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Jul 23, 2017
Aug 30, 2010
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Masai was last seen:
Jul 23, 2017
    1. Jon Moxley
    2. Meia
      Hey since I'm extremely inactive on nf, it might be better if we continued this convo on skype, if you want to. :33
    3. Kaitou
      Hey man it's been forever. That sounds like a plan. I guess you went on another trip recently?

      And yeah I start classes at the end of this month.
    4. Meia
      Well there are those vacations that are for resting and those for exploring. When I travel to a place I never visited I love to explore and experience the culture as much as I can. I'll rest later. :argh
      JAPAN? Oh you lucky man. Japan is a really special place, I hope you'll enjoy their culture. Where in Japan are you exactly going?

      No, it depends on the college you choose. I just explained how it went to my friend, let me copy paste:
      Well, basically I applied for two colleges. The philological one and the one with I.T.
      Apparently, fon (the one with math) had the highest number of applicants in the history of Serbia.
      In the end, the majority screwed up the math exam and 90% of people have between 10-25 points out of 60, including me so idk what the college is going to do. :rotfl /they gave a slightly more difficult test than expected because the competition was so great. I highly doubt I will get it. It wasn't a surprise to me tbh, I sort of expected it since I didn't study enough. I really slacked off a lot.

      On the other hand I got into the philological one and I can apply for every group in the college because of my number of points. Not only that, but I got "on the budget" so I won't have to pay for anything. I didn't study almost at ALL for this college and I got in so I am quite satisfied with that.

      Now I have no idea which program I am going to choose. I don't particularly feel like studying any language. My mom told me to consider "Bibliography and I.T." . I thought about Dutch and Scandinavistics too, but I don't know. I have to make up my mind before the 18th.
    5. Kaitou
      Yes I plan to go back this year to get my Master on Business. I am working at home right now and I like what I am doing more the Culinary but if what I do doesn't last, I always have Culinary as my backing.

      That sound like so much fun man..do you plan to do something related to it as a career? :hmm
    6. Kaitou
      No problem man. It was definitely good. But now that I got my shit done enough, I need to go back to get my Masters.

      That's good to know man. I know what you mean... that satisfaction of getting shit done, and you did it all by yourself. Another good thing as well, it's good to see new places. Any places in particular?
    7. Meia

      You've become a man of the world now. :LOS I always knew you had it in you.
      Did you visit the shrine and historical monuments? It is so refreshing to visit a culture so different from our own. It really does add to who you are as a person, you become richer spiritually.

      London sounds amazing, I can't wait to visit both of them. Yes travelling just makes you see the bigger picture. All the little troubles seem so insignificant when you realize how big the world is and how free you actually are.

      I am ok, I HAVE A WEEK UNTIL MY COLLEGE ENTRANCE EXAMS. It is really stressful and I am rather unsure of how it will turn out because I've been really lazy this year and haven't studied much, but let's hope for the best.
    8. Meia
      Maybe you should ask on one of those photography forums, they can give you pretty good advice. Do you want to take artistic pictures or just plain touristic ones?

      I always knew you had it in you. One day you will become a worldly man. I am so proud of you. :del
    9. Kaitou
      It's definitely being a while, man.

      I'm doing great really. I don't believe I ever told you that I graduated already from college so now it's all about planning ahead. What about you?
    10. Kaitou
      Hey man. Long time no talk.
    11. Meia
      Omg, you are going to China? :wtf HAVE AN AMAZING TIME, TAKE LOTS OF PICS AND TELL ME EVERYTHING WHEN YOU RETURN. /won't be soon, but I will wait.

      I am currently on my break, reading Brothers Karamazov and doing nothing in particular that's interesting. :lmao
    12. Meia
      Happy holidays. :33
    13. Meia
      I would choose Japan and China would be my second choice. That's so awesome though you have to go through it :O. Think of it like this. which culture has the most to offer in a short amount of time and what would you regret the most not seeing.

