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Jul 10, 2019
Jan 15, 2005
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whatever I feel like doing.


Dick in hand, from Swanney's

What the fucking fuck is this fuck? Apr 23, 2016

martryn was last seen:
Jul 10, 2019
    1. makeoutparadise
      Hunterxhunter ! And blood lad. You repped me in that alien thread
    2. makeoutparadise
      I'm doing well I'm currently on a Netflix anime binge! Thanks for the rep btw
    3. makeoutparadise
      How are you doing martryn?
    4. Mariko
      Cheers (whatever it means) :distracted
    5. Mariko
      "Sans rancune" as we use to say by here... :cat
    6. Mariko
      Well... I'm confused :catthinks
    7. Mider T
    8. Mider T
      Mider T
      Celebrity Death Game 2016 soon?
    9. Worm Juice
      Worm Juice
      Yes I added the dnd peoples :nuts
    10. Kusa
      That was in Oberhausen centro. It's in Germany.
    11. A. Waltz
      A. Waltz

      is that the full basic economics by thomas sowell? or is that something different?
    12. A. Waltz
      A. Waltz
      thank you very much for the detailed list!! :DD im so excited now, it's like christmas!
    13. A. Waltz
      A. Waltz
      Haha, this is exactly the kind of advice I love!

      And well I don't plan on being an economist or anything like that. I'm just interested in it and find it important to know how to look at the world through that frame of reference.

      As for being a physicist..well I'm not sure if that's the path I want to take, since you'll always be working under a national or university laboratory, and I imagine there's lots of bureaucracy behind it. I might do some undergrad research this summer so who knows if my opinion will change then, but I doubt it.

      I'm pretty much taking physics because I love it and because it helps you think very well, and I think that asset can be taken to any industry. I'd like to work in a big tech business or something. Think Silicon Valley. Or perhaps create my own business some day.

      I suppose engineering is better, then, even for those purposes. You're not the first person to have majored in physics who has told me I should go for engineering instead lol :lmao For some reason I just can't help find engineering really unattractive, probably because every asian or white boy I know of with no goals in life just deters to being an engineering major because "it pays well/my parents made me do it/im asian." That's probably a horrible reason for me to find it unattractive, since realistically speaking it is quite up my alley..bringing new technologies to market.

      I'm taking chemistry right now and I'm liking it a lot. And yeah I was looking at what the courses for an economics BA required and they were mostly just some advanced form of macro and microeconomics. I've heard of Nash before, he died recently right? I'll definitely check out those books! Do you have any more recommendations? I do find it easier to simply read about a topic to learn about it but I thought pursuing the degree itself might give me an edge in the job market. Is that true or would it still be useless if I were say applying to a video game company or a Silicon Valley company?
    14. A. Waltz
      A. Waltz
      ah so you miss the proofs? im thinking of double majoring in econ alongside physics. why do you think you should have went with math?
    15. Jersey Shore Jesus
    16. Freechoice
    17. Morphine
      and what picture are you referring to?
    18. Morphine
      i don't know what to say about that honestly :haha
    19. Morphine
      We're a rare breed for sure
    20. Morphine
      erm... since i was born basically
    21. Morphine
      Bulgarians obviously. :hurr
    22. Morphine
      we don't celebrate halloween here dear
      it's been kind of trendy the past few years but i'm really not into it
      i could dress up as a fat bitchy mess which is what i am 24/7 hahahahah
    23. Morphine
      i tell mine no already and she understands, doesn't always comply
      gotta be tough on the kids, man
      they have no mercy for you when they decide to manipulate you
    24. Morphine
      gotta work on that
      he knows he's exploiting her but he won't stop unless she shows him it doesn't work
    25. Morphine
      i doubt that she's spoiling him, babies generally cry when something doesn't happen the way they want to
    26. Morphine
      wailing most of the day most days
      it's driving me nuts
    27. Morphine
      yeah babies don't tend to stay still do they
    28. Morphine
      waiting for the walking to start happening soon

      oh there is a certain time i have to have been here? i didn't know will reapply then
    29. Morphine
      very much alive thank you
    30. Chamcham Trigger
      Chamcham Trigger
      I meant how he left the forums. Seems he got permabanned.
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    whatever I feel like doing.
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    Naruto sucks, now. I like the episodes/chapters where it didn't suck.
    I am probably the most kickass person ever.

    Pruning, sexing up the ladies, drinking, and sleeping


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