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Jun 3, 2019
Jan 13, 2007
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October 22
in an alternate timeline
Student, Cheese maker


Caterpillar King, from in an alternate timeline

materpillar was last seen:
Jun 3, 2019
    1. Akimichi Farley
      Akimichi Farley
      It's not a problem, no apology necessary. I was happy that the match suddenly got one more judge.

      You know well that there's no deadline either, and there's a whole 5 other judgments that need making so you have plenty of time to get around to it. Some of the judges also have T8 matches to worry about so I think the proceedings will last at least a week anyways.
    2. Akimichi Farley
      Akimichi Farley
      sup bro
      I would like it if you could respond to this post whenever you can. I understand you're busy with shit, but there is no rush as you well know. Just making sure you actually see the comment is all.
    3. Suu
      Argh, I apologise for not having the time to vote in your match. Assignments and all. :(
    4. WolfPrinceKiba
      Would you mind having your match moved into the 1st batch(which goes up tomorrow)? NF12 needs a batch change.
    5. Applejack
      Your welcome :33
    6. Kinjishi
      Do have have an MSN? You're the only one on our team that I can never get in contact with.
    7. PisOgPapir
      Hey mister Materpillar, I need to talk to you, is the msn in your profile one you use?
    8. SpitefulSerpent5
      I view sets, especially avatars, as kind of the face of a user. That's how I recognize people on here. It annoys me when people change them all the time
    9. Soul
      No problem.
    10. Soul
      I am on it :quite
    11. T-Pein™
      Oh IC,
      I'm actually in it to make T-Pein section :(
      Wasn't too serious about it.
      But since I took your shikamaru I am going to make it a win :datass
    12. T-Pein™
      Wow thnx brah :iria
      those are some helpful tips.
      Now I see what a strat is.

      seriously that convo is legit.

      And I asked what section would you make if you won.
    13. T-Pein™
      what section were you going to make?

      And why did you choose kidomaru and Shikamaru?
    14. T-Pein™
      oh IC,
      kk thnx
      In all fairness I rushed it.
    15. T-Pein™
      What I did wasn't a strat?
      I am new to this
    16. T-Pein™
      You got defeated by T-Pein?
      Nice try tough
    17. Kinjishi
      Are you cool with switching to batch 2?
    18. ~riku~
      just post your strat, you can probably write a quick 5-min one. it's up to rez, I suppose, whether it gets accepted or not, so just do a quick one
    19. Distracted
      wait what?
    20. M?gas Strategos
      M?gas Strategos
      Lol that would be so annoying.
    21. Suu
      That makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. :iria

      I'll try and vote, but I have a busy evening ahead of me.
    22. Sanbi
      Munboy is just a bad debater. Once I started beating him in a debate he threatened to change the OP to suit his views. By that point I just told him to fuck off and stop denying manga fact. He didn't reply after that. :del
    23. Sanbi
      Ah well I was looking over my past arguments and rapestomps to save for future use/blackmail then I stumbled on that post..;33
    24. Archlord Falcon
      Archlord Falcon
      Thanks, no problem.
    25. Jαmes
    26. RemChu
      Ugh, -_-
      Is it possible for it to get published under a different magazine someday? Really would hate to see it die like this.

    27. RemChu
      BAaaaaaaaaaw, they discontinued the series or hard to find volumes to translate? =[
      sucks too, I loved the art style and the story was getting climatic.
    28. RemChu
      You know where I can read new and recent chapters of C.a.t, materpillar?
    29. PisOgPapir
      You should keep saying you are a mafia and that it was an elaborate ploy to throw them off your trail :dupe
    30. PisOgPapir
      I'm sad you died. You were the only awesome guy in the mafia game.
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  • About

    October 22
    in an alternate timeline
    Student, Cheese maker
    Favorite Character(s):
    Deidara, haku, zabuza, misc akatsuki
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    Dei vs Sasuke
    I stick around the manga battledomes mainly

    fun stuff :p


    Don?t forget.
    Always, somewhere,
    someone is fighting for you.

    As long as you remember her,
    you are not alone.
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