26. Shiny
      When i get home ill watch it :del
    27. Shiny
      You got me :LOS

      You remember my name??? :ohpek

      Good night bro :maybe
    28. Shiny
      Sorry :LOS

      Yes it is a feat bro :LOS

      Thays :maybe i like this name,and i dont want to lose my virginity that fast
    29. Shiny
      we were in a barbecue in the middle of our friends bro :rotfl

      she is fucking gorgeous :argh i checked her facebook profile and that shit has 121 likes :lmao
    30. Shiny
      gross? :C

      it was awesome,:lmao her "huummmmmmmm" while kissing me was beautiful :hurr

      she want to hang out with me now...
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