      I am fine, I'm sick right now so I have some free time finally. :argh
    14. Meia
      I thought I replied, what is this :argh.
      Better to start a new convo.How are you doing my friend?
    15. Meia
      I've just decided to go with something I know I won't hate. It covers a wide field of subjects such as computers, languages and economics. If I'm interested in something, I can do it in my free time so there is nothing to worry about. I'm mostly focusing on the present and everything life can give me at the moment. Better to enjoy every period of your life as much as you can, without worrying too much about the future, but also making decisions which will ensure it. I'm quite satisfied with things at the moment, but a little nervous. :O. That's normal though. It just laid random eggs. Apparently female parrots can lay unfertilized eggs and that's what happened. We were convinced she was a guy because she was ridiculously aggressive. She almost broke the cage once. Sadly we had to take the eggs from her because they wouldn't hatch anyways. If we left them there it would have just tortured her. I am swimming a lot right now, but I might try out kendo because some of my friends asked me to try it out with them. I really hope the plan won't flop because I love swords. :argh The whole thing costs a lot though.
      I love pirates and you're right, there are so few games of them. :( I share your pain, man.

      You'll never know it till you try. You know, life is long, you might have the opportunity to do it in the future so don't worry about it. Still, don't postpone it too much, because you might end up never doing it. If it's something you feel, you should follow that instinct. I think those "inner" voices and needs are something which should be satisfied and are there for a reason.

      That's true, but when you think about it, changing just a small thing might end up changing your whole life. It makes me wonder something: like if I changed some things about my life would I even be the same person? :hmm
    16. Meia
      I am supposed to apply soon. I have no idea what I'm going to choose. :argh Languages are my back up plan if all else fails and I'm not even sure which language I would choose. :lmao I have no particular plans, I am going to Greece this summer again. Random info which comes to my mind: I just figured out my parrot is a girl, I got back in touch with some of my old friends from elementary school and the place I used to live in, I am going to start working out again and knowing myself I will become a sports freak again, I started playing Assassin's creed:brotherhood again and I love it and next week I'll be visiting my old grand grand father's house in Kraljevo, which is my favorite house in the world.

      I'm really sorry to hear that, but I'm glad you're alright. You're so chill with handling everything, I swear you should become one of those inspirational gurus or something. :lmao It's really amazing. It is both a sad and happy thing at the same time. You know it's in their nature, but you want them to stay with you a little more. At least they'll be able to experience other cultures so that's great. I hope they're doing fine. Have you considered moving to another country?

      When you're a child you're more free in a "I have no worries and don't know much about the world so everything seems interesting" way. As an adult you have a freedom of choice and have the ability to get to know the world more so that's nice too. Actually no, I think that every part of life is enough the way it is. Although I miss the so called "mental" innocence I had before, I am quite satisfied now. How about you? Would you ever change some decision you made if you could?
    17. Meia
      Nothing wrong, I've just been so busy that it really drained me, but I'm doing fine. That really sucks, I know, but it's understandable since we've both been so busy. Hopefully that will change sooner or later and we'll be able to talk more. :< Thanks for that. How's life been for you, more details? :>
    18. Meia
      I haven't been on NF in such a long time, I can't even believe it. I am doing well, slightly overwhelmed with a few things in my life right now. How about you?
    19. suga
      Felizmente no es el caso. :lmao Oh no, es un mal caso! Odio estar aqu? pero a?n as? sigo regresando. La gente tambi?n me enfada pero a?n as?, SIGO REGRESANDO! No lo entiendo. :sag Pregunta, ?usas Skype/MSN?

      Sabia que ibas a decir eso. :hurr Pero China, huh. Suena maravilloso. Nunca me comentaste que estabas estudiando Mandar?n! :lmao Que envidia.
      Londres me facina. Es una ciudad muy 'posh' por decir, y tambi?n contiene unas buenas escuelas. La vida de ciudad me llama, ya que no la he experimentado muy bien. :} A lo mejor sueno un poco superficial, pero es lo que me llama la atenci?n, hah haha.

