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Aug 6, 2020 at 12:45 PM
Feb 26, 2005
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Sep 5, 1987 (Age: 32)
Yemen, that's for sure
Evil Genius


Eternal President of the Cafe, 32, from Yemen, that's for sure

Retired Staff
Megaharrison was last seen:
Aug 6, 2020 at 12:45 PM
    1. Onomatopoeia
      Giant statue of Trump as Warhammer warrior revealed at parade in Italy


    2. makeoutparadise
      Shanah tovah mega harrison
    3. NecroAngel
      he's right fam you should watch game of thrones with me and dissect it
      1. Zyrax
        The memes of throne is shit
        Jul 21, 2017
    4. afgpride
      Hate watch Game of Thrones again

      The spoilers aren't real spoilers anyway and the books will never be written before GRRM dies.
      1. Megaharrison
        Never. I'm far too angry about far too many things now, my heart can't take it.

        And yeah I know the books will never be finished but I still have my pride as a bookfag. That fatfuck will never break me
        Jul 16, 2017
    5. afgpride

      give me one good reason why this isn't a decent roast
      1. Leeroy Jenkins likes this.
      2. afgpride
        got em
        Jan 6, 2017
    6. afgpride
      atheism is unstoppable hates trump and thinks hillary is the most overqualified person for president ever

      1. is a
        is a
        good kush
        Jul 26, 2016
      2. afgpride
        your bae came through
        Aug 18, 2016
      3. Megaharrison
        yes I'm a flying monkey. Roo is based outside of his Shillary shilling which I'm convinced he just does to troll.
        Aug 18, 2016
    7. Stelios
    8. dynasaur
      feel the bern ^ (use bro)
    9. dream
    10. Kenneth
      I was hoping we could have done deeper :(
    11. Kenneth
      This is actually fun tho

    12. Kenneth
    13. Krory
      Yeah but you don't hold her hand and didn't lose a duel to a fuckboy.
    14. Krory
      Sorry, Rey likes black dudes, not Jews.
    15. dream
    16. Son of Goku
      Son of Goku
      So I take it the flaming rules are back in place? Thanks for the warning.

      But counting "colonist" as flaming? Really?
    17. Son of Goku
      Son of Goku
      3 articles (4 if you count the kurd one) is hardly "endless" and "flooding". And you didn't mind the 5 Sweden threads that were "flooding" the section a while ago either, so which is it?
    18. NeoDestiny
      That avatar... that signature... Yes! :catblush
    19. Freechoice
    20. Son of Goku
      Son of Goku
      You find OP-ED acceptable now remember? Oh wait, just those that aren't posted by me, my bad.

      Anyway, the jerusalem post article was defenitely news. It even has EXCLUSIVE in the title, what op-ed has that?
    21. Son of Goku
      Son of Goku
      Oh and more importantly, where did the thread about the Stuxnet operation go?
    22. Son of Goku
      Son of Goku
      So, what happened to the "Israel's Putinisation" thread, Meg?
    23. Son of Goku
      Son of Goku
      Nice to see that you haven't given up on doing your job. Even when it's just limited to closing my threads. :zaru
    24. Amanda
      Thanks for the reply. I was wondering if Israel had a preferred winner. I already feel guilty for de facto supporting Hezbollah and because I know Iran would like to get on Israel's skin in Syria. But at the same time I just want there to an established central government in Syria, for reasons partially selfish (the said reasons probably being obvious, even if only a few percent of the arrivals in Finland are actually Syrian.)
    25. Amanda
      What do they think of the Syrian war in Israel? On one hand one would expect you to prefer Turkey & Saudis to Iran & Russia, but on the other hand, wouldn't you rather have a relatively secular and sane government than another unstable Islamist neighbor?
    26. mr_shadow
      Would you move my Laos thread to the right section?
    27. Son of Goku
      Son of Goku
      I see, thanks.

      But aren't you going to merge all those "Sweden" threads in to one? 4 threads about Sweden on the first page don't bother you, but more than two about Israel are too much?

      And no, after spending some time on that website for the first time I discovered that article and found it worth sharing. And since that source has your stamp of approval it's all good.
    28. Son of Goku
      Son of Goku
      Yo Meg, you wouldn't know anything about the disappearance of my "Jewish Lobby is split about Iran deal" thread now, would you?!
    29. Banhammer
      is the Guardian a reliable source now?
    30. Freechoice
      Are you a dirty lefty?
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    Sep 5, 1987 (Age: 32)
    Yemen, that's for sure
    Evil Genius
    Relationship Status:
    In a committed relationship with my 2d waifu
    Favorite Character(s):
    all of Akatsuki
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    Episode: 117
    Chapter: 323

    Doing Nothing


    Proud Member Of The Military Junkies Fanclub.
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