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Jul 10, 2019
Jan 15, 2005
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whatever I feel like doing.


Dick in hand, from Swanney's

What the fucking fuck is this fuck? Apr 23, 2016

martryn was last seen:
Jul 10, 2019
    1. Buskuv
      I meant just in case.

      I don't think need any moderation of any sort in there, but in case we need titles changed or threads merged or whatever. Janitorial stuff.
    2. Mider T
      Mider T
      I thought I requested last year, guess someone denied me. Bacon just sent me a PM telling me to join which is how I noticed.
    3. Shinobu
      If this already disturbs you, I seriously don't know what you are doing on the internet or on this forum. :lmao
    4. Shinobu
      Pretty sure I could report it and a Mod would see it different, but well, that's just ridiculous and not worth it.
    5. Shinobu
      Abusing the neg system, wow. :maybe
    6. Zhariel
      Since we both expressed love for the Pumpkins and are close in age; do you feel the Stone Temple Pilots are a criminally underrated band? Like, for all those great singles they had, they just feel like some nice group looking back? I was a huge fan, personally.
    7. kire
      Thanks for the approval!
    8. DragonHeart52
      Hey, martyrn. I'm writing up my final research project for my master's degree, so not much posting time. Just online now to check for some hentai for the b/f. Thanks for taking care of the retirement request.
    9. Monna
      I'm merely a relic of the past
    10. pfft
      I never see you
    11. pfft
      Where you at?
    12. Gibbs
      You're a dick.
    13. Roƅ
      They took up so much panel time :catprone

      And Kinemon? He's alright.

      His ability comes in handy here and there.

      I really liked the ending of the arc (Kuzan, Dofla, Smoker)
    14. Roƅ
      Well, like I said, all the arcs had bits of good in them.

      The one thing that dragged PH down for me was the sub-plot with the kids.

      That was some annoying shit.

      Everything related to Dofla, Vergo, and Law was pretty damn good though.
    15. Roƅ
      Doesn't sound bad.

      Yea, America ruined One Piece.

      That kind of sucks because a lot of people don't give it a chance because of this.

      I think the only downs One Piece has had are Amazon Lily, Reunion on Sabaody, Punk Hazard and Fishman Island.

      They all had their fair-share of good moments, but weren't nearly as good as the others.
    16. Roƅ
      One Piece? Nice man. I've been keeping up with the manga since 2012 or 2013 (Mid-Punk Hazard) but have been an OP fan for a decade now.

      I'm not sure what Lupin is.
    17. Roƅ
      Well there you go :datass

      You big into manga/anime at all? Or is it just something small you do on the side?
    18. Roƅ
      Yea, it's understandable, seeing as the releases are pretty random.

      I started reading it like 2 years ago, finished the GA arc and dropped it (Not sure why).

      Then, just this July, I re-read it and am now on chapter 308/337.
    19. Roƅ
      Yea :brofist

      Femto has been in less than a percent of the manga, so one might not catch it right away.
    20. Roƅ
      Nah, not at all actually :lmao

      Like I said, I just had a vague image of what your avatar was.

      Mine is actually from a manga called Berserk. A very good Seinen, if you're into that stuff.
    21. Undead
      Shit, hey old timer. :asuma
    22. Roƅ
      For some reason I recalled your name when making my set.

      Probably because I vaguely remembered your avatar.

      It looked similar to mine in my head.
    23. CJ32X
      Hey I've had this account up from long ago and I was wondering where do I go to delete the account?
    24. Angel
      Ty. Hope you and the family are well.
    25. Didi
      Sure, I'll do that!
    26. Didi
      np man, I just saw it and figured 'why the hell not'
    27. Didi
      Oh okay, I wasn't aware of the rules. What are they?
    28. buff cat
      buff cat
      /goofy grin of approval :B
    29. Detective
      Damn, those were some weak ass Brits then. You would think they would at least try to attempt a pub crawl, at the very minimum.... :ippy

      I don't even drink, and I know that's a requirement of all British inhabitants of a bachelor party.

    30. Detective
      And we fall further down the rabbit hole that was your last night as an unmarried man. I still think you should sue Hollywood for taking the shenanigans of that night and the subsequent morning after, and making it into a trilogy. :-(
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    whatever I feel like doing.
    Favorite Character(s):
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    Naruto sucks, now. I like the episodes/chapters where it didn't suck.
    I am probably the most kickass person ever.

    Pruning, sexing up the ladies, drinking, and sleeping


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