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May 22, 2020
Oct 25, 2010
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Lord of Obsessed

Markness was last seen:
May 22, 2020
    1. BlueDemon
      At least you could concentrate on your studies xD My exams are also coming up in a month or so...

      I've heard good stuff about Magi, but I haven't picked it up yet. I'll pick up lots of new series soon(-ish), because many are ending now/next year anyway (Ah!My Goddess, Rosario+Vampire, Naruto, Bleach), so I'll have a few free slots :D
    2. OS
      no game no life
    3. BlueDemon
      I don't know. Wasn't he basing the heroines off his hentai? So it might be we just get those girls. And to be honest, a Neko isn't thaaaat different from a normal girl. But it would surely be fun.

      Rakan would be a freaking God by now :D I also hope to see some good ol' faces.
    4. OS
      Nijigami Alice from Stealth Symphony
    5. BlueDemon
      New chapter's out?! Great, will read it in a few minutes! :D
    6. BlueDemon
      I actually watched the YYH anime first and then read the manga (or the other way around? Don't know, but I heard that the anime was good, so I gave it a try and I didn't regret doing so)!

      Good thing is the next One Piece Box Set is coming out November (or something) this year and FMA, DN and Dragonball (in German) are still available. The only thing missing is the money :p
    7. BlueDemon
      Wow, that's quite a collection! Kudos! :D

      Yu Yu Hakusho is one of the series I'd get too, but I don't know if it's still available. Might do some research on that. But I'll first concentrate on the other series.
    8. BlueDemon
      Hehe, cool. I've also started with buying manga, got the One Piece Box Set. Can't wait for the next one (I hope there will be a next one, at least!!!).
      Also looking out for Fullmetal Alchemist and Death Note (mostly because I liked them a lot, especially FMA) and they're available.
      Dragonball isn't really available in English (at least the Box sets), so I'll probably get the volumes in German (which is also un☻☻☻☻☻☻ed).

      Those are actually the only mangas that I think are worth buying. The Breaker, too. But I'll need to see where I can get it (and I think only the first part is available in book form).

      How many series do you have on your shelf already, if I may ask?
    9. BlueDemon
      Nope, but I did hear it was pretty good! And seeing how many of the mangas I'm reading are going to end soon enough, I think I'll start reading that as well. But first come Tower of God and Kingdom.
    10. BlueDemon
      I paused after reading the 8th volume (I think). Will certainly continue it, though!!
    11. BlueDemon
      No problem, man! And through our conversation maybe more people will put their sights on it =)
    12. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage
      Hi, i seen you taking a liking towards this series? UQ Holder, I thought Touta, was the awesome character better than Negi, I mean he is not afraid of women especially older ladies such as Yukihime.

      I thought the relationship between Yukihime and Touta was good.
    13. Basilikos
      It's on my to read list, though I haven't gotten around to it yet. I'm currently reading Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer and getting caught up with Souten no Ken, BAA LO, and Pokemon Special. Also, RL stuff.

      I'll get to Oh My Goddess eventually though.
    14. Powerful Lord
      Powerful Lord
      Yeah Magi's quite good, the only problem there is the white washing and the art could be better. Alita seems interesting, James Cameron even planed to make it a film after making Avatar, now it doesn't look like it will be made anytime soon.

      I'm still trying to find room to continue reading marvel and dc comics so i'm not really interested in reading many different titles, only the most popular ones, those that are known for being very good and at the top of their genre, and the mangas that i find very very interesting. I never read Hellsing but it allways seemed interesting, i remember watching an amv years ago (i think it was nearly a decade ago) and finding it very badass.

      Forgot about Fairt Tail, yeah i read it too, i really dislike it though :p Just another manga to pass the time and i want to see how it ends. It can be entertaining but the storytelling can get bad and many times it looks like a bad copy of One Piece.

      If you want something more to read and some fights then go ahead, i probably dislike it more because i was expecting something much better. When i started Bleach last year (the anime, skiping the fillers) i was expecting it to suck badly like most said it would but i was really surprised.

      So i decided to watch Fairy Tail before i went to One Piece and i was terribly disapointed. So watch it with zero expectations, you might enjoy it.

      As for my previous coment about Bleach, well, there's something in the Holly Shonen Trilogy that makes me enjoy them even besides their problems, i'm not sure, even if they take elements from other mangas there's something in each one that has a kind of originality. Besides that i also think they offer a good variety of interesting villains.

      Another manga/ anime i have to check is Yu Yu Hakusho, maybe after watching JoJo part 3. By the way, when you finish FT and Rave Master tell me how RM compares, i heard it was quite good.
    15. Powerful Lord
      Powerful Lord
      I don't read many besides shonen, i follow the shonen trilogy, Toriko, Hunter X Hunter and Magi. I'm right now reading Vagabond. I don't have much time nor will i have in the next months but after i finish Vagabond i'm thinking of taking a look at JoJo: Speed Ball Run. I'm also planing on reading/ watching Gintama, Beelzebub and Berserk, but once again i don't have much free time.

