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Last Activity:
Jul 19, 2013
Aug 28, 2012
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Psychology Student


Sellsword, from Winterfell

Medea was last seen:
Jul 19, 2013
    1. CA182
      Hello me-dear! :33

      That was bad and I should feel terrible.
    2. Jeαnne
      Sauce's poll is up :D

    3. Hitomi
    4. Jeαnne
    5. Last Rose of Summer
    6. 8Apedemak8
      Of course I will share:tomaflirt
    7. Jeαnne
      i havent seen it, unfortunately, but looks like its awesome xD, according to the reviews
    8. Jeαnne
      rurouni kenshin live action movie xD
    9. CA182
      Hey there, I was going through my friends and realised I haven't talked to you in awhile.

      How you been?
    10. Revolution
      Thank you. Got it from the Givaway thread from different people and patched them together. Check out the thread. Its a goldmine
    11. PikaCheeka
      Yea, and when KB can jump into the eye of the Juubi and be okay, and when a fodder can repel the Juubi's greatest attack. :awesome What shit.

      I actually really don't like GoT. I really can't care about most of the characters, so I don't really have any emotional commitment to the series and just can't keep my interest up. I gave up after two books, and there was so much sex in the tv series it disgusted me. I also felt like Martin did a lot of killing-off-main-characters just for the sake of it. There's a fine line there. In Kishimoto's manga, there's no tension because you know nobody will get hurt. In Martin's, there's no tension because you know that everyone is probably going to get killed off anyway.

      Both Kishimoto and Martin fail when it comes to killing people off, but in very different ways.

      And thank you. :<3 :hurr
    12. CA182
      Oh lol. Medea I'll only get notified about you responding to me if you respond on my page. :lmao

      And L is pure awesome! :gar
    13. Medea
      Wooo! :D
      SO L!! What do you like about him? And Death Note for that matter ;)
    14. CA182
      Sure we can be friends... :iria
    15. Annabella
      That was hardly deserving of a neg:pek

      I found your edit funny. I wanted to rep but I've been 24d:(

      Unfortunately, some people take stuff too seriously.
    16. Annabella
      Really.:( Why..?
    17. Jeαnne
      you will enjoy :rotfl
    18. PikaCheeka
      An alarming percentage of his posts are either countering me or coming into a thread I made to bitch.
    19. PikaCheeka
      Just copy-paste the image URL and add it like any other image.

      They're just butthurt is all, and one of those dudes has a habit of stalking me so that's nothing new.
    20. PikaCheeka
      I'm pretty sure he's just trying to get my thread locked by flamebaiting everyone.
    21. PikaCheeka

      I actually don't give a shit. I just told that guy off because he's a butthurt little girl trying to pick a fight. His hero didn't do much this chapter so he has to justify his existence by hanging around a Madara thread and crying.
    22. ShurikenGirl7
      You're welcome - it's well deserved. :hug
    23. Annabella
      Actually now that you mention it, we're all guilty of this kind of hypocrisy. I sometimes can't apply the manga to real life at all, but then sometimes I do it without thinking.

      Arguments will always have different approaches, i don't think there can be any set rules because then you'll just end up limiting yourself. Also, I think it depends on the argument, like if you're discussing the ninja world (which is very different to our world) then it's difficult to try and make sense of it with real life scenarios/logic.

      These characters are basically child assassins, they have creatures living inside them, are part of prophecies etc so if we try and make sense of one behaviour it's still impossible to make sense of the rest.
    24. Annabella
      I want him to succeed and I don't think it's far fetched in the context of the manga. Team seven may not have lasted for very long but I think Naruto formed a strong bond wth Sasuke and can't let it go. If you apply it to real life then yes he's definitely obsessed.
    25. Ash
      No. I quit a couple years back. I don't like the direction they went with it.
    26. Maerala
      I would, but I got tired of paying $15 a month for a single game. I might play again soon if I land a job. I did make a pandaren during a free trial and finished their starting area; it was pretty good. Couldn't play a Monk though. Sad face.

      Healers unite. :quite

      Why did you ask? :33
    27. Maerala
      I haven't played in over a year now. :( But I did play for a while. Restoration Draenei Shaman. :quite
    28. Annabella
      Yep, I love Naruto. When I first started reading the manga he used to be my favourite but Sasuke quickly took over from him.

      The child of prophecy stuff irritates me. I loved the underdog Naruto, but obviously he's not like that anymore. I think people are just annoyed because they want more of a conversation between Obito and kakashi and they think Naruto interrupted them. I just want to know why Kakashi killed Rin.
    29. Annabella
      Madara, Obito, Naruto, Gaara are my other main favourites
    30. Annabella
      What does being new have to do with writing an interesting post:huh

      You're clearly not a Sasuke/Uchihatard, anyone can tell that from reading your posts. You don't like any characters blindly, you quite clearly acknowledged Sasuke's faults and also that it would take time and effort on his part to achieve redemption.

      Loll he's no where near Pein's level of evil. Sasuke wanted to crush Konoha and now he wants the truth before doing anything else. He wants to understand Itachi's feelings. Pein wasn't like that.
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    Psychology Student
    Favorite Character(s):
    Sasuke, Naruto, Pein
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    Episode: Shippuden: 133


    "I will bring Sasuke back for sure!
    This is a promise of a lifetime!
    " - Naruto Uzumaki
    Suzumi_Mihano - MyAnimeList​
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