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Jul 10, 2019
Jan 15, 2005
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whatever I feel like doing.


Dick in hand, from Swanney's

What the fucking fuck is this fuck? Apr 23, 2016

martryn was last seen:
Jul 10, 2019
    1. Chamcham Trigger
      Chamcham Trigger
      I'm starting to do so again (come by a few times a week, that is). I'm glad to see that you're still here. Seems Lord Yu went out with a bang the day I came back, though.
    2. Chamcham Trigger
    3. Freechoice
      But we are best friends :catcry
    4. Freechoice
      Friendy why :catsad
    5. Mikaveli
      Oh cool then
    6. Freechoice
      I'd jump off the balcony and do a commando roll then take cover. When the gunfire stops I go back up and find Alison still alive but bleeding badly. She looks up at me as I grab her hand, her eyes wide with fear. Slowly, I reach behind me and grab the carton. I reach in and pull one out.

      Her mouth his full to the brim, she's having trouble swallowing so I jam two fingers and push it down her throat. There that's one. I grab another, crack the shell and stuff it into her face. Over and over I do this, egg after egg pulverized and mashed down her throat until all dozen are gone. I reach behind and grab the next carton from the pile as I hear sirens in the distance. In a frenzy I grab all 12 and knead them together into one large egg mass and shove it down her throat. So much egg now it's coming out of her nostrils. I keep going. Mashed egg oozes out of the bullet holes as she lay there dying. I can do this. I feel a hand on my shoulder "that's enough sir". I slap it away and keep going. Soon multiple hands yank me away from my darling Egg Queen. "Sir, please stop, sir..."
    7. Banhammer
      Immigration is definitely going to be a major issue for me, so I'd appreciate that, but also most other issues pertaining to the social sphere.

      Yes, I want not crazy sounding conservatives, as it is incredibly easy to make just about the tamest of them sound like Donald Trump had a baby with Vox day and shooted him up with steroids
    8. Banhammer
      So I need your help

      I'm going to have a debate tournament soon, and the judging panel is loaded with absurdly liberal individuals.

      There's a fifty fifty chance I may be designated to defend conservative values, so I need to do it in a way that makes me sound like a normie enough not to get written off by one them faggits in a fit of self righteous indignation.

      Since you knew some good sources for this like Ben Shapiro, and you're tied for the second least absurdly radicallized conservative values I can think of I was hoping you had a couple of other decent ones I could appeal to
    9. pfft
    10. BashFace
    11. BashFace
      How many gods are there? I mean I have a superiority complex to compensate for my belly but I'm hardly a god. :catsad

      I mean maybe I am a god, you'd know I assume?
    12. BashFace
      Hahahaha, did it disappoint? Or maybe it got your belly down? :lmao

      Yeah I love gravy, chicken salt, chips, wings, burgers :druul
    13. BashFace
      Yeah man fuckin oath doughnuts and wings :druul

      I'm a man who has a taste for gravy and just about anything that can be dunked in it. :brofist

      But yeah same here man I haven't been doing much nothing really changed here, I might have "bloated" a little as well. :catflower
    14. BashFace
      Dude we've talked heaps it's just been ages, how you been?
    15. BashFace
      Hey nerd you're awesome lets be friends
    16. Freechoice
      I like your humor style :laugh
    17. Setoshi
      She has to make money for the family name after all. :cat
    18. Setoshi
      What about Mercedes or Shante?
    19. Setoshi
      Marty i want a cute little daughter. What should i name her
    20. Reznor
      Thank you for bringing this to me.
    21. Stelios
      ahahaha that part takes long indeed
    22. Stelios
      Thanks man. time flies since they are born isn't it?
    23. Detective
      While she may be your other half, there is a saying that only a 80's Generation Bro can understand another 80's Generation Bro.

      I just randomly listened to the theme to that old TV show, The Littlest Hobo, in memory of Gooba. And it felt right, like he would understand EXACTLY why.


    24. Detective
      If you do happen to have a set of sudden, yet silent tears, it's okay man. It's fucking okay.

      It's raining badly outside in Toronto right now. It's just the water running down my face.

    25. pfft
      no you're not
    26. ЯƎWO⅃ᖷ
      well, you're welcome.

      rep is an acceptable method of payment.
    27. ЯƎWO⅃ᖷ
      If you can't understand without being told, then you don't deserve to know. Think about that.
    28. Legend
      Complete Fantasy Football Domination
    29. Legend
      You are cruising for a fantasy bruising
    30. ЯƎWO⅃ᖷ
      hey mart
      i told bacon i wanted you to be my video vixen
      what say you?
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    whatever I feel like doing.
    Favorite Character(s):
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    Naruto sucks, now. I like the episodes/chapters where it didn't suck.
    I am probably the most kickass person ever.

    Pruning, sexing up the ladies, drinking, and sleeping


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