      Am also interested in reading Monster (in print format) because of the upcoming tv show. What about you?
    16. Powerful Lord
      Powerful Lord
      That probably has something to do with it too but it's not helping One Piece though. The fights probably have something to do with it too, but JoJo having that an oldfashioned writing for some and never having received an adaption more "normal" helps. I tried selling the new anime to a friend but he quit after 2 episodes, scenes from later episodes like the pillar men didn't convince him either.
    17. Powerful Lord
      Powerful Lord
      From Part I and II i didn't find the characters that weird, there were some moments from latter parts of the manga posted in the thread that were........bizarre.... to say the least. Probably it's the strange tone one of the things that turns off most of the people.

      Another's possibly the plot being too simple for them to find it "good", i've seen many thinking Naruto was the deepest anime just because of all the "in your face" emotional moments.
    18. Powerful Lord
      Powerful Lord
      That's a real shame, JoJo's a series i'dd rather pick the volumes than read online. I would still hope they tried releasing Part I, it's short and would be a good way for them to see if releasing the rest would be safe.

      I also doubt the new anime will make them want to release more, i know many that didn't like it due to the animation or general tone of the series so i don't see it becoming very big in the USA.

      I find it kind of ironic that series like Naruto and Bleach that follow such a strict Japanese Mythology get so popular in the USA, while series with a more international knowledge like JoJo and even in a way One Piece aren't taken as seriously. The anime even reminded me of classic hollywood sometimes.

      Is Fist of the North Star good? I've heard about it a lot of times but never watched or read it, which should i pick? the manga or the anime?
    19. Powerful Lord
      Powerful Lord
      Thank you, but isn't it still possible that the 2 first parts are adapted? With the new anime and all it could be another oportunity for Viz to relaunch JoJo in America.
    20. Basilikos
      I'm 20 chapters into LO. The part where Alita recently teamed up with Zazie.
    21. Basilikos
      Btw, I recently finished reading BAA. Man, it's certainly a manga with a depressing tone. :-(

      I've started on BAA: LO too and it's looking alright so far. The artwork is quite good and an improvement from the prequel.
    22. nekroturkey
      Yeah, it's the same over here. Some of the bookstores used to carry HxH volumes, but stopped after awhile (they only had like one or two volumes in stock anyway when they did sell them). So I was pretty much forced to buy them online (I got some similar deals, like "Buy 3 books and get the 4th free" kind of thing). Same as you though, between bills and everything, I had to save up a little bit from each paycheck to get the volumes. Thankfully HxH is the only manga I read, so it wasn't too expensive. lol

      That's really nice of your library to do that though. I've heard of some people doing the same with some success (their libraries even got a hold of some of the rarer volumes), which makes me wish I had tried the same thing. lol
    23. nekroturkey
      I know how you feel, I really wanted to own them all as well. It was difficult, since a few of the volumes were already out of print when I started buying them, but I eventually got them all. It was completely worth it though, especially when it came to getting those rarer volumes. I'd order the common volumes in bulk from Amazon (4-5 volumes every week or two) while I'd camp eBay for a good deal on those rare ones.

      Which volumes are you still looking for?
    24. Basilikos
      Sounds promising. I've read to where Yosaku (Teppei's teacher) is introduced and is healing everyone from the Century Soup arc. That fight between Toriko and Tommyrod was damn awesome. :datass
    25. Basilikos
      Unfortunately, no. :lmao It's still on my to read list of course but I want to get caught up with Toriko and Souten no Ken before I put another manga on my plate. I have a couple weeks or so of summer break left but I simply won't get around to that series quite yet.
    26. Shiba D. Inu
      Shiba D. Inu
      from Fate Stay Night - Saber, Rider, Caster & Rin Tohsaka
    27. Sol_Blackguy
      I think that Blazblue EX and KOF XIII are the best fighters this gen. Persona 4 is looking solid as well. I'm buying it day one even though I never played Persona. Arc system is really talented in terms of Fighters. Well its probably because the team was the people who made Darkstlakers and The Last Blade. Capcom needs to step up their game if they wana match the quality of Arc and SNK. SFXT and Marvel just baby you around with X-factor and Gems. While KOF and BB rewards you with skill.

      I might go to evo for KOFXIII and Persona 4 Arena(if its there) next year if I get the money.
    28. Sol_Blackguy
      KOF had over 900 entries and with over 10 countries participating. I'm really glad to see the game getting more love. and SFXT getting less.
    29. ChaosTheory123
      Hakumen no Mono would hand Inuyashaverse its ass easily enough :maybe

      I love threads like that. Just pure comedy. :lmao
    30. Basilikos
      Looking forward to it. I'll get to it when I can for sure this summer.
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    The Battle Angel Alita Last Order anime that hasn't been made yet
    Just some guy who surrounds himself with alternative culture.

    Manga, fighting games, Disgaea, music, short stories (reading and writing them), etc.
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