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Nov 19, 2019 at 12:41 AM
Jan 13, 2010
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Danger is my middle name!

MartyMcFly1 was last seen:
Nov 19, 2019 at 12:41 AM
    1. Zyrax
      Man. What does it feel like to have a post quoted from 5 years ago? I can't even understand what Lembu is saying, either.
    2. CC Ravis
      CC Ravis
      Man. What does it feel like to have a post quoted from 5 years ago? I can't even understand what Lembu is saying, either.
    3. Deleted member 23
      Deleted member 23
      I take it you repped me cause I shat on Normality?
    4. rocconorth
      My lord you are just unloading haymakers on that guy in the "fanservice" thread. BTW...me and that guy got into a similar back and forth a few months ago on a fanservice thread. If you have the time go back read some of it. Here
    5. rocconorth
      You're doing gods work. I've gotten into it in threads like these (ie. fanservice). The silent minority is in your camp, but they do need to break their silence more often.
    6. Punished Pathos
      Punished Pathos
      You have some excellent posts in the plaza.
      Keep it up, teach these fools the truth.
      They are unaware of their own true natures, yet that act it out unconsciously.
    7. Chrollo Lucilfer
      Chrollo Lucilfer
      Thanks for the rep. No that isn't from the upcoming game. It's just some devianart from back when Goku and Vegeta first fought
    8. LesExit
      I found the message in your neg strange XD
      I don't think those ladies aren't pretty, they aren't very realistic though(lol especially with armor that doesn't protect them). I also don't find myself ugly :3
      I do think there should be more variety, so we're not all fed this standard of what should be male and female beauty though.
    9. Punished Pathos
      Punished Pathos
      Dont rep me, just neg me
    10. Kusa
      I only came to say that you have a really good taste when it comes to women.I also think spanish girls and girls from middle eastern are very good looking.:awesome
    11. ObfuscatingStupidity
      Now, now. Not all the things I say are radical feminist talking points that nobody cares about or wants to hear. Some things I say are socialist talking points or obscure Christian theological points that nobody cares about or wants to hear. o:
    12. Hand Banana
    13. Random Stranger
      Random Stranger
      Don?t think. Relax, open up your legs some more and let me in. I want in :redface
    14. Mael
      I'm just saying in general. It hasn't popped up yet because he wasn't around.
    15. Mael
      Wait until you see Orochimaru's argument for fat women and how apparently models are all anorexic skeletors. :lmao
    16. Lycka
      Thanks, You ever heard of him before?
    17. Bontakun
      Thanks for the rep, brah.
    18. Itachі
      Lol. You say that like you know me. And it doesn't matter if he has a #1 in the US. I'm actually not creepy. I was just curious as to why you negged me. So in reality you negged me because you thought I said he was creepy because he cheated on his wife? Well I didn't say that and you took it completely out of context. You assume too much.
    19. Itachі
      I said he's creepy and he cheated on his wife. Didn't say that made him creepy. Ah, ignorance.
    20. Halcyon
    21. Revolution
      With all the worry in places about obesity, when the truth is many places in the world has people who are starving or cannot afford to live a life with so much leasure as to get on to a website such as this one. That is why I'm saying its better to be overweight then underweight. It means you are more fortunate then you could be.
    22. DejaEntendu
      Dang, dude.

      Was hoping this thread woud get more and more humorous:


      Oh well, haha. Thanks for the rep.
    23. StrawHat4Life
      This is a warning for flaming in this gem of a thread. Please post civilly and constructively. Personal insults in a debate will not be tolerated.
    24. Buckbeard
      I told you guys it was Kenpachi Unohana, and they all laughed at me :sun

      Thanks for the rep :urahaha
    25. Inuhanyou
      thanks for the rep bro, the anime adaption is looking pretty spectacular no?
    26. MrPrince
      Thanks for the rep!
    27. Speedy Jag.
      Speedy Jag.
      Cheers for the rep, I'll still take it. :amuse

      What music do you listen to?
    28. impersonal
      I was mostly upset that I lost my time. Why would you post something like that?
    29. EJ
      Or how about the post was made out of amazement on how redundant the comments were in the thread, and how people wouldn't change others opinions most likely. Plus, the fact that it was aheated debate.

      Though, I'd rather not even discuss this even further due to the fact that you are very serious about this topic, and you probably have had a bad experience with the reasons you have given before.
    30. Iovan
      rep thanks :imslow
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