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Mar 20, 2016
May 10, 2005
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Oct 23, 1987 (Age: 31)
London, England.
Sainsbury's Checkout Personell :(


The Truth, 31, from London, England.

maximilyan was last seen:
Mar 20, 2016
    1. dream
      Hi, maimilyan. Your signature is hosted on a site that has apparently been infected with malware and is thus causing a warning in Google Chrome. Could you please refrain from using that image host for a while longer?
    2. jso
      just saw my reps now lol, thanks for the compliment :)
    3. Nae'blis
      I just remembered... you remind me (look) like that rapper Mase. :lmao
    4. Dan
      is sopcast working for you?
    5. clador
      thanks for rep i apreciate i turn in green ^^
    6. ?Stillmatic?
    7. Alien
      Thanks for the rep
    8. Kamishiro Yuki
      Kamishiro Yuki
      Hey Max, about the wings you want added... You want them white, black or it doesn't matter?
    9. Canute87
    10. Amrun
      Thanks for the rep. :zaru Someone must have necroed that thread... it's supa old.
    11. ?Stillmatic?
      got it from RN
    12. Kotoamatsukami
      thank you, im glad you like it ;)
    13. Vanity
      lol. I've been around....I'm pretty active at this board. I think we just don't really post in the same sections.

      It was nice to see you though in a thread I was in. :p
    14. Degelle
      "Don't move an inch." He could've said that so he would avoid hitting and vital organs. :hmm
    15. @lk3mizt

      wanna make a bet for the united game? :ho
    16. Vanity
    17. Creator
      As you can see mine, i am rubbish. :-(
    18. Creator
      I saw your online Profile for CODMW2. You have quite a good K/D ratio. Nice. :X3
    19. lolalicious
      =] love the set.
    20. Nois
      lol you just gave me 2k internet points:ano
    21. Dillinger
      Your set is full of Black Star win. :whitebeard
    22. Aqua Timez
      Aqua Timez
      what's final villain D:?
    23. Canute87
      You saw the latest chap right max?
    24. Ram
      Yo max, what's up buddy.
    25. Denji
      The thing is, I don't have any debt. My parents covered my undergraduate costs. However, they're both hurting financially, so if I go to grad school, I might have to get a loan. THEN I'll be in debt.
    26. Jeαnne

      he plays it and doesnt understand english :hurr
    27. Canute87
      By Destroying his hopes and dreams that they ever had a chance whether or not Sasuke was an issue.

      And yes she is selfish. If she was with her precious sasuke she wouldn't even care about Naruto. But seeing that She's losing out she will not have it
    28. Vanity
      That's how I see it also.

      I mean, when people keep harrassing me I have to get the staff involved because if I didn't I would just be letting people do whatever they want to me without fear of punishment. Not to mention that I mean, some other people solve stuff by flaming the person back but I am not that kind of person. I don't flame and doing that would get me in trouble also. I mean and if I told them to just leave me alone they'd probably just laugh at me. I mean, I have no power. They dont' have to fear anything by me telling them to stop doing something. It holds no weight if I tell them to stop myself.

      So yeah, I really don't see why some people(and this includes some mods) think I am some weak person just because I go to the mods when shit happens. Sadly the mods see me coming to them a lot because I get a LOT of shit so they get annoyed with me sometimes. It's just unfortunate.

      Anyway, I always slack too. It's bad. XD I'm up late right now finishing my 4th painting out of 4 I had to do recently. I have to wait for some parts to dry before I can add more so inbetween drying times I come on here.
    29. Denji
      Not much. I've graduated from college and can't find a damn job. :pek

      I'm thinking about going back for a Master's degree next fall. That will give the economy 2 more years to get better before I get into it.
    30. Vanity
      Oh I am enjoying it. I have been painting and drawing. ^^

      Anyway, lol, you really think I have the thickest skin? Well, I do put up with a lot but since I report my problems, people think I can't deal with it....although I see it as standing up for myself since I'm not going to just bend over and let people do whatever they want to me. XD

      How have you been?
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  • About

    Oct 23, 1987 (Age: 31)
    London, England.
    Sainsbury's Checkout Personell :(
    Favorite Character(s):
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    Episode: 133
    Chapter: 297 (Sakura's Love for Naruto is hinted at!)
    A busy bee with a thirst for knowledge. I attend uni, I work, train 6 days a week for football.

    Movies, Music (mostly hip hop), Anime.


    Special Thanks to Kamishiro Yuki for the set.

    Ore wa Kami sama da
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