      :lmao! No es tan dif?cil cuando tienes la determinaci?n y la raz?n para hacerlo. Pero si he encontrado que es arriesgado porque tienes que tener mucho cuidado con la dieta. Al principio si es mucha perdida de nutrientes, vitaminas, y calor?as, as? que hay que comer mucho y apropiadamente. :c
    20. suga
      Masai... :pek ?Donde has estado?

      ?Dios, has estado tan ocupado? Me entristece escuchar que estas tan cansado. Ya te escuchas como mi papa y tu eres muy joven para eso. :I ?Cual es el pa?s al donde te mudarias? Si no es tanta molestia preguntar. A?n as?, eso suena emocionante. Yo solo he vivido en U.S.A y M?xico, pero si tuviera la oportunidad, me iria a Londres. :} !
      Y gracias por mencionar que la vida es mas fabulosa en los twenties. :lmao Este a?o cumplo veinte!

      Oh my god, hah haha, desafortunadamente he fallado. Solo soy vegetariana porque he tenido que consumir productos l?cteos. Es mucho para mi intentar tanto cambio en solo unos meses. Y s?, casi toda mi dieta es basada en soya. :p
    21. suga
      Luis, siento mucho no haber respondido tu PM. Mi computadora no funciona y no ha funcionado por varios meses, pero yo creo que en mas o menos de un mes, tendre otra nueva... (SIGH)

      Por cierto, me tarde muchisimo tiempo pero por fin lei tu ultimo VM. /sag Creo que tienes toda la razon, sabes. Mi vida no esta llendo deacuerdo a mis planes pero aun asi no me puedo quejar. Se vive y se aprende, verdad?

      Y para responder tu pregunta, yo estoy bien, gracias. (: Simplemente siguiendo con el trabajo. Hah ha, y escribiendo via mi celular... pero bueno. Ayer fue dia de San Valentin, espero que te la haigas pasado bien ~ Como has estado?

      Ah ! Y hablando de cambio, estoy en proceso de ser vegana. *-* Por fin. :(
    22. Meia
      That I will. Sadly, something just happened which disturbed it. My grandmother had some kind of a stroke, though I'm not sure if it's exactly that, today and now she's in the hospital. I'm kind of in shock about it right now. I feel...really weird.

      I really want to watch Django, but I haven't. People have told me it's good, but not his best work. Have you seen it by now?

      You should, Berserk has become my favorite manga, although it is very disturbing. What are you reading right now?

      As long as you don't push yourself to the point where you can't take it anymore, it's all good. No, not yet, but I have pretty much decided which one I'll choose.
    23. Roronoa Zoro
      Roronoa Zoro
    24. Misao
      Isto por vezes ? muito confuso com as mudan?as, sorry `ー? Mudei sim, mais uma vez. Acho que ainda devo ter mais um para gastar.
    25. Meia
      My silly friend, you always need to plan a knock knock joke when the potential is there. :ippy
      Great, well, nothing much has happened, but I am enjoying the peace right now. I've been trying to find time to watch the Hobbit, but there is none. :cry Have you watched it? I've also been reading Berserk and now it has become one of my favorite manga (which makes me worry about my mental health :lmao). And you? Are you still as busy as before or do you have time to breathe? :hug
    26. Meia
      Who's there? :maybe
    27. Roronoa Zoro
      Roronoa Zoro
      I started classes again this week, so I guess I'm doing alright. A lot more mods have been added. It's like a new one would pop up every two weeks. :lmao The FC section has particularly gotten stricter/watched over more (Solaris:ippy).

      There's a child pron spammer problem going on :apathy. That guy still hasn't been caught yet.

    28. Roronoa Zoro
      Roronoa Zoro
      Thank god for google translate

      Do you have trouble remembering your password? I would if I took long breaks. :lmao
    29. Roronoa Zoro
      Roronoa Zoro
      Imagine I wrote you a long ass paragraph
    30. Meia
      Hope you're doing well. :]
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