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Sep 24, 2019 at 2:55 AM
Aug 21, 2013
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Out Of My Mind., from Not sure.

MasterBeast was last seen:
Sep 24, 2019 at 2:55 AM
    1. Gledania
      Let see if you have good tastes Masterbeast-kun

      Reiju , Nami , and Robin are > Hancock , both in shape and personality.:wow
      1. MasterBeast
        Fuck Nami the lil thot.
        Robin maybe but Hancock is number 1.
        Aug 13, 2019
        Gledania likes this.
      2. Gledania
        I’ve delete your nonsense, please I’ve got a reputation to hold up. :lbj
        Aug 13, 2019
        MasterBeast likes this.
      3. MasterBeast
        Aug 13, 2019
        Gledania likes this.
    2. Gobee129
      Thanks for the rep man.
      1. Hawk Eye and MasterBeast like this.
      2. MasterBeast
        Np Bruh
        Jul 4, 2019
        Gobee129 likes this.
    3. Gohara
      Thanks for that rep!! I know that we don't entirely agree on the admirals, but Garp I think is one of the marines that I think that we can all agree on as being top tier even as an older character and second to almost no characters in his prime. :p
      1. MasterBeast likes this.
    4. Gledania
      Zoro would need mid to high diff against Sanji and could go either way with Raid suit.

      Also Drake > Law.
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Santoryu
        nah zoro would mid diff raid suit

        mountain distorting slices which cirumvent any vinsmoke subtance. a precognition like aura which wraps around the bony legs, creating a ripple in space and time. god like speed which usurps sanji's stamina and a resilience to boot.
        May 15, 2019
        Mad Scientist and Flame like this.
      3. Santoryu
        and no law>drake

        law is smarter and has far more plot relevance.
        drake is going to let you down
        May 15, 2019
        Mad Scientist and Flame like this.
      4. MasterBeast
        Bruhhhhh goddamn. All I’m saying is P1= Xdrake= DD> Law> Zoro now you do the rest of the math.
        May 15, 2019
    5. Benn Beckman
      Benn Beckman
      Hey m8, that talk about you leaving serious? I mean, I definitely know the sentiment, and I've done it myself a few times, but I would hate to see you go, even if we disagree a lot these days.
      1. MasterBeast
        It's not that serious
        I'll probably stick around for a while. I only use this site on my phone so it'll be easy to lurk and post even if I do take a break.
        Jul 26, 2016
    6. Benn Beckman
      Benn Beckman
      lol ok

      MF is kind of almost inactive now. Hurt & Heal game almost wasn't finished this year.
      1. MasterBeast
        This forum isn't all that active but a lot more compared to MF.

        Anyway how have you been?
        May 22, 2016
      2. Benn Beckman
        Benn Beckman
        Been ok. I have a new job, so I've been off the grid for a while.
        May 22, 2016
    7. Daisuke Jigen
      Daisuke Jigen
      Sorry for the late reply been busy.
      What did I send for the last pic again? :psyduck
      1. MasterBeast
        I'm using my phone so I have no idea anymore.
        May 15, 2016
    8. Naisutime
      I'll give that Srylanna woman one thing tho, and that is that she's one of the only mods on MF who actually dares the post in the section she's moding and I don't think I've seen that ever maybe? Except for Kruptos.


      I honestly don't mind that a lot, we haven't had one of those since Lucci. I'm not sure if I'm a fan of the newest development with the fam splitting up, high chance of it being shait.

      "Due time" doesn't seem to be all that long since we're getting Big Mom AND Kaido at the same fucking time.
    9. Naisutime
      ROFL, just got a new phone and a new sim card myself. You're on drugs, Tenshi no Ame is ok (iirc?), but Srylanna is a witch and a massive cunter.

      Ditched both last year when Arrow got shit and Flash got even shittier than it already was, only comic book show I watch nowadays is Daredevil which is amazing in comparison. It's about an Irish crime family's rise to prominence in the early 1900's and their fight against the police and other mobsters.

      Yeah, even I have noticed it. Got pretty hyped for Kaido and our first 1billion bountyxD

      The last 2-3 chapters has been pretty insane when it comes to plot progression, can't even remember last time we've gotten a info dump of this magnitude.
    10. Daisuke Jigen
      Daisuke Jigen
      I've been using videos or pics in reps, and usually try something different to see what everyone likes (i.e. one guy I know likes RWBY art, another like pics of their fave girl, etc). If you want me to stick with Garp pics, I can do that.
      Did you get to Deadpool yet? I just got through Lupin's last episode (broke my heart seeing it end :catcry) and Daredevil S2 (the Punisher was the best part of it). Pretty funny that all happened around the same time the Marco chapter came out. :catskully
    11. Etherborn
      Only because I have some more times on my hands. That's gonna end soon though.
    12. Naisutime
      Makes me happy that I'm not the only one having phone problems:lmao If Kruptos is gone, who's the arena mod now? Iirc there wasn't any good possible replacements among their staff.

      You should watch Peaky Blinders, best show I watched in 2015 (I didn't watch a lot of shows in 015 tho). 1/2 seasons are on Netflix.

