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Sep 28, 2018
Apr 9, 2010
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Store Baker


The Emerald Knight, Male, from Kamino

MCTDread was last seen:
Sep 28, 2018
    1. Dean Ambrose
      Dean Ambrose
      Nice man. You're a baker?

      also I'm surprised at the Caps this year.
    2. Dean Ambrose
      Dean Ambrose
      been all right. Just enjoying another solid season from the Hawks and you?
    3. Dean Ambrose
      Dean Ambrose
      Long time bro :brofist
    4. Sirena20
      Hi MCTDread!!

      Sorry it took me so much time to answer you my friend! :sweatdrop
      A lot of things had happened! My sister had a baby and I became his godmother.. :33 My boyfriend and I are building up our home so we can get married :X3 .. and I got really lazy to write in English!! :hoho
      I saw some photos on FB with you and your girlfriend! If you chose her, she must be a very nice person! I?m happy for you! :ruri
      It?s great NH became canon!! We waited a lot for it to happen, and it was done on a wonderful way! Those kids are so cute, and Hinata and Naruto finally got a loving family! :skysun
      Though nothing surpassed the beautiful feeling I got when I read chapter 615, that was the time I knew for sure NH would be canon.. and Naruto was so tender to Hinata, taking her hand and being all sweet and lovely :ohyou
      When you have time, I would really like to know how are you!! :amuse
    5. Doctor Lamperouge
      Doctor Lamperouge

      Pls vote for Char, I mean if you want. :hurr
    6. Sirena20
      Did you see the news? I don't want to spoiler you but.. you'll die of happiness :rainbowsheep

      Oh you already saw it :lmao

      Can you believe it? :X3
    7. Sirena20
      I saw your last post in the NH FC, so:

      Manga is ending this week, we are waiting for chapter 699, and 700 (this last one is suposed to be an epilogue).. there's a new movie coming in December, that will "happen" in the middle of chapter 699 and 700 :amuse And people on the club is so happy because trailer and posters about the movie are all full of NH :party :X3 :ohyou :ruri

      Oh! The movie is about a villain, descendant from Kaguya, that kidnap Hanabi, and want to end the world (or something like that) and Naruto, Hinata, Sakura, Shikamaru and Sai go to stop him.

      Hope you're doing well!! :)

      Also, the movie is the opening for a "new era" proyect, but we still don't know what this new era will be about :nod
    8. Sirena20
      Happy belated birthday friend! :kthumb
    9. Dean Ambrose
      Dean Ambrose
      I only got one , Super Mario 3D land.

      He got into a fight with our first round pick Kyle Fuller and he wrestled him to the ground .

      He got punished cause it could have injured him.
    10. Dean Ambrose
      Dean Ambrose
      Sup mang :brofist

      life is good , got paid, bought a 2DS , helped my family in mexico with the bit of money left.

      Well it's quite humid with all the water so it's to be expected :quite
    11. DemonDragonJ
      From where is that image in your signature? It is hilarious!
    12. Sirena20
      I think I know what are you talking about :awesome .. but I better want you to tell me about it :tomato

      Don't worry at all! I'm the same, there's a lot of responsabilities to take care of, lately :p

      Oh!! I'm gonna be aunt again :high My sis is pregnant

      I hope everything is going very well there!:amuse

      Read you soon! :laugh
    13. Dean Ambrose
      Dean Ambrose

      Yeah but man the D sucked so bad this series.

      I know man there's only so much losing you can take :argh
    14. Dean Ambrose
      Dean Ambrose
      That's good man.

      Yeah man I'm actually super sad right now.

      Yeah for sure.

      :brofist I'm sure you'll progress this year. :nod
    15. Dean Ambrose
      Dean Ambrose
      I'm sure it has man How you been?

      Yeah but I"m nervous right now :lmao

      Nah I don't want them there.

      Nice good luck to the Jags.

      Yeah it sucks that they're in confusion.
    16. Sirena20
      Did you read last chapter? :rainbowsheep
    17. Dean Ambrose
      Dean Ambrose
      Thanks :gar

      If the Hawks win the cup, are they now a dynasty? :psyduck

      well we had Ford, who has speed and quickness. Anyhoo , your Jags had a strong draft

      but the Dolphins man :lmao
    18. DarkEmpressAngel
      Hm...i told myself Naruto would be the last anime i will get myself into. (as i'm not huge on anime but i will consider watching this anime comedy in which you claim is like south park on crack. (lol okay maybe not that but about the same right?) South park is really funny too especially that episode with the crack babies. :ho
    19. Suigetsu
      Well Ditta didnt really brought anything to the table except being all scoundrel like that. And being like, ok this is a harem anymore but fuck everyone only I get to do things and play dumb about it.
      Fuck them for the cock tease.
    20. Dean Ambrose
      Dean Ambrose
      Exactly :argh

      Pissed that we didn't take Haha :tomasulk

      but Ferguson and Sutton were good picks. I am growing to like Kyle Fuller .

      overall not bad. Although the RB was a bit of a scratcher.
    21. DemonDragonJ
      Currently, I am following Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, and Fairy Tail for Japanese anime/manga series, and am following The Big Bang Theory, Elementary, Bones, Star Wars: the Clone Wars, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. for western series. I am currently at the most recent episode and chapter of nearly all of those series, except for the Fairy Tail television series (I currently am at episode 117) and SW:tWC (I just finished the second season of six), but after I reach the current episode of both of those, I may be able to watch another series marathon-style.
    22. Dean Ambrose
      Dean Ambrose
      Well I wouldn't want to hack an entire city or be hacked, otherwise my computer is at risk :uwah

    23. DarkEmpressAngel
      I'm not a huge anime fan but the only one who ever made a huge impact on me was Inuyasha and Naruto. That's mainly it. I do still watch one anime that i appreciate, however, boondocks. I love that show. Its sooo freaking halarious! You have to watch it if you haven't seen it. It always have hidden messages in it but its very funny. Best comedy anime ever.
    24. Vespy89
      i just don't think my Wiz are ready for this stage need a combo guard and maybe another big man to spell nene.
    25. Suigetsu
      Like i said, they made it into a Harem manga. Yet the annoying broad comes it claiming "this is muh dickman and no one takes it cause it's mine but its a harem thing anyway" I find that to be a fuck you in the face. Cause harem manga is supposed to be free for all no?
      That thing was a tease fest.
    26. Suigetsu
      Oh.. I enjoyed it alright :LOS
      yeah the blond lesbi slut was haaaarhawt!
      There was only 2 seasons no? I didnt like the new beyatch that was inducted in the harem.
    27. DemonDragonJ
      Yes, I have heard of that series, and admit that I do find its concept to be fascinating, so I may possibly watch it at some point in the future.
    28. Vespy89
      What are our chances? from 0-100? i mean they are not a great offensive team they are kinda like the Bulls.
    29. Dean Ambrose
      Dean Ambrose

      uh..........pretty good, waiting for Watch dogs.

      Man NFL season needs to get here already :argh
    30. Vespy89
      I fear they might figure it out before its to late
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    Video Games, Star Wars, Anime, Manga, Sports, Mythology, Disney, Baking
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