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Jul 10, 2019
Jan 15, 2005
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whatever I feel like doing.


Dick in hand, from Swanney's

What the fucking fuck is this fuck? Apr 23, 2016

martryn was last seen:
Jul 10, 2019
    1. Kurou
      I am always good looking
    2. Legend
      It'll cool, maybe next year
    3. pfft
      we can take this to pms! lol im jk you dont have to share with me meanie.
    4. pfft
      lol if you wanted to be a clever cad you could have suggested it be a picture of a gf or his sister or something awful like that.

      tell me more about that :wtf
    5. pfft
      i meant at the comment below mine.

      however i feel almost sad for you losing tit pics but then again not really cuz i mean you get to touch your wife. /jelly

      i just meant at what you should make him give you tit pics for even a smidgen of a chance.
    6. pfft
      V you better say tit pics.
    7. Freechoice
      Is there something you require, friendo?
    8. buff cat
      buff cat
      America, fuck yeah
    9. Ram
      Fantastic, thanks buddy.
    10. buff cat
      buff cat
      Aw yiss. Old fucks represent.
    11. buff cat
      buff cat
      Lol I will. What does it do though? (the retirement)? :yay
    12. Lord Yu
      Lord Yu
      Yes, since you enjoy tabletop games.
    13. Lord Yu
      Lord Yu
    14. Hozukimaru
      So it's about the woman praying? Had the verb unusual been used to describe an ancient traditional african dance would that make it more acceptable? It comes from a different culture which is not frequently exercised here, that's all...
    15. Hozukimaru
      Is it about the muslim woman praying? It was just out of the ordinary, unusual as in "not commonly occurring".

      Is it about my suspicion on the legitimacy of the claim? I think it's largerly reasonable.

      Is it me stating the fact (supported by numerous studies) that atheists tend to be fairly intelligent compared to the average person and my disappointment at the thought of one being involved in such incidence (as I happen to fall into that group)?

      My intentionally arrogant and egotistical joke about self-perfection? :maybe

      My belief that praying near others doesn't equal proselytizing?

      I don't see anything neg worthy on my post. As for your amusing neg comment, I'm 165 pounds, 6 feet tall, 37-34-40, do not own any hats and try to keep my beard's neck line at check at all times. :lbj
    16. Jersey Shore Jesus
      Jersey Shore Jesus
      Oh I seeā€¦ Ok thanks.
    17. Jersey Shore Jesus
      Jersey Shore Jesus
      You can't even describe it to me? Its that secret?
    18. Jersey Shore Jesus
      Jersey Shore Jesus
      What is the "Retirement" group that you help run?
    19. Sunuvmann
      I would be happy to pack your bags on that beautiful day in January, asswipe. :love
    20. Jersey Shore Jesus
      Jersey Shore Jesus

      Thought you might like this.
    21. pfft
      lol she posted them in the bh if i remember correctly. then she took them down. i think.

      you have me thinking of all these old members and how i cant talk to them anymore because they are no longer posting.
      thanks alot oliver
    22. pfft
      yeah you do have high standards.. i like the new rules then

      nagisa = kitsune

      well thats good. that place is dead as shit it needs to be livened up.
    23. pfft
      its true. however i am one of those newer totally worth it types. as for anyone else i would say no.

      surprised to see you rejected nagisa previously though. she is worthwhile. too bad she mainly lurks now. from what i can tell anyways.

      am i the first 09 joindate to be in?
    24. pfft
      you know apart of you wanted me to join anyways.
    25. pfft
      how can it look better? let me gloss it up for you.
    26. Bioness
      We already do "change" it with amendments. But you are right I am making broad statements. I was speaking in general because it doesn't sit well that a individual or set of texts seems to do so much, but is changed very little.

      Nothing about it stands out as bad, was thinking how loud about a subject I have limited knowledge on. Thanks for talking.
    27. Bioness
      What is the constitution if not just a set a laws?

      Don't you think it would be more efficient if it were changed to fit today's standards?
    28. Bioness
      Not being critical by the way, just testing your convictions and to get a different point of view. My view being that laws should be flexible and change as time changes.
    29. Bioness
      So you see it as infallible?
    30. Bioness
      Why is it people cling to century old laws as if they were perfect and all knowing.
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    whatever I feel like doing.
    Favorite Character(s):
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    Naruto sucks, now. I like the episodes/chapters where it didn't suck.
    I am probably the most kickass person ever.

    Pruning, sexing up the ladies, drinking, and sleeping


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