      Reading it casually. Makes the waiting easier and the pacing a towards the end of Dressrosa a lot less frustrating.
      I personally thought the ninja design was great even tho a lot of people would probably disagree with me. Imho a lot of Oda's designs lately has been "cool" and fairly shounen'ish compared to the goofy af designs he's known for.
    13. Naisutime
      I have no idea tbh. I haven't been very active anywhere lately, that said aren't you a member of that skype group? Sweet, I sorta considered getting back my MF acc, but I don't it's the place I joined anymore...

      Feeling a bit of the same. I have a approximately 2 hours of free time a day and there's simply no way I'm gonna spend any significant part of that precious spare time on forums posting.

      Btw are you still reading OP?
    14. Daisuke Jigen
      Daisuke Jigen
      Speaking of the Red Haired Pirates, wonder why Kid was planning on trying to take on Shanks? Maybe he's the reason why Kid has a metal arm now?
      I'm going to try and put OP on hold for a little bit, then read it in bulk, Oda's frequent breaks really kill the pacing at times.
      Deadpool was pretty good. There's not much plot, but they got his brand of humor spot on.
    15. Daisuke Jigen
      Daisuke Jigen
      Sanji really needs more feats/fights, otherwise the M3 is all but dead at this point.
      I remember this one theory that the next villain was going to be an Enel clone, ie a villain with no real ties to any of the big World Powers. Thankfully Oda sank that one. :noworries
      Has it been confirmed that Jack's the First Mate? Either way, just like I suspected, Kaido's crew seems to be the most violent/brutal we've seen so far. We should be seeing how Moria lost his chin soon enough.
      Going to see Deadpool today. Should I let you know if it's any good? :catthinks
    16. Daisuke Jigen
      Daisuke Jigen
      Haven't seen either Flash or Arrow yet. Slowly but steadily watching a House of Cards episode now and then. Blacklist has been my favorite Netflix show as of late, Raymond was such a boss.
      Was surprised to see we're learning more of Sanji's past, and I didn't expect that Big Mom wants him to marry one of her daughters either, I always thought Big Mom was going to fall for him because of his cooking. Best part of Zou so far IMO has been Jack, he's the kind of villain we need to see in the New World.
      Oh and sorry for late replies, work has been brutal as of late, especially since it's subzero here. :coffee
    17. Daisuke Jigen
      Daisuke Jigen
      Law is now Firo, Kyouko is Trance, ThatBlackGuy (forget if you met him though) is Joseph...not sure who else if any are left. :hmm
      Thankfully there's not as much as before, the OP section got some new mods, and they've been pretty good at it so far.
      Oh, and I almost forgot, been watching more Netflix shows. Daredevil S2 is almost here, I can't wait. :bury
    18. Daisuke Jigen
      Daisuke Jigen
      I guess so, but NF was still pretty busy up until a couple of months ago, a few of the veteran posters simply disappeared.
      It was unbelievable. People started posting just to see if it could get past 50 pages.
      Gear 4 is the latest offender. There were so many threads about how strong it was, and who was the superior between Luffy and Doflamingo.
      I've also picked up a few new series along the way (Dorohedoro, Shinobi no Kuni, Blood and Steel, and finally more of JJBA to name a few).
    19. Daisuke Jigen
      Daisuke Jigen
      That's good to hear.
      Things have been slow since Dressrosa started to end. Guess it's a combination of waiting for the manga to pick up again and RL piling up.
      Was a bit more active a few months ago. You missed this one thread while you were gone, it is by far the longest I've ever seen an OP thread get:
    20. Daisuke Jigen
      Daisuke Jigen
      Yeah, it's me. Been very busy with RL...but things have slowly but surely started to pick up. How about you?
      Couldn't help it, Lupin the III just got a new show (which has been doing great so far), and Daisuke Jigen is one of my all time favorite manga characters.
    21. Arcana
      4ever gone :catcry
    22. geass11
    23. Freechoice
    24. Firo
      For calling a feggit a feggit.:ignoramus
    25. Gwyndolin
      Buy glasses.

      How's the OP section on MF doing? You should join LF, pretty many from MF are moving there.
    26. Gwyndolin

      Hi! :nod
    27. Naisutime
      You cunt.

      The origin of the bet was a discussion about Rebecca being weak as shit and therefore not being strong enough enough to win Block D, never mind the tournament and Mera Mera. Point is, I'm still right and she's still awful, however I worded it wrong and is paying the consequences:giogio

      Wouldn't know. I can't even enter the forum these days without my whole screen going red.
    28. Naisutime
      This ^ (use bro).
      >Was trolling.
      >Lost due to technicality.

      So I don't really care. Can't visit MF due to a huge "Attack site" warning every time I try to enter the forum tho>_>
    29. Daisuke Jigen
      Daisuke Jigen
      Don't worry about it. I wouldn't visit the battledome. I feel my eye twitch whenever I see an idiot post there (which is often).
      I know, right? This is some of the best art I've seen of the Sun Pirates! :yay
    30. Daisuke Jigen
      Daisuke Jigen
      MF is back up. And more importantly, NnT is out! :